Demon Child: Typical Appearance, Basic Traits & Tell-Tale Signs

Demons have created nothing in this world, but with their power, they can cause disorder in the creation of god. They are wild and always remain conscious of everything they do to humans.

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Demon Child: Typical Appearance, Basic Traits & Tell-Tale Signs

Have you ever heard about Demon Child? Do you know how demon children come into the world? A demon child comes into the world naturally. Devil with his power, introduces his children into women. Hence, one should be educated enough to judge a demon child. A demon child appears at night. During the day, demon child sometimes appears in a shadowy area to avoid the sunlight. Let us know more about their signs and traits below.

The Appearance of a Demon Child

Well, not much is known about the appearance of a demon child but is believed that a demon child is a deformed fetus with a red left eye. It is hairless, and each of its limbs ends in fingerless tendrils. It has a childish face with a timorous bump on the forehead that covers its eyes. (3.1)

List of Demons from Mythology

Here is a list of figures from mythology used in Satanic rituals. The names are listed in the Satanic Bible, written by Church of Satan (religious organization) and founder Anton Szandor Lavey.

1. Abaddon

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Abaddon is regarded as the destroying angel. In the Hebrew Bible, Abaddon often appears alongside the place Sheol (a place of darkness where all the dead go regardless of choices).

2. Coyote

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Coyote is a character common to many indigenous people of North America. Coyote is a male demon with pointed ears, fur, and a tail. This male demon shares similarities with the mythological figure Raven.

3. Hecate

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Hekate or Hecate is a goddess in mythology. She is associated with magic, witchcraft, ghosts, and sorcery. The place of her origin is uncertain, but it is thought that Hekate had followers in Thrace. She is one of the main deities worshipped in households and the one who bestows blessings on the family. She is also known as the Goddess of death and a Wiccan goddess.

4. Marduk

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Marduk was a late generation god from ancient Mesopotamia and patron deity of the great historical city of Babylon. He was worshiped in the temple Esagila and was associated with the divine weapon Imhullu. The origin of Marduk’s name has cultural ties to the city of Sippar.

5. Naamah

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Naamah is a female demon described in the Zohar. She along with her cohort Lilith causes epilepsy in people, especially in children. Naamah is considered to be the goddess of divination. The origin of Naamah is not known.

Even scholars do not exactly know how Naamah became identified as a demoness of sacred prostitution. She has also been depicted within literary works such as the Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey inspiring her childhood passion and an appreciation of sexual pleasure.

Demons in the Bible – We Have Demons Living in Ourselves

Demons in the Bible are referred to as the forces of evil on the earth as well as the devil himself. While we look at the demons as an external force, the Bible also explains we have demons residing in us that need to be expelled.

  • Many believe that demons can take any shape and form and are visible to humans.
  • Demons are involved in different activities and have the power to demonize people.
  • Demons are organized as authorities, rulers and as the spiritual forces of evil.
  • It is said that nearly 1/3rd of the angels joined in the revolt with devils against God. And these fallen angels are now referred to as demons.

How a Demon Child Differs from an Ordinary Child?

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We all are unique in our way. God has given every one of us some hidden talent, but demons use god gifts for evil purposes. A demon child has good control over regular spirits. Some of the god’s gifts include intelligence, ability to love and to be loved.

Demons understand the god’s gift of free will (Free will is linked to responsibility, sin, and praise other judgments which apply only to actions that are freely chosen). They choose young people and provoke them for actions that can produce misery for a lifetime. They study each of us from birth and determine how the consequences of sin can ruin us.

The Bible explains that demons can speak their minds. God allows them to talk to human beings through different sources like spiritual channels. The problem is that we can’t identify the source behind their voice.

Basic Traits of a Demon Child

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Identifying demons when they are grown up is not the same when they are young. Demons are treated like ordinary babies and recognizing them is a difficult task. But God hints us through some traits how they differ from an ordinary child.

  • Intelligent

Some demon children are extremely intelligent as compared to other children of their age.

  • Violent

Sometimes you can find them brutal and violent. When they play with other kids in the society, their degree of violence and brutality may frighten you.

  • Biggest Liar

Demon children are the biggest liars. A normal child speaks the truth after being slapped by the parent (in most cases). But a demon child denies even when you hit him. He never gives up.

  • Great Robbers

Demon souls are great robbers. A normal child can steal anything in poverty. But when a child who has everything and lacks nothing, steals, understand it is a sign of being a demon child.

