18 Household Items Hacks That Would Help You Work More in Less Time

Try out these amazing household item hacks and follow them to make your work easier. Have you ever tried these hacks before?

3 years ago
18 Household Items Hacks That Would Help You Work More in Less Time

Whether you are a working professional or a housewife, everyone wants to save their time and want to work less. Nowadays, people switch to Youtube to see hacks so that they can cleverly use every item that is at their home. Have you ever tried any household or computer hacks to make tasks easier? If not, then you should give them a try for quick and better results. 

We have already published online shopping hacks to save your money and travel hacks to save your money for the next travel. This time, we are back with household items hacks to lead a more productive and smarter life. 

Right from anti-aging cream to ice cubes, here are a few creative ways to use household items smartly.

1. Ice Cubes in the Dryer to Remove Wrinkles

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Forget steamer and grab ice if you want to remove wrinkles from a shirt or anything. Put ice cubes in the dryer with clothes and place them in the hottest setting. You will see the ice melting and turning into steam and get the wrinkles out. 

However, this hack doesn't work with heavier clothing, but it works like magic on light clothes.  Take 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and see the magic happening. 

2. Clean Microwave With Lemon

Source = Hearstapps

Never scrub or scrap microwave mess when you get it clean with lemon. Squeeze lemon juice in a half cup of water and drop the remaining lemon into it. Put the mix in a bowl for 3-4 minutes. Let it cool for 2 minutes and remove the bowl. The awful odor will be removed with lemon and steam. 

3. Use Essential Oils to Polish Furniture

Source = Doterra

According to a study, essential oils are excellent for freshening wooden furniture. It is recommended to use lemon essential oil to clean stains and spots. The oil also has the benefit of a bug deterrent. However, essential oils should be kept out of reach of children, as it is not safe for consumption. 

4. Clean Bathtub With Grapefruit

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It’s the time to say no to expensive chemicals and to follow organic ways to clean your bathtub. Turn the water and let your tub get wet. Cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle salt on it. Start scrubbing the tub. 

The combination of fruit and salt removes stains and mess while leaving a beautiful smell behind. Grapefruit can also be used to clean sinks and faucets. Here are other food hacks that you should give a try to make your cooking life easier. 

5. Rinse Blender With Soap

Source = S-nbcnews

Instead of cleaning those sharp blades with your hand, use hot water and dish soap to remove the blender mess. This would save your time and efforts of risking your hands with sharp blades. Fill the blender with hot water and add dish soap to it. The mix will remove the stubborn residue and would leave a soothing smell behind. 

6. Use Makeup Brush to Clean Remote, Computers, and Laptop

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Cleaning the laptop and remote is a daunting task. It is impossible to keep dust away from these items. With a makeup brush or a toothbrush, you can clean keys and wipe the screen. Ensure that you do not use window cleaner or household cleaners on the screen. 

7. A Banana Makes Everything Better

Source = Healthline

People usually throw a banana peel in the dustbin. But do you know, a banana peel can do wonders to your kitchen? Take tarnished silver cutlery and rub them with a banana peel mixture to clean the dust and germs. To make a paste, blend banana peel with water and rub them on cutlery. 

8. Use Vinegar for Multiple Tasks

Source = Bobvila

The kitchen’s favorite acid can be a super savior. If you have cloudy drinking glasses, then stop wasting your time cleaning them with regular soap. Use vinegar to keep strains and stains out and other stains around your home. Put glasses in diluted vinegar and clean them as usual. This method also does wonders for dirty faucets. 

Do you know you can also clean your showerhead with vinegar? Put vinegar in a plastic bag and wrap it tight around the head overnight.  The next morning, remove the bag and wipe it with water. 

9. Use Crayons to Clean Crayon Marks from Walls

Source = Jumanji.livspace

Kids find walls as their favorite place for drawing. Let your children make walls dirty and have fun. The good news is, you can clean the crayon marks on the wall with a hairdryer. Heat the portion of the wall with a hairdryer for 3-4 minutes. 

This would soften the crayon marks, and spots can be cleaned with a cloth. Don’t you think this is also an amazing parent hack that every parent should know? 

10. Use Cloth Hanger to Organize Your Jewelry

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Have you ever used a hanger for hanging stuff other than cloth? No. Then use this household item to organize your jewelry and other things. Hanging jewelry on a hanger could save them from rust and other harmful things. Besides this, you can also use a hanger to hang a recipe book when you are cooking in the kitchen. 

11. Use Socks to Wrap Fragile Items to Prevent Any Damage

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Preventing fragile items like vases or glass objects is difficult when you have kids at your home. If you have mismatched socks looking for their pair, then there’s no point keeping them in the wardrobe. In such situations, use these old socks to wrap fragile items from any damage. 

12. Use Cloth Hanger to Organize Your Jewelry

Source = Thehappyhousie.porch

Have you ever used a hanger for hanging stuff other than cloth? No. Then use this household item to organize your jewelry and other things. You can also use a hanger to hold a recipe book while cooking in the kitchen. 

13. Tear Free Onion Goggles

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No more crying when you are chopping an onion. Wear these tear-free onion goggles and cut onions easily. These goggles also block smoke and cooking vapors. Here are other kitchen gadgets that you could use to improve your work productivity. 

14. Tomato Face Mask

Source = Asianet

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals. Several face masks that you purchase from the market are rich in tomatoes. So, if you want a glow on your skin, then cut a tomato and apply it to your face for quick results. 

15. Use Pepper to Brighten Clothes

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If you feel your clothes are fading after washing, then put black pepper on them. Take a spoon full of black pepper and add it to your washing machine. Black pepper prevents clothes from fading and acts as an exfoliant. Alternatively, you can also add distilled white vinegar to the machine to prevent fading. Do you know other methods to brighten clothes?

16. Quickly Cool Soda Bottle With a Paper Towel

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Instead of putting a soda bottle directly in the refrigerator and waiting for it to get chilled, soak a paper towel and wrap it around the bottle. Now, watch it getting cold in a few minutes. Try this household item hack when you are getting late for the office or want to take a chilled water bottle to the picnic. 

17. Scribbling out important information

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If you ever want to hide important information written in your notebook, then don’t cross them out. Instead, scribble or write other words on them. Then, it will be impossible for others to read the information. 

18. Pick Broken Glass Pieces With Bread

Source = Apartmenttherapy

Picking up the big pieces of broken glass is easy. But picking the smaller ones can be difficult and painful. Then which household hack would you use here? Put water on a piece of bread to make it wet and press it on the floor where the glass was shattered. The glass would stick to the bread, and you won’t have to get scared of cutting your finger. 

Final Words 

You work over 15 hours a day, and you just want to make your day easier. So, If you want to organize your life, then try these easy household items hacks and make your life go smoothly. 

Have you ever used these innovative household items before? Do you know other household items that are extremely useful and could make your efforts easier? 


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