Top 10 Crazy Things You Wouldn’t Believe Were Smuggled at the Airport

Do you want to know the scariest and silliest things found during the airport security check? If so, then scroll below.

5 years ago
Top 10 Crazy Things You Wouldn’t Believe Were Smuggled at the Airport

How often do you travel- once in a month or a year? No matter how often you do it, there are certain rules meant for traveling. For instance, you can’t carry inflammable materials or alcoholic beverages/liquor bottles while traveling by train. You can’t carry screwdrivers, matches, thread cutters and more on a plane.

The crews who work at airport meet thousands of people daily. The airport security check is well known for its stringent rules and high discipline. However, there are some who underestimate their work and challenge them while carrying the illegal things in the bag.

Simple guns, knives and gold bars are the common things encountered every year in airports around the world. The real interesting stuff is people also carry cannon balls and tropical fish in a bag while traveling on a plane. Some of these bizarre items were allowed to fly, while some of them delayed the flights.

Let us take a look at the dumbest things smuggled at the airport below.

1. Dead Snakes

Source = Viraliq

OMG! I wonder why dead snakes would travel. This happened in Atlanta International Airport in 2007. A man from South Korea checked in with jars full of venomous snakes. But the most surprising fact is that the airport laws allow you to ship dead snakes. The only thing that helped the person was the liquid in which the snakes were being carried. The liquid was inspected due to explosive-detection system alarm. It was a happy ending for him, as he brought his dead snakes back at home for the funeral.

The moral of the story is that you can carry dead snakes while traveling, but make sure that they are packed in the right liquid.

2. A Dog

Source = Therichestimages

You might be aware that dogs are allowed to fly, but they are not allowed to sit with their owner on the plane. Airline security in Dublin, while checking, spotted a cute little dog in carry-on luggage. They first thought that it was a toy, but later got surprised when they opened the bag and found a cute live Chihuahua inside.

Maybe this poor little pup didn’t want to live without its owner and hid in the suitcase. It was again a happy ending when the airport security took the dog out unharmed and gave it to the owner.

3. Chainsaw

Source = Tsa

Now, this is the craziest thing ever found during the checkpoint security- Chainsaw! I know what you are thinking. You are not even allowed to bring matches on the plane then how did this man pack a chainsaw in the bag.

The airport authorities seized the chainsaw in checked luggage only because it had gas in the tank. Do you know that you can fly with a chainsaw? The problem here was the gas because it is highly flammable and can be dangerous to have on aircraft.

4. Tropical Fish

Source = Newsitems

Hey! I am not judging you, maybe you went on an amazing vacation and were overwhelmed with the cute little fishes in the sea. And maybe you want to have your own aquarium very soon, so you want to bring fishes on to the plane with you.

This fish traveling in the plane is not a problem if packaged correctly. One woman decided to take her tropical fishes on the plane. In 2005, a security office at Melbourne international airport saw some strange movements and heard sloshing sounds coming from a woman’s skirt. After an investigation, it was reported that she had 15-20 bags filled with tropical fish hidden under her skirt.

5. Boomerang

Source = Wp

Boomerang! Really! Yes, you read it right! Why would anyone take boomerang on the plane? You don’t even get the space for playing with it. Well, if you are still thinking of taking your boomerang along with you on the plane, the Australian authorities have no problem, but this can trouble at the American airports. The United States considers boomerang, not a toy but a deadly weapon.

So, better you don’t keep this hot item in your bag while traveling to the USA. Though there have been no records of someone hijacking a plane with a boomerang, you should be careful. It was in 2009 when a woman was arrested for carrying boomerang onto a flight.

6. Pigeons

Source = Mirror

A man traveling from Dubai to Melbourne was checked at the airport; the security found birds eggs in a vitamin container. Later they heard ‘cooing’ from his socks and found two pigeons covered in a bubble wrap bag to his calves. It was one of the weirdest things happened at the airport.

I am just wondering why he brought pigeons on the plane when they can fly!

7. Cannonball

Source = Wired

What would be your reaction if you are told that a person sitting next to you is carrying cannonballs in his bag? OMG! Is he a terrorist? Well, the same happened in 2012. But it is not scary! It is just an innocent story of a diver who found a cannonball while exploring a shipwreck and put the ball in his luggage.

Just imagine the weight he added to his luggage to bring the cannonball home.

Unfortunately, the cannonballs are explosives and are not allowed to fly with you on the plane.

The airport security found this dangerous and evacuated all the passengers to make sure everyone is safe.

8. Severed Heads

Source = Kinja-img

I am not here to tell you the spooky murder story. But this case could give you nightmares.

Just imagine you are traveling on a plane with 18 severed heads kept next to you! And there is no option of choosing some other seat.

Sorry to disappoint you but this wasn’t a serial killer story. A man who was shipping 18 severed heads was a medical professional with proper paperwork. The confusion came when these heads were sent to the wrong airport.

The Department of Homeland Security has handled these type of cases and was not shaken. They checked the paperwork and sent the box to the destination.

9. Gold Bars

Source = Hindustantimes

Gold bars are a common thing to be found during the airport security check. $1.2million gold bars were found during the cleaning of a plane traveling from Mumbai to Bangkok. However, this is not the first time the airport authorities found gold bars in the bathroom. Earlier also, the security has found gold bars inside the seats and bathrooms.

India is the largest gold consumer in the world. And smugglers find taking the gold bars via plane easier rather than sending them through roads.

10. Tarantula

Source = Dailymail

You can only imagine the level of surprise of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport securities when they seized a bag from a German couple. Can you guess what was inside the bag? Drugs, a dog, fish or gold? No, the bag contained 200 bags with tarantulas that they were taking home after a trip from South America.

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Concluding Thoughts

While traveling, you meet people from different places from around the world. But what’s common is all have to follow the same rules.

But tell us if you have ever experienced any of these craziest things at the airport? If so, how was your reaction? Or have you ever tried taking the illegal things on the plane? Drop your comments below.


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