These Bizarre Acts of Covidiots Would Make You Feel Disgusted

Imagine you were in a coma for a month and just woke up. Can you wonder how much the world has changed? The same happened with these people who survived COVID-19. Read their stories here.

4 years ago
These Bizarre Acts of Covidiots Would Make You Feel Disgusted

The number of deaths due to coronavirus pandemic has risen to 1,123,024 lakhs. Also, many people are recovering at a faster rate. Several health workers are helping the coronavirus patients and are providing health and essential equipment to hospitals and other places. 

Amid this coronavirus outbreak, multiple influencers on Instagram have started a new trend of quarankinis. In this, they are using face masks as bikinis and calling them quarankinis. 

When several health workers are begging people to leave medical masks for those in need, Covidiots are using this protective equipment as a selfie accessory.

Worst Steps Taken by Covidiots

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People are posting pictures of themselves wearing masks as bikinis. Russian influencer Yulia Ushakova was one who misused the protective mask and posted a picture of herself wearing masks with a bikini top. The picture received over 10,000 likes and multiple comments. However, several social media users are slamming her for misusing this precious equipment. 

One person wrote- 

"There aren’t enough masks in the country, but here it is..." 

Another posted-

"The nursing team does not have masks and people like you take it as a joke, what a shame... a little respect please..'

One user commented- 

 "In a moment when those masks can save a life, this is not the best kind of joke you can do." 

Don’t you think these social media influencers are a perfect example of Covidiots? While, on the one hand, everyone is looking for remedies to cure this coronavirus disease, on the other hand, people like Yulia Ushakova are finding this a joke. 

A few cases are also observed where people hide their recent travel history from the authorities. Also, thousands of people gathered at bus stations in Delhi (India), even when the government announced providing the services at home.

Another incident that proved people’s stupidity is when they pelted stones at the doctors when they were trying to trace the patients who came into contact with COVID-19 patients. 

While it is easy to dismiss these people, sociologists found that several factors are found to be responsible for this behavior. They say that people have a lack of social responsibility, lack of faith in the healthcare system, and have the absence of the scientific approach.

Why are People Not Practicing Social Distancing?

Natasha Mehta, a counseling psychologist, claims that people who know about this virus ignore government advice and media warnings usually. She said, 

"Current lifestyle choices have made most people seek immediate gratification which hinders their ability to be foresighted towards the eventual outcome of their actions. Also, Indians are groomed with a 'chalta hai' attitude which fuels our irresponsibility (appropriate ability to respond)."

Another Ahmedabad sociologist, Gurang Jani, said, 

"We don't ever think about how to behave in public life, and what are our duties and responsibilities towards society. Our worlds are very small and mostly restricted to our families, so our world view is also underdeveloped. The general thought process is that what is happening will not affect us. It is not our disease. For instance, people are blaming China for it. There are many racist jokes doing rounds on Whatsapp about how the corona is a Chinese disease.”

Arti Sharma, a Mumbai-based counseling sociologist, said, 

"One of the reasons why people are not responding to social distancing is because they are not fully aware of the seriousness of the problem. Many are still ignorant about the technicalities of this disease -- it's mode of transmission, how to get tested etcetera." 

She added- 

"Also, perhaps many are convinced that hygiene practices are not enough to control the spread of the disease."

Bizarre Stories of People Who Survived COVID-19

It is also observed that few people have experienced mild symptoms, others no symptoms at all. Also, some have no option other than taking hospital treatment. Some got lucky and survived this deadly disease. 

Let us read harrowing stories of people and the experiences shared. 

1. Six Months Pregnant Woman With Her Fourth Child

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The 39 years old, Karen Mannering, started struggling with a cough and fever in March. She explained, 

"I called 999 and my breathing sounded so bad an ambulance was at our house within minutes. I was literally gasping for air so they put me on oxygen straight away." 

She was tested positive for COVID-19. 

She further added - 

"When I struggled to breathe, I would buzz for help and would have to wait for staff to get their protective equipment on before they could attend to me. I was constantly on the phone to my family to keep me calm. I was scared I was going to die and my family say they had prepared for the worst. I was fighting for every single breath. I was fighting for mine and my baby's life." 

Karen was six months pregnant. She said that she would never forget the feeling of crisp she had on the day when she left the hospital. She added- 

"My husband and I drove home with our face masks on and the windows open. The breeze felt amazing. I suddenly appreciated the smallest of things."

She is now self-isolating at home, but still has a cough, which could last for months. She believes that she contracted coronavirus at the salon where she works. 

2. I Was Losing the Capacity to Fightback

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64-year-old Stewart Boyle contracted coronavirus at one of his meetings a few years ago. He said, 

"We were all social distancing when we met on the Thursday, but by Sunday a high number of people had come down with flu-like symptoms.”

After ten days, his health declined. He explained, 

"It's quite subtle at first.”

He added-

"But then I would try to climb the stairs and be wheezing like an old man. Soon I didn't have the ability to exercise or move at all. The virus was attacking my lungs and I was losing the capacity to fight back.”

He further said-

"I was wheeled into the 'red zone' and there were loads of tests being carried out and swabs being taken. They thought I had coronavirus so they upped my oxygen. There were a couple of hours where I was within a whisper of a very dark place and I thought, 'maybe my time is up. I could feel the battle in my lungs and it required all my reserves to get through it. The extra oxygen gave my lungs a break and gave me the added energy to push out the disease. The NHS staff were incredible, but all they can do is help you fight the virus. There's no vaccination or magical potion that can save you. It's about your own resilience."

3. I Wanted Someone to Help Me

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26-year-old Jessie Clark from Sheffield knew that if she came into contact with a COVID-19 patient, then she would be at high risk because she had chronic kidney disease. 

When she started coughing and increasingly breathless, she became worried. She explained, 

"I also had a lot of pain in my ribs, back and abdomen. I felt like I had been beaten up." 

When the UK President announced lockdown, her husband took her to A&E. They were separated for safety restrictions. 

She said, 

“I was scared to be alone, but I was so poorly I just wanted someone to help me. I was given a green mask with a wired bit around the nose to keep it up. I was taken to a unit which seemed to be being used for Covid-19 patients. Social distancing was in place so we had bays separated by walls with a bed in each bay.”

She added,

"I wasn't tested for Covid-19. My doctor told them they 'couldn't swab everyone, but it was safe to assume I had it. I think some young people think they're invincible, but most are taking coronavirus seriously now. There has been a lot of information telling us this virus doesn't affect people my age, but it definitely does."

Final Words

Note that treatment for coronavirus is not available right now. However, social distancing is the only way through which you could prevent yourself and everyone. Everyone is suffering due to the coronavirus outbreak, and this is affecting their mental health. However, you could try these ways to protect your mental health

Also, some are watching movies during COVID-19 lockdown to distract themselves and to prevent panicky situations. 

What do you think- people who are breaking the rules and showing this stupidity are doing good or worse? 


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