Brain Usage & 10 Percent Myth - What You Need To Know

Have you ever wonder of thanking your brain for doing so much for you? Everything you understand, you feel about the world is what your brain instructs you.

6 years ago
Brain Usage & 10 Percent Myth - What You Need To Know

You can seriously thank your brain for helping you understand much about the world. But how much you are confident enough to say that you know everything about this complex organ? Do you know that you use only 10% of the brain? Some parts of the brains work harder at a given time, while some percent is not used at all. Who wouldn’t love the idea of being extra intelligent and creative if we manage to control the unutilized parts of the brain? Let’s acknowledge more about the brain usage and myths related to it.

1. What Does The Myth – Human Use Only 10% of Brain Means?

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Does this mean that you would be completely fine if 90% of your brain was detached? Absolutely not! It is common to know that a little damage to the part of a brain results in a stroke or severe diseases. Certain disorders like Parkinson’s diseases affect only particular areas of the brain and the harm caused by this kind of diseases is less than the damage caused to the major portion of the brain. The statement means that only 1 out of every 10 nerve cells in the brain is used at a time. Even during sleep your brain is active or says it remains active in some different state. (3.1)

2. You Get New Brain Wrinkles When You Learn Something

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This may not be 100% true. Not all brains experience wrinkles. Relating to the animals, most animals like pigs, dolphins, and elephants are considered as the intelligent creatures. The human brain is wrinkled; this is why people conclude that human gains wrinkle when they learn new things. But this is not true, human brain starts to wrinkle even before you are born and it continues to grow until you are one year old. (3.2)

3. Brain Is Divided Into Two Hemispheres

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Not many know well about the brain usage.  Another interesting fact about the human brain is, it is connected by a bundle of nerve fibers which are known as ‘corpus callosum’. Yes, you read it right, a human brain is divided into right and left hemispheres and is connected via nerve fibers. The left side of the brain manages the muscles in the right side and vice versa. Moreover, the two differs in functioning. Left brain functions well in language and speech, while right brain plays the vital role in artistic ability and creative things. (3.3)

4. How Does Alcohol Affect Brain Cells?

Alcohol is not only harmful to your kidney or lungs, in fact, it may lead to a severe brain damage. Alcohol doesn’t kill brain but a heavy dosage of alcohol leads to:


•    Body coordination problems

    Memory impairment

    Blurred Vision

The effects of alcohol depend on:

•    Health Status

•    Gender



5. Listening To Words In Sleep Can Help You Remember It Better?

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Probably not! Different studies claim that subliminal messages might be able to

Evoke an emotional response

Affects the body performance

Improves physical functioning etc…

So, if you are studying a foreign language, there’s a very low probability that listening to words in sleep can help you remember it better. It is true only under certain circumstances. Contrary to this, sleeping is a necessary job to make brain function. It helps in improving memory and learning.


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