10 Strange Jobs That Might Pay You More Than Your Current Earnings

Being a dog food tester and professional sleeper pays you more than a software engineer. Here is the list of a few strange jobs that pays you well and deserves more recognition.

3 years ago
10 Strange Jobs That Might Pay You More Than Your Current Earnings

When you were young, what did you wish to become? A doctor, scientist, or engineer? Not everybody wishes to become a teacher or a dancer; some dreamt of becoming a food tester. Unfortunately, these kinds of jobs are not counted as a profession and are also not known by many. 

If you are in high school and looking for brightening career options other than the regular options (choreographer, web developers, and more), then you will be happy to know that several weird jobs exist that offer money and fame too. You won’t believe it, but there is a job as a Netflix viewer. 

Imagine watching your favorite shows and then getting paid for them. Netflix has hired people to watch their content before it becomes available for the public. Not Netflix, but these people are responsible for showing the content (comedy, romantic, action) that you might be looking for. Here are more everyday things that could help you earning money without putting in more effort

Let us know about other strange jobs that are not known but pay (sometimes) you more than an engineer. 

1. Train Pusher

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Can you imagine this as a job? NYC subways are overcrowded, but Japan’s subways during peak times are so packed that the government there has hired people to push passengers to get into the train. By hiring the staff, they ensure that the train is properly filled before it leaves. 

Japan is known for its latest innovations and technologies but is also known for this weird job. If you are planning to visit Japan anytime soon, then you must know Japan facts and other reasons to visit it. It is a hard-working nation, and these professionals help people to reach on time for their jobs. Also, if you have some extra cash, then here are some ways on how you can spend them in Japan

2. Rental Boyfriend

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If you have money, then you can get anything you want. If you have someone with whom you can spend quality time and share anything, then it is GOOD. But if you are feeling alone and want a boyfriend to care for you, then you must visit Tokyo. The city offers a strange job of rental boyfriend, where you can hire a boyfriend for a certain duration. Spend quality time with him, share some secrets and also pay him for taking care of you. 

However, you cannot have sex or even kiss him. Hugging and holding hands is okay, but anything beyond this is strictly prohibited. Not only at the bars, but you can also hire a boyfriend online by registering on the websites. Renting boyfriends is expensive. The women have to pay for their meals, transportation, and everything based on a dating plan. 

If you are open to taking this strange job, then you must check out the description and responsibilities. Who knows- you might meet the right person you are looking for. Don’t you think this rental boyfriend can be replaced by robots? 

3. Professional Sleeper

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What if you get paid to sleep? A professional sleeper becomes a part of scientific research where scientists analyze their sleeping patterns and evaluate sleep-related products. They take sleeping pills to stay in the position for some time. Doctors study their brain patterns and other habits based on their research. Besides this, a professional sleeper helps hospitals and other industries like hoteliers about sleeping comfort. 

If you think that you feel dizzy all the time and can sleep anytime no matter what, then this job is for you. But before applying for this strange job, then make sure that you can sleep when the wires are attached to their body. Also, you might have to take sleeping pills to help the artists during the exhibition. 

Do you know how much you can be paid for being a professional sleeper? The salary for a professional sleeper can be $15000, depending on the location, industry, and experience. I wish I knew this strange job earlier!  

4. Dog Food Tester

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Like human food is tested before it is introduced in the market, dog food is tested as well. Several dog food companies have hired people to test and not taste the given food based on nutritional value. They write the reports, evaluate its flavor, texture, and enhance the dog’s food. 

If you wish to become a dog food tester, then you must own a degree in food science or the culinary arts. The average salary for a food tester is $54,000. Different companies offer part-time and full-time jobs based on the products. The food testers do not consume the food but spit it before swallowing. 

5. Odor Tester

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This strange job is one of the best jobs for those who have the habit of poking their nose into others’ business. Odor tester professionals smell people’s armpits to test the odor of deodorants. This is a stinking job but pays you well. Entry salary for odor testers starts from $5000. 

The minimum qualification required to become an odor tester includes a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. However, companies prefer those having experience in the beauty industry. If you think your nose can smell anything other than the unusual smell of waste products (garbage), then this one's for you. 

6. Professional Mourner

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Can you think of this strange job with a high-paid salary? You will need to hire these professional mourners when nobody would care if you are dead or alive. This job originates from Egyptian and Near Eastern cultures. Also called moirologists, they help comfort and entertain the grieving family. This unusual job can still be seen in China and Asian countries. 

According to reports, the majority of people hired women as professional mourners. Men were supposed to be strong and unwilling to show any expression. Also, when the higher proportion of jobs were made for men, this job gave support that women can earn in some way. 

You won’t believe it, but mourners are trained in singing and bring a band with them. The common lines used in eulogies are- 

“Why did you leave us so soon? The earth is covered in a black veil for you. The rivers and streams are crying to tell your story – that of an honest man” 
“I shed tears for your children and grandchildren. We’re so sorry we could not keep you here,’ she croons between sobs"

The family then bow their heads in front of the casket, and then a belly dancer takes the stage; the light starts flashing, and everyone is upbeat again. In the UK, a company named ‘Rent A Mourner’ allows families to increase the number of guests at funerals by hiring actors for the role. Here are other ancient jobs that people would find strange and prefer to be jobless. 

7. Wrinkle Chaser

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Wrinkle Chaser ensures that there is no crease on shoes when they are out of the factory. A Wrinkle Chaser uses stationery iron or awl-shaped hand tools to remove wrinkles. He/she also inspects shoes for inside and outside wrinkles. 

To become a Wrinkle Chaser, you must have a high school diploma and an eye to see wrinkles. Now, you know why the footwear that you see in stores looks classy and cool?

8. Waterslide Tester

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Waterslide tester tests the functionality of the slide to ensure that it is completely safe for the guests. To become a water slide tester, you must have a calm mind and good observation power. By joining this strange job, you can earn $30,000-34,000 annually. It is a seasonal job;  therefore, you earn for 8-9 months. 

So, if you enjoy water slides in the summer and want to get paid for this, make your dream come true by applying as a waterslide tester. Don’t worry about the accidents or mishaps happening; the company offers medical insurance and other security. 

You can join as a water slide tester for a travel company or club. If you notice any safety hazards, then report to the boss or the managers. If you are passionate about traveling, then you can check out these jobs that are considered to be the best alternatives

9. Snake Milker

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Being a Snake Milker is one of the strange and deadliest jobs in the world.  This unusual job is not for the faint-hearted. The job is to extract venom from snakes so that it can be sent to researchers to create different drugs. The drugs are then used to treat heart attacks and blood pressure. 

This means that every day they handle the deadliest snake and extracts venom from it. According to reports, the salary that Snake Milker makes is around $60,000 and more annually. These professionals are doing great for the world and are saving millions of jobs by risking their lives. 

10. Drying paint watcher

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Yes, you read it right. Several companies hire people to observe the changing colors of paint as it gets dry. They ensure that the paint is durable and does not fall easily. This job is boring as you only have to sit and stare at the wall when it changes its color or how it affects when the weather changes. 

However, a professional drying paint watcher could earn up to $60,000 annually based on company to company which is not bad at all. 

Final Words 

Being an engineer, scientist, or teacher has become one of the most common jobs worldwide. Would you try any of these unusual jobs that pay well and are flexible? Which of these strange jobs excite you the most? 

Do you know other strange jobs that should have more vacancies and must be offered by every country? Do you know someone in these weird jobs? Share about their experiences below. 


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