The Unsolved Mystery Of Nidhivan In Vrindavan & Some Interesting Facts

There are many tales associated with the Nidhivan in Vrindavan, Mathura. It is where Lord Krishna comes every night and performs Raslila with Radharani and all Gopis. Let’s know if it is a myth or magic!

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The Unsolved Mystery Of Nidhivan In Vrindavan & Some Interesting Facts

There are several mysteries in India which are yet to be unfolded. And, Nidhivan Mystery in Mathura Vrindavan is one center of attraction for many religious as well as non-religious people.

Since Vrindavan was made by Shri Krishna and here he spent his entire childhood, therefore it is known as the land of love as well. Another reason for which Vrindavan is so immersed in love is the affection between Shri Radharani and Lord Krishna. Even every Vrindavan temple is dedicated to the purest form love and care between the couple.

There are many temples in Mathura and Vrindavan Premises such as Iskcon- a place which houses thousands of foreigners turned religious saints, Prem Mandir- the place which comes to life at night representing the life of Lord Krishna, Banke Bihari Mandir, etc. Similarly, Nidhivan is also located in Vrindavan. And, Nidhivan has always been in highlight due to its mystery.

What is So Strange about Nidhivan Vrindavan?

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Many local devotees and residents believe that every night Lord Krishna visits this place and also conducts Krishna Ras Leela along with Shri Radharani and Gopis.

Evidence of Nidhivan Incidents State the Spiritual Act to be True

This not just folklore but there are many proofs available that mention that the act is true.

  • Rang Mahal

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Inside Nidhivan, there is a small which is called Rang Mahal or Nidhivan Mandir. It is also called ‘Shringar Ghar’ where Lord Krishna used to decorate his beloved Shri Radharani with ornaments. In this holy room, a bed of sandalwood is prepared for a duo on a daily basis. And, besides that bed, a silver glass of water, Datun, and Paan leaves are kept at night. And after such preparations, the priests shut the door. Further, when doors opened in the morning, they found an empty glass of water, paan leftovers and also the bed sheet appears to be disheveled as if someone had slept in it for real. Is it frightening, well, this is not it. Let’s read more.

  • About Trees and Tulsi Plants in Nidhivan

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The uniqueness about the trees and tulsi plants in Nidhivan is their unusual shape. As we see, the branches of any tree grow upwards; but at Nidhivan, branches of every tree or plant grows downwards. Also, they are short and entangled. And, tulsi plants grow in pairs. It is said that these trees are Gopis, and at every night they indulge into divine dance along with Shri Radha & Krishna. Once the dawn breaks, they again turn in to trees. Also, it is said that no one has been able to take parts of the Tulsi plants from here to the home successfully. And, those who have tried had faced severe consequences.

Why Everyone Leaves the Place by 7 PM?

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At 7 PM, after the evening Aarti, the doors of Nidhivan shut down for everyone, including devotees as well as priests. Not only the humans, but it is believed that the monkeys and birds those are sighted here throughout the daytime also leave the premises on their own in the evening. And, being curious to know, some have gone a bit far and chosen to remain hidden to watch the mysterious Ras Leela. But sadly, those who have tried such a thing have lost their sight, speech or even worse mental soundness. Also, some of them were found dead after that night.

Not only this, but all the residences built in the neighborhood of Nidhivan have access to the view of the area, but no one dares to attempt to do so. The residents believe this so strongly that many people have sealed their windows with bricks to never see the act even by mistake. And those who have an open window, strictly close them down after bell of the evening aarti.

Following the idiom that prevention is better than cure, no one dares to enter Nidhivan premises after 7 PM.

Some More Interesting Facts About the Story of Braj and Vrindavan

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It has been recorded that no two places attract more pilgrims all across the year as do the holy cities of Vrindavan and Braj. Vrindavan is named after the holy basil (Tulsi- also known as Vrinda) plant. It is an ancient city highlighting the tradition and culture of ancient India. As per its huge popularity, there are a lot of folk tales associated with various aspects of the cities, gardens and ancient temples.

So, here we are listing some interesting facts about Vrindavan as well as Braj:

1. Vrindavan Govinda Deva Temple- Lost and found

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There is a popular Govinda Deva temple in Vrindavan which fascinates thousands of devotees every day. But this is not known to many people that this ancient temple was lost at some time. And, in 1515, it was rediscovered by mystic Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Due to his spiritual abilities, he found the ruins of an ancient location believed to be the true spot of well-known Govinda Deva temple.

2. No Shells in the Bankey Bihari temple

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It is one of the rare temples in Vrindavan which offers no bells of conch shells. During the prayers and distribution of prasad in the temple at dusk and dawn, People chant the name of the Lord instead. The reason behind no bells of conch shells is that people believe that Bankey Bihari did not like the sound of shells or conch.

3. Footprints of Lord Krishna at the Radha Damodar Temple

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One of the biggest attractions in Vrindavan where a rock containing footprints of Lord Krishna till date is the Radha Damodar Temple. It is believed that the lord came in human form to give darshan to Jiva Goswami (a devotee). So, there is a hoof print of a cow highlighting the companionship of cows and Lord Krishna, along with the footprints of the Lord.

4. Why is There a Curtain in Front of Bihari Ji?

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There was a day when the idol of the Banke Bihari temple was found missing. Then a desperate search happened. So, after looking everywhere for the idol, it was finally found at the palace of one Rajasthani princess. She was the person who had visited the temple, had eye contact with Lord Krishna and also wanted to be in Vrindavan with the Lord but, she was unable to. Hence, to fulfill her wish it is believed that Bihariji moved to the princess palace and left his temple.

Further, the idol of Bihariji was reinstalled in the temple. And, to prevent such things in future, a curtain was introduced between the devotees and the idol. This may be an old event, but today also, priests draw this curtain after some intervals to break the spell that Bihariji’s beauty casts on devotees. The curtain ensures that the no one can look at the Lord for a long time at a stretch and can’t be overpowered by the divine love.

5. The Story Behind 'Sri Vigraha' of Sri Radhavallabh

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This is one of the most divine places in Vrindavan. When Harivansh Mahaprabhu set out on the road to Vrindavan and had reached Charthawal, he stayed one night. At that night, he received a divine command from 'Sri Radha’ in a dream. She said:

“You will meet a Brahman who possesses my replica. Marry his two daughters and take this replica to Vrindavan to worship”.

On the other hand, she (Sri Radha) gave a similar dream to Atmadeva Brahman. He was the person whose ancestors had performed penance at Mount Kailash while worshipping Lord Shiva. Due to that Lord Shiva became pleased and blessed Atmadeva’s ancestors with his desired wish that was to gift him Shiva’s most cherished thing. To fulfill that desire,  Lord Shiva gave him the idol of 'Sri Radha Vallabh Ji Maharaj' from his heart and told him the method of its service.

Further, Harivansh Mahaprabhu got that Idol from the Brahman and established 'Sri Vigraha' of Sri Radhavallabh on the bank of Yamuna River in Vrindavan.


Though, as no one is allowed in the premises after evening aarti, it may take longer to come face to face with the reality. Therefore till this day, the mystery is not solved completely, so we have to quench our thirst with the above facts.

No wonder, Nidhivan Vrindavan is one mysterious place which catches the attention of all kinds of travelers from all over the world. However, it seems it is still one destination that awaits more exploration, and it looks impossible to learn more about this place that easily!

In all, Vrindavan indeed proves to be The Land of Lord!

Here you can see the Nidhivan Vrindavan video which was recorded by Aaj Tak to reveal the Nidhivan Mystery.

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