20 Best Illustrations by Stephan Schmitz are a Glimpse to the Modern Life

Only artists can make us look at life differently. And, the illustrations of Stephan Schmitz do the same. Have a look at them and learn how all his illustrations show hidden facts behind reality, and that too in a surreal way.

5 years ago
20 Best Illustrations by Stephan Schmitz are a Glimpse to the Modern Life

We all know that artists use their work of art to express their thoughts. But that's not all! That work of artists makes us look at problems somewhat differently.

And, illustrations of Stephan Schmitz, the conceptual illustrator who lives in Switzerland, do the same. From family relationships to technology, he creates illustrations describing all such different areas of life for a modern individual. The best thing about his illustrations is that they aren’t extremely dramatic but the longer you look at them, the more you discover how many everyday problems one encounters.

To convey the complex narratives in one illustration, Schmitz uses visual puns, shapes, colors and sometimes optical illusions too. Most of his illustrations also show what could hide behind reality and that too in a surreal way.

Also, we can say his work is not too easy that one can understand in a single glimpse. It's the same as solving a puzzle. Although, he does give some visual clues, so a viewer at least connects the dots. Apart from that, his illustrations also allow viewers to present an emotional response to it.

For example, rather than just depicting a sad person, he depicts depression in a lighter manner like isolation, loneliness, or a force that pushes us into places we could never anticipate. And needless to say, such type of digital art does resonate with lots of viewers.

So, scroll down and take a look at his work which is nothing less than a mirror to the modern world.

1. Depression

Source = Cloudfront

Like I mentioned earlier, this is how he portrayed the feeling of ‘Depression.’ And, if you will look closer, you will relate for sure that the depression is the same as drowning but in the mash of thoughts, not water.

Outstanding this is!

2. Efforts of the Parents

Source = Idntimes

Well, this one is my favorite as it is inspiring as well. It shows how a parent beautifies the life of their children so the child can only enjoy the beautiful view. Wow!

3. Desire for Freedom

Source = Newsfan

It’s a tale of every heart! I believe all can relate with such a beautiful illustration of ‘Desire for Freedom.’

4. Love the Life the Way it is

Source = Pinimg

Don’t you think this is one simple mantra to be happy in life! All I can say is this one is M-E-S-M-E-R-I-Z-I-N-G.

5. Harsh Reality of Today

Source = Unseenimage

This shows the reality of today- loneliness. So, that’s how we are happy on social media but unhappy in real life. It looks happy but differs from reality.

6. Misophonia

Source = Lippycorn

Another great illustration! How beautifully he depicted such serious disorder which makes people allergic to certain sounds that other people make, in a single image. A great tribute to  Misophonics!

7. The Burden of Theoretical Education

Source = Myfeelings

A one-word review for this Illustration- Pressure! It explains how there is a huge pressure of theoretical studies on today’s child, and there is no positive outcome of it as well.

8. Defeating the Fears

Source = Thehappy

Such a beautiful illustration showing a girl overcoming the fears by moving ahead. Outstanding!

9. In Search of Peace

Source = Fbcdn

And, this shows how one finds peace and calm in modern life. Great, it is!

10. Living Zen Life

Source = Pinimg

Well, this one I found pretty difficult to understand at first but liked it afterward. It's like she is finding a moment to comb out the stress and keeping the mind centered. Cool, right?

11. He is Not There in Difficult Situations

Source = Newsfan

Another reality check! But, it also makes us understand that the ONLY person you must rely on is YOU.

12. Future of Music

Source = Newsfan

Very true it is! Because that’s what is happening. The moment song gets recorded, they process it with a lot of filters and sequencers and modulators, and it’s ready!

13. For the Sake of Religions

Source = Oggito

This is happening even now in the 21st century.

Great work!

14. Cheating on Partners

Source = Gosee

Sad but true! It not only breaks families but also makes the lives of people miserable.

15. Marriage Issues

Source = Lasexologue

So many cases, nowadays!

16. Behind the Success

Source = Commarts

It shows how practice makes a man perfect! So, never give up!

17. Fix it!

Source = Wp

The best one yet!

Who doesn't have different opinions, but no doubt you always have option fix it!

18. When Opinion Dominates the Facts

Source = Clickme

That’s one harsh reality about higher dignitaries.

19. When the Beliefs Differ

Source = Freelancebay

Like others, this one is also very common to encounter. And that too at every next door. Isn’t it?

20. When You Look Deeper

Source = Newsfan

No one knows what’s beneath the surface. Just look deeper!

Take Home Thoughts

Amazing it is! Doesn’t every work of his take us to some other world? Well, this is not all. You can see more of his work on his Instagram and Facebook handles.

Professionally he works for the most renowned magazines in the world. Plus, you can also buy the collection of his work through the Folio Illustration Agency.

Also, which of the Schmitz’s works did you like the most? Tell us through the comment section!


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