9 Weird Mormon Rules & Beliefs That Make Them Different from Other Communities

Mormons are from a cultural group related to Mormonism. It is the religious tradition of the latter-day saint movement of Restorationist Christianity initiated by Joseph Smith.

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9 Weird Mormon Rules & Beliefs That Make Them Different from Other Communities

Several communities, like Hinduism, Christianity, and others, exist in the world. But have you ever heard about Mormonism? Though over 10 million Mormons are spread across the world, a little is known about them. What their life looks like, who they are, and what rules they are supposed to follow are still a question to many. 

The word Mormon originates from the Book of Mormon. It is a religious text published by Smith, and he translated it from golden plates with the help of divine power. After Smith's death in 1844, the movement experienced schism (a division between people belonging to an organization). This made groups with different leaders, including Joseph Smith III, James Strang, and more. 

The term Mormon was used to refer to members of these sects. It is also used to refer to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Like different religious rules, Mormon rules are also famous around the world. 

For instance, Mormon scriptures are not allowed to drink substances like alcohol, tobacco, and drinks that are warmer than room temperature. Sometimes no hot drinks mean no tea or coffee. However, it is fine consuming chilled coffee, Pepsi, or any other form of caffeine unless it is not heated. 

History of Mormonism

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The religion Mormonism originated in the 1800s in NewYork during a period of excitement known as the Second Great Awakening. Smith said God the father (a title given to god), and his son instructed him not to join the existing churches because they are wrong. Later, he reported different angelic visitations and told that God would use him to re-establish the true Christian Church. 

The Book of Mormon would establish correct doctrine for the restored church. The book was translated from writing on golden plates in a reformed Egyptian language, then translated with the help of Urim and Thummim and seer stones. The book described the chronicle of an early Israelite diaspora written by Nephites. The Nephites are described as having a belief in Christ for a long time. 

The largest group of Mormons accepted American leader Brigham Young as the new leader. After the abolition of plural marriage in 1890, various groups of Mormons broke with the LDS Church and formed denominations of Mormon fundamentalism. 

Mormon Beliefs

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They consider themselves Christians. However, Christians didn’t find Mormonism as an official denomination. They believe in the Crucifixion and the divinity of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, they embrace different texts, including the Christian Bible, the Doctrine and Covenants, The Doctrine, and the Pearl of Great Price. Three levels of heaven are described here as telestial, celestial, and terrestrial. 

The LDS church considers Joseph Smith as a prophet. They practice clothing rituals and wear undergarments that have religious significance. The attire is known as Temple Garment and is worn by people who can make sacred promises to God. They believe that the Book of Mormon confirms information found in the Bible. 

Crazy Mormon Rules That are Not Known to Everyone

Mormons are normal people, but their life is different from others. Mormon rules are weird than expected. Let us see how Mormons are different from other people. 

1. They are Not Allowed to Swim

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According to Missionary handbook, they cannot go swimming. The Church has a policy of prohibiting full-time missionaries from swimming. This is a safety precaution to prevent water-related accidents. However, some reports reveal that they can’t swim on Sundays. 

Swimming is usually done for recreation. The god has asked to spend one day of the week in worship, and recreation distracts them from goal. There is nothing evil about swimming. But they lose spiritual balance when they fill time with fun-seeking activities. 

2. They Can Call Home Twice a Year

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If missionaries want to talk to their family, they have to wait until Christmas. They are allowed to call on Mother’s Day or Christmas. The boys in white shirts start working at 9:30 AM and don’t stop until 9:30 PM. 

Anything they do, apart from working, is considered to be a distraction. Even when they talk on the phone, they are expected to talk only for 30 minutes. Also, their families are not allowed to visit them. In 2019, the rules were changed, and since then, the youngsters can call their families every week and not twice a year. 

3. They Can Lie

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They claim that they are raised with the idea “that it’s okay to lie if it’s for a higher cause.” Throughout the church, it is okay to say a lie to anyone if it is saving the church. Earlier, Mormons struggled a lot because of marriage traditions. They lied so much to keep communities safe that lying became their habit. They believe- 

"It's okay to lie, as long as it's not to another Mormon.”

4. No Movement During Sex

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Soaking in Mormonism is referred to as penetration without thrusting. There’s a loophole in Mormonism. A rumor came that the students at BYU had found a way of forbidding premarital sex by doing soaking. While doing sex, the couple doesn’t do anything. The couple sits marinating, and the boys make sure that they don't break the woman's hymen. 

