14 Major Unusual College Degrees You Never Know that Exist!!

After completing high school, students often faces wavering situations toward post secondary education. Obviously, the college d...

7 years ago
14 Major Unusual College Degrees You Never Know that Exist!!

After completing high school, students often faces wavering situations toward post secondary education. Obviously, the college degree is important, but students feel anxious about their options concerning what to study next. While approximately high school students know where their professional future lies, some still exists who believes themselves as a freshman having no idea of being professional. 

This short list of unusual college degree will help you in a competitive labor market. Even though none of these degrees talk to you as a major, they can consider as the idea for a broader field. 

1. Animal Breeding 

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Animal breeding may be surprising to some who have weird notions about farmers. This field deals with the evaluation of the genetic value of livestock. Selecting the meat, wool production, egg etc with different traits has reformed the livestock production in the world. Now, the culture of paying a heavy amount for organic hormone free meats demands for more breeding techniques.   

2. Degree in Beer Making 

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Strange, isn’t it? One might get a call for fermentation sciences. There’s a lot more career in this degree. Students having a strong base of chemistry and biology are considered best for this business. A degree in B. S in Fermentation Science and Technology is designed to educate the students about fermentation of beverages and food.

3. Decision Sciences 

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Sounds weird, but a PH. D in Decision Sciences, is really the reverse of being undecided. Expertise in a range of quantitative methods makes you feel more relax when deciding about the business decisions. The graduates get skilled in doing research, solving problems, data and analysis and could easily justify with all the sources relating to IT to finance. 

4. Floral Management 

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Wonder, hanging a floral management degree in your shop! Running a flower shop is not easy, but what affects buyers more is the way how flowers are kept in the shop. 

I am not basically saying that floral designers require no education, in fact on the job experience is now needed to make arrangements for funerals, parties, and other special occasions. Students can make entry as a basic designer and could gain experience degree. Degrees in horticulture, ornamental are additional options for floral designers.

5. Artist Blacksmithing 

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Artist Blacksmithing is one of the most unusual degree ever heard. This degree allows students to adapt more about traditional traces and contemporary artwork. 

There’s a more demand of artist Blacksmithing now as it is considered as the dying art. Think about it, some artists work should never be dumped at all. Learn something exceptional about this art and frame your metal work for tourists. Selling your artwork in thousands is not a strange choice. 

6. Horology 

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If you keenly want to know how watches are made, then you are perfectly meant for Horology. Owning a degree in horology is not a strange choice. The combination of art and science with time measurement makes you not only learn about the watches, in fact you can even grow as an entrepreneur by knowing the details of watches giving a career option. 

7. Yacht Operations 

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Have you dreamt of getting an invitation of super cool yacht parties? Well, I am not sure about the invitation but studying Yacht operations can teach you all the details of maintaining the boat, about its navigation and the details on offshore expeditions. Yacht operation is certainly the well known degree.

8. Surf Science and Technology 

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In the 2 years course of Surf Science student learn about the development of surf, history and how to build a dynamic surfboard. It also indirectly tells about human’s relationship to fitness and allows students to sign a work experience in surfing company. So catch the perfect wave and get started with the perfect surfing modules.

9. Diving Business & Technology 

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If you also dreamt of spending your day deep in the oceans then this course will make you learn more about underwater journalism, mariculture, marine biology etc. It is the freaking career that masters you as a scuba instructor, commercial driver and underwater journalist. 

10. Golf Management 

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Students who are passionate about sports often stuck between playing professionally and setting a practical pursuit. Surprisingly, there are many careers that surround the operations of your passion if practical work is not possible. Golf Management degree makes you prepare for all the operations required at a golf course. This includes a vigorous training and tournament sessions with other management practices.

11. Greenhouse operations


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Studying a lot more about greenhouse effects is considered as the unusual college degree. The degree allows you a less burden of pests and climate change in your daily routine. Students are allowed to study the production of plants in a controlled environment. Interestingly, students in places like Minnesota and Wisconsin could also attain a greater knowledge of greenhouse operations. 

12. Logic

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If you love to solve reasoning questions in a paper then owning a logical degree is worth adapting. It is a degree that is applicable in various fields. Students learn more about the history, its applications and symbolisms that play an important role in reasoning. It will make your skill more powerful when applied in Law enforcement and Business Science.

13. Reiki

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Reiki is a Japanese practice that involves the body energy to cure health. It is a healing technique that is used by the therapist. He uses channel energy into the patient only by a touch. The patient’s body revitalizes the physical strength and emotional well being. To heal ailments and to cure overall health students are trained in medication and treatment practices. Basically Reiki is used for reducing stress.

14. Sexual Health Studies

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This degree includes sociological perspectives of sexuality, education about sex and relationship. Some people find a degree in sexual health studies awkward, but if you look at the positive side, it is a long term rewarding career. The study of human relationships, sexual function, sexual behavior, sexual emotions, etc. is the recent essays that are included in the study of sexuality.


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