31 Creative Bathroom Signs That You May Not Want to Hang Around Your Bathroom

These creative bathroom signs are quirky, hilarious, and would also make you feel embarrassed!

3 years ago
31 Creative Bathroom Signs That You May Not Want to Hang Around Your Bathroom

Can you score creativity on a scale of 0-10? No! Everyone has different creativity and has different perceptions of things. While some are creative and make beautiful sculptures on pencils, others create attractive pieces on cashews. Artists have shown their creativity on different canvas, walls, and stones. But have you ever thought of capturing creativity at bathroom doors? The bathroom is the best place for humor, where people spend some time worrying about work. 

The majority of the bathrooms you see have written Male and Female, or sometimes marked with triangles that you recognize. Nowadays, creative bathroom signs are becoming popular. So, don’t get surprised if you see unique and hilarious bathroom signs in hotels or anywhere. Anyways, do you know who the first inventor of the first water-flushable toilet is? He is the ancestor of Kit Harrington, who is popular for his role as John Snow in the Game of Thrones. 

If you have a weird sense of humor and want your guests to think of your unique style while walking towards your bathroom, then we have compiled creative and hilarious bathroom signs that show creativity at their best. 

1. This Bathroom Sign Was Noticed in Pittsburgh

Source = Wl-brightside

This one is a creative sign. But at the same time, it can make you embarrassed. What would be your reaction to this? 

2. Do You Have Any Doubt?

Source = Boredpanda

It is funny because it is true. This is the most common bathroom sign that you can notice in hotels, malls, and other public places. 

3. The Picture Says It All!

Source = Wl-brightside

Do you need an explanation? I hope women don’t complain about this.

4. Not Everyone is Intelligent Enough to Get This

Source = Boredpanda

You must have read about XX and XY chromosomes in your biology class. If you haven’t, then make sure to read about them now; otherwise, you can get into a problem. 

5. This is Confusing

Source = Domesticatedcompanion

One can go in the wrong direction. 

6. This One is Cute

Source = Boredpanda

This bathroom sign is creative and cute altogether. But what if you are a cross-dresser? 

7. Haha! Epic

Source = Boredpanda

No caption needed. 

8. This would make you remember the popular cartoon, Popeye the Sailor Man!

Source = Wl-brightside

Olive is my favorite cartoon character. What’s yours? 

9. OMG!

Source = Mojly

Have you ever noticed the use of a pencil and sharpener in this way? 

10. You would have to check it twice to understand the picture.

Source = Boredpanda

Did you notice belly buttons? They are different too. 

11. Haha! The Innerwear Showing Male and Female Bathrooms

Source = Pinimg

12. No matter who you are, wash your hands.

Source = Boredpanda

Washing your hands after peeing is important. 

13. The direction of droppings says it all

Source = Americasinstantsigns

This is funny.

14. Android fans would love this

Source = Boredpanda

Which operating system do you use? Can you create male and female washroom signs out of it?

15. Hope it is not transparent as it is shown

Source = Trendhunterstatic

I found this humorous. 

16. Now, what to say about this!

Source = Boredpanda

17. Batman and Wonderwoman have fans everywhere

Source = Boredpanda

18. This can change the whole environment

Source = Dailymoss

I am sure this would help motivate people who want to lose weight but can’t. 

19. No Bathroom signs, but the intelligent will understand.

Source = Dailymoss

Did you get the idea of what this quote is talking about?

20. I guess this one is for someone specific

Source = Amazonaws

Did you get it who this board is referring to?

21. Haha! Is this a Warning?

Source = Dailymoss

Better, you take a step forward so that you don’t pee on your feet. 

22. Is this Possible?

Source = Dailymoss

I never thought of this. This is hilarious. 

23. Especially for those who forget to flush!

Source = Gotugo

Do you also do the same?

24. Did you get this?

Source = 24.co.za

It is a restroom and not your bedroom. 

25. What Do You Think About This?

Source = Briarjensen


26. Every Guy and Girl should know this

Source = Ebaumsworld

Be it a shopping mall, restaurant, or a hotel: this picture should get stuck in every bathroom. 

27. This is an extremely brilliant design.

Source = Officesigncompany

I hope you know what Sitters and Standers mean. 

28. Everything is explained if you don’t use modern toilets.

Source = Ggpht

This is a step-by-step guide. 

29. Is there any need to show this?

Source = Ebaumsworld

I don’t think so. 

30. Thank god! I read this note before using the washroom.

Source = Gfjamesplumbing

Next time you enter any restroom, don’t check for the mirror but CCTVs. 

31. This is Hilarious but Recommended not to Put where Kids are Allowed.

Source = Encrypted-tbn0

This is embarrassing! 

Final Words

These bathroom signs were funny and creative. People have now become responsive to advertisements and do not feel embarrassed using weird topics for branding. If you need inspiration for your bathroom decor, then these designs can help you. 

Have you ever noticed unique bathroom signs on the board? What was your reaction to it? Share your experience. 


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