Music For Cats - A Unique Kickstarter Campaign for Cat Lovers

Wanna try something on your cats? David Tenie especially created music for cats to improve your cat’s life…

6 years ago
Music For Cats - A Unique Kickstarter Campaign for Cat Lovers

Big thanks to this Kickstarter Campaign that featured the first-ever album only for cats to enrich their lives. Music for cats is created by David Teie, he contends that every creature has its own response towards sounds based on their vocalizations and brain development.

His idea was to use the recipe that humans use for their favorite songs, but instead taking all those sources made for humans, species-specific music is created with the voices of another species. For instance: humans have the pulse in their music because they heard it from their mother pulse in the womb for at least 4 months before they born, just like cats brain is only 1/8th size during the time of birth and cat’s pulse remains absent when little kittens’ were developing. He used the sound like an unweaned animal in the place of a pulse in the music. (5.1)

With all these, David composed the music for cats with feline-centric sounds.

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Well Researched And Tested

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It is absolutely not a joke. In 2008, David wrote two songs and it was tested on the cats. According to the study that was published in famous journal ‘Applied Animal Behaviour Science,’ the cats really showed interest in music that was played for them and it showed no interest in the music played for humans.

How Does Music For Cats Work?

Unlike humans who are already familiar with the music since they were born, felines start sensing music when they come outside from the womb. Cats sense music of sucking of milk, birds chirping etc. He incorporated all these familiar sounds into music and matched the frequency to communicate.

Obstacles & Challenges Faced By David

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Creating music for animals was his mission. But somehow various obstacles prevent him in achieving that goal.

Firstly, it took a long time to create the music from scratch. He researched and developed the vocalizations of different species, invented instruments, record, edit etc…

Everybody loves music but nobody takes interest in music for cats, therefore he created his first album and launched his company.

All the software and hardware available on the Internet is specifically designed for music related to humans. He used many modifications in instruments and used editing to record the right sounds. But the sounds and the frequencies were quite high such that he needs to record 3 minutes of music for every minute of music in the song.

Basically, he wanted to create music for all the species.

You can check all details including about his projects, his monkey music, a cost for music, videos here


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