5. They Do Not Eat Meat in the Summer

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Mormons usually prefer eating vegetarian foods. If you invite Mormons for a barbecue treat, then he would eat cheesesteaks or any other dish and not meat dishes. Meat is not consumed during famine, summers, and winters. The leader Brigham Young told his followers not to touch meat during the famine. 

There might be different varieties of Mormons. For instance, Ovos are those who eat eggs and not meat, flexitarians are those who eat meat occasionally, pescatarians are those who eat fish, and vegans are those who eat plant-based foods. 

6. No Oral Sex

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Joseph Smith had 34 wives. Over time, the religion started to change, and it got tough on sexual immorality. The church announced that sex was impure, unnatural, and unholy practice. 

Married couples were forbidden from keeping each other happy in their homes. They even couldn’t enter a Mormon temple unless they repented and put an end to their twisted ways. They didn’t stand for this, and the oral sex was struck down in a few years. 

7. They Can’t Criticize the Leadership

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If a Mormon has a problem with the rule, then he is free to share his opinion, as long as he keeps the point to himself. Also, a Mormon, who writes public statements against the church, can get into trouble, and the church can stop him. 

It also has a committee with the name The Strengthening Church Members Committee, which spends most of its time reviewing what people have written and who have gone against the Church. 

If a member is found criticizing the leadership, then the committee informs their bishop to confront the person about it. If a person doesn’t comply, then he might have to pay for it. It is reported that people have lost their jobs for going 

8. They Can Play Half-Court Basketball

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Mormon rules are the weirdest of all. They can’t play basketball unless it is a half-court game. 

They can’t play in tournaments, leagues, and on regulation basketball courts. Also, with half-court basketball, they can’t keep score. 

9. They Have Food Stored for Up to Three Months

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The church has said to its followers that they live in hard times and should be self-reliant for anything that comes on their way. Every church has a backup plan ready to keep the members safe in the problem. It also instructs people to keep emergency shelter ready and to keep food stored for at least three months. 

Facts You Might Not Know About Mormons

Here are lesser-known facts about Mormon that you should know.

1. It is one of the fastest-growing religion in the US

With 6 million members, Mormonism is the fourth largest religion in the US. The church reveals that it adds nearly 1 million members every three years.  Every young Mormon expects to serve a two-year mission overseas. Currently, over 50,000 Mormon missionaries are serving across the globe.  

2. The Book of Mormon was published seven years after Moroni’s first visitation

Smith claimed that the Book of Mormon describes the new covenant between God and the House of Israel. The book is a scriptural synthesis of the old and new covenants drawing upon the New Testament in its narrative. 

3. Initial Branches of the Church were Established in Palmyra and Colesville

The branches of church were observed in Palmyra, New York, and Harmony, Pennsylvania. It then moved west towards Ohio. At the time of Brigham’s Young’s death, he governed a cultural region larger than Texas. 

4. The Mormon Church Thinks That Polygamy is Okay

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints abolished the practice in 1890; it still believes that the principle of multiple marriages can be applied in heaven. In the case of divorce, a Mormon can get remarried. The LDS Church has distanced itself from Mormons who practice polygamy in the US. 

5. They Wear Special Underwear

This might sound weird to you, but Mormons wear special undergarments called Temple  Garments. It is also referred to as the garment of the holy priesthood. It is worn by adherents of the Latter Day Saint movement after they have taken part in the endowment ceremony. This special underwear is a symbolic reminder of the covenants and is seen as a source of protection from the evil world. 

Wearing this garment is also an outward expression of an inward commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Wearing the garment provides them special spiritual protection and also physical protection. The garment in the 1840s was first described as a one-piece undergarment that extends to the ankles and wrists and resembles a union suit. It was made from unbleached cotton and was held together with double knots. 

The garments were usually white except for military garments. Military members can purchase sand-colored garments. They can also submit regulation of military T-shirts of different colors to the church for the addition of the symbolic markings. During the 1970s, the church members were instructed they could make their garments after the approval of local leaders. 

6. Mormons are a Socially Conservative Religious Group in the US

Nearly two-thirds of Mormons say they allow gay and lesbians to marry legally; others say that abortion should be illegal in all. They are less diverse when compared with other Christian groups. 

Final Words

You won’t believe it, but membership in the Mormon church has doubled since the 1980s. Currently, there are over 14 million Mormons worldwide. Nearly half of them live outside the US. 

Do you know other Mormon rules that are weird and make them different from others? If yes, then share them in the comments section below. 


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