9 Strange Secrets About the Freemason Mysterious Society

The Freemasons or Masons are widely known as the world’s most secretive and controversial societies. Having existed for se...

6 years ago
9 Strange Secrets About the Freemason Mysterious Society

The Freemasons or Masons are widely known as the world’s most secretive and controversial societies. Having existed for several centuries or maybe even more if one believes their claims. Speculations about them have always intrigued the people, but the speculations about the secret ceremonies that they have also happen to be far more intriguing. 

Many traditions and secrets have been heard over generations, but all the hush-hush around it makes it hard to figure out what is outmoded and what is still in practice. 

Check out these 10 strange Freemason secrets pertaining to their secret traditions, ceremonies, and activities. Some of these should be viewed with skepticism but some of them are true as the society has many active members who seem to be working for some purpose.

1. They Worship Sun

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Freemasons believe that the east or the sun symbolizes rebirth. As a general practice, they apparently worship the sun. It is said that their lodges are built in east and west directions. Some say that’s because they gaze at the sun as it rises and sets and some say that’s because they try to control solar power for their own purposes.

2. The US Dollar Bill has Freemason’s Symbol & Motto

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On an up-close look at the US dollar bill, one finds an All-Seeing Eye above the pyramid which is a Freemason symbol. And their motto, written in Latin, means “new world order”. A lot of people say that the decision to incorporate this masonic symbol wasn’t influenced by Freemasons. Interestingly enough, Benjamin Franklin was the only Mason on the design committee.

3. Half a Million Freemasons in England Are Part of the System

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It is said that around half a million Masons in England play a crucial part in banking, government, and politics. Moreover, they even control hospitals and universities.

4. They Have Been on a Space Mission Since the Beginning of NASA

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Masons appear to have their sights set on the moon. Buzz Aldrin, the astronaut in the Apollo 11 & Gemini 12 programs and the second person to walk on the moon, was self-professed Mason. Freemasons’ flags have traveled to the moon and back. Moreover, Aldrin has allegedly claimed the moon for his Masonic lodge in Texas.

5. An Atheist Can Never Become a Freemason

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Atheists aren’t eligible to become a Freemason as the potential member must believe in some higher power. They claim that they don’t care what the higher power is but they do ask you to justify it. Besides that, they also include traditionally excluded groups.

6. Their Initiation Rites Include a Noose

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Though Masons call their initiation rituals beautiful ceremonies, the noose is unusually a part of it. It’s hard to say whether it’s used as a threat, or a call to keep silence, or as a symbol of an umbilical cord (as they claim).

7. They Have Many Secret Passwords & Handshakes

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It’s a general notion that they have only one password but, in fact, they use many passwords for several occasions and reasons. “Tu-bal-cain” is a common secret password used only for ceremonies.

 Different degrees of masons make handshakes with different grips.

8. They Don’t Testify Truthfully Against One Another

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When another mason is on trial, 
the Freemasons are ordered to not testify truthfully. Admitting that it may be perjury, but not protecting one of their own is a greater sin.

9. They Utter Certain Phrases in Times of Serious Danger

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In times of great danger, they supposedly use some phrases to call other members for help. Joseph Smith, the religious leader and founder of Mormonism, uttered this phrase in the last moments before taking his last breath.


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