20 Exotic Things Found in Thrift Stores, Flea Markets & Garage Sales

Sometimes what you find in a garage and flea markets are not waste, but useful. See how these people found unique but amazing things in garage sales.

5 years ago
20 Exotic Things Found in Thrift Stores, Flea Markets & Garage Sales

How often do you visit thrift stores? Once in a while. Do you find any interesting stuff there that you could take home? Not really. But some people are so lucky that they discover the best and amazing things at garage sales.

Finding something unique is fun, but what would be your reaction if you get something that has more value than you paid? For instance, a woman buys a painting for $10 and later finds it has a value of over $10,000. These are the lucky ones who get extra for less. Unfortunately, I am not the one.

Sometimes it happens that what you see as trash is another person's most favorite item. There are several reasons why people prefer buying second-hand items. They are affordable, don’t generate pollution, don’t have packaging costs, and don’t require new resources.

Right from unusual chocolate molds to photos of doppelgangers, stoner books to autographed Stephen King Novel, you never know what you can find in the stores. So, here’s the list of the things you won’t believe people found in the thrift stores.

1. Cat Searches for the Real Rat

Source = Amorq

I was wondering who put this picture as a frame? But this one is quite amazing.

2. Stephen King Novel Only for $1.99

Source = Giggag

Who would have thought of getting Stephen King’s Novel so cheap? The person who bought it at $1.99 got the best deal ever. Can you believe it is autographed too? I wish I would buy it at the same price.

3. He is a True Fan of Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum

Source = Twimg

Someone working at a charity shop put the actors' picture in every single photo frame. This is so cool. If you are a fan of Goldblum, you should buy this frame at any cost.

4. Funny Coffee Mug for Jesus Haters!

Source = Images-na

The best cup for those who hate Jesus’s name, but have never read the Bible.

5. Someone Found This Beautiful Dress at a Local Thrift Store

Source = Amorq

I don’t know the exact price of this one-piece, but I am sure it would be costlier if I purchase it from the mall.

6. Human Organ for Transplant Lunch Box

Source = Giggag

This is cool. Carry this unique lunch box at the office and see people's reaction. You may get some orders for the same cover.

7. When Rainbows are Designed in the Kettle

Source = Giggag

What do you think should be the price of this beautiful kettle? Maybe over $25. No. This unique and stylish kettle is bought for only $7. Someone found this pretty kettle at the thrift store and posted a picture on the social network.

I sometimes think of why I am not so lucky. I always pay a higher price for the things.

8. I Hope You Remember Playing This!

Source = Redd

This video game was sold only at $10 at a local garage sale.

I am still wondering who even trashed these amazing games. This one is Gold. I am feeling nostalgic.

9. This is Unbelievable!

Source = Giggag

This person couldn't believe he found his duplicate at a local store that too in a painting. Here are more coincidences you won’t believe can be possible.

10. Creativity at its Best! You Won’t Believe 3rd is a Chocolate Mold

Source = Worthpoint, Cloudfront, Amorq, Etsystatic

I wonder how people can be so creative. I guess the third one has a different meaning.

11. Wow! These Ceramic Frogs are Worth Buying

Source = Etsystatic

If you find a ceramic frog at sales, do not miss buying. Do you know frogs with three legs are the sign of good luck and bring prosperity into the home?

In China, the frog is a sign of good luck. Japanese people believe that frogs are very auspicious and always keep a small frog amulet in their wallet. Do you also believe that crossing fingers brings good luck? If so, here are the superstitions and the fact why crossing fingers is a sign of good luck.

12. This is Amazing and Inspiring

Source = Redd

Every year, these people spend $20 at Goodwill to buy clothes and then dress to capture funny photos. Get inspired and try this great thing this year.

Hey! Did you notice a hotdog in the picture?

13. That’s So Cute! But is This a Piggy Bank?

Source = Wp

I guess something is wrong with this piggy bank. No, it is creativity. Would you buy this piggy bank for $5?

14. Look Jesus is Following You Everywhere

Source = Amorq

God is everywhere. And this optical illusion at Goodwill is the proof that Jesus is following you as you move around. This beautiful concave optical illusion at Goodwill can be bought at $5.

I liked this illusion art, do you?

15. A Unique Pair of Salt and Pepper Set You Won’t Find Anywhere

Source = Redd

This is so hilarious but cute. A giraffe eating a tourist’s toupee would look great on the dining table. Have you ever found a cute pair of salt and pepper set like this?

16. Sometimes Buying a Vintage Furniture is Also a Great Alternative to Modern Sofa Set

Source = Buzzfeed

If you always look for something old and unique furniture to put in your living space, this vintage furniture at a flea market is a good choice. I thought only old paintings and dresses are put on sale in the market, but I was wrong.

17. True It Is!

Source = Buzzfeed

Thanks for the advice, man. I will share it on social media.

18. Beautiful Rose Vintage

Source = Buzzfeed

This amazing camper is of sister duo RoseVintage. They travel in summers and sell their sunny textiles and flowy dresses with this motor vehicle.

The older of the two sisters described that the business is named after their grandmother, Bonnie Rose, who "was awesome and smoked these long, skinny cigarettes."

19. What’s This Unicycle Doing Alone?

Source = Oddwheel

She is getting bored. Do you want to have a ride?

20. Creepiest Baby Dolls in a Sale

Source = Pinimg

Do you like dolls? Yes, but how about buying the creepiest dolls?

No, I am not interested, but people buy scary dolls too. Here are more scariest toys of all time that may give your child nightmares.

If you don’t find them scary, these toys can scare you with their eyes.

Final Words

Must say, the younger generation is environmentally conscious and taking the initiative of protecting our earth. Buying clothes or any item from thrift stores not only reduces pollution but affordable for everyone.

To produce synthetic materials, it requires the use of byproducts of toxic gases. They are harmful and may cause several problems. But buying old stuff or second-hand clothing also reduces transportation costs and does not end up in a landfill.

Now you know that not all flea markets and yard sales are filled with waste, some good stuff is also present there. Also, if you want to save some money, visiting flea markets and yard sale is a great option. Next time, you visit any thrift store, don’t visit it to sell your old stuff but check around, and you may end up getting some hilarious and amazing things.

Tell us, have you ever found stuff like these in the thrift stores? Yes? What was it, and how did you use it? Drop your comments below.


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