  • Stays Away from God’s Presence

There are demon children who are afraid of god. If you have a child who feels great when he is away from God’s presence, then this could be the case of demonic possession. But this can be resolved through prayer.

  • Crying and Destructive Souls

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Demon children are too destructive by nature. If you come across any demon child, hide everything (table, chair, glasses, and everything) because they will break all you have in the house.

Demon child cries at the wrong moment. You cannot make them happy and satisfy them. Their only desire is to upset you to the maximum. In the presence of God, say in the church, they cry more to distract you.

  • Eat Three Times More Than an Adult 

Another trait that helps you identify these demons is gluttony. They eat three times more than a normal adult.

  • Constantly Sick 

Demon children fall sick again and again. They are the ones who come with a mission. They fall sick when you have money and when you spend all, they get well. They pretend to be sick again when you become rich.

  • A True Subject of Scandals

The demon children make you embarrassed all the time. They force you to be a supporter of their foolish things.

Signs to Identify If Your Child is a Demon Child

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Your child is a sweet and affectionate baby. But one day, you find them staring at you with the glowing eyes. Or you may find them floating above the bed in the middle of the night. You don’t know how it happened and what to do, but there are chances that your child is possessed by some demon. Read the below signs to find if your child is a demon child or not.

1. Your Child Visualizes Things That Don’t Exist

Does your child talk about the things that do not exist? Or does he regularly drink tea with so-called friends (those who do not exist)? You have watched many movies in which kids see dead people, but here we are talking about those stories in reality. If your child talks with you about blood or speaks in a strange voice, he might be possessed by a demon.

2. The Weird Connection to Graveyards

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Have you ever noticed your child’s unusual connection to graveyards? You might be scared of them, but your child feels directly opposite to it.

He may be fond of graveyards and loves talking about deaths and ghosts. In either way, he is dealing with demonic possession.

3. Signs of Demonic Possession

Do you frequently wake up by your child’s strange voice, or by their glowing eyes and blood-curdling screams? It may also happen that your child has an attraction towards unpleasant subjects like deaths and disease. These could be the signs of demonic possession. And if this is the case, take your child to other places to see the change in their reaction.

4. Sudden Change in Their Expressions

You might have noticed the change in their behavior and consider as the normal illness. But rolling of the eyes is a major sign of demonic possession. If you find your child spinning their head, rolling their eyes and making an unnatural movement of their limbs, you are then dealing with a demon child.

5. Find Out If Your Child has Recently Played With an Ouija Board

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Do you know from where this demon baby has come? It might be possible that your child has recently played Ouija board. Though this game is now promoted as children toy, it has been used as the easiest method to talk with the dead. Several religious organizations have banned this game because they think it may cause demonic possession.

6. Being Possessive is a Common Behavior

If you think that your child is a demon child, you are just becoming possessive about him. This possessiveness is extremely common. According to research, over 40% of the population is possessed by a ghost or negative energy. So relax, you are not alone.

7. Not Sure if it is a Demon or a Ghost?

Before you take some decision to get rid of that demon, make sure that your child is a demon and is not dealing with ghostly possessions.

According to research, being affected by ghosts or negative energies means that there is no control of ghost over the mind of the person.

Whereas, being affected by demons means there is a strong control of ghost over a person’s decision-making ability. Overall, they control the person’s actions and emotions too.

8. Try to Make Him Comfortable With the Prayer

If you think your child’s demonic possession is not too serious, you can make him comfortable with the prayers. Call the demons with a long prayer and notice your child’s reaction. Be ready for the fight because things could get messy. If your child comes towards you with fists flying during your prayer, you can be sure that he is possessed with demons.

The above signs are not 100% accurate. Do not perform any spiritual practice on them. If you are truly concerned about your child’s safety, rush to the doctor immediately.

What to Do When You Have a Demon Child?

Unfortunately, if you are having such a child, you don’t have any other solution than praying to God for good results. It is the only prayer that can reduce the deeds of a demon child, and killing a child is a crime in God's sight. Don’t take everything in your hands, let God do it for you.

They know our likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses, be it a demon or a demon child. They love torturing people. They live among us, but God has placed a ‘hedge of protection’ around us. Demons can’t penetrate this protection unless we knowingly do wrong. If we continue to do wrong, this hedge of protection becomes weaker, and the demon’s attacks become even more powerful.

Do you know any demon child? If so, let us know what changes did you notice in a demon child. Drop your comments below.


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