What Is Deep Web & How To Access IT

The web that you know includes regular chatting and surfing works. But deep web includes all the data behind firewalls.

6 years ago
What Is Deep Web & How To Access IT

You might not know that there’s a secret part of the Internet that is huge than the Internet you use every day.

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The web that you know includes chatting, Facebooking, shopping, search engines, social media networks, different e-commerce portals, informative sites; blogs etc is just a simple form of Internet. All these things are visible to you i.e it is commonly referred to as ‘Visible Web’. The pages can easily be indexed by search engines, it is estimated that the visible net contains over 4 billion-indexed pages.

What is Deep Web?

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But there’s a certain part of Internet that is not indexed by search engines and here the term Deep Web or Hidden Web enters the Internet world. Deep Web contains dynamic content, sites that can never be crawled and other content, which cannot be listed.  Ultimately, what you can say is all the data in Deep Web remain hidden behind the firewalls. The web archives, government passwords etc comes under Deep Web category.

Do you that Deep Web is nearly 500 times larger than surface web? Just imagine, what’s behind that firewall. You will understand more through image.

Let’s get Deeper into the Deep Web

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Along with the millions of publicly accessible sites, the deep web contains other thousand’s sites including your insurance company, bank and other institutes and organizations that save your personal information. And obviously, these confidential information’s are not open to all. You can do visit their websites, but you need a licensed and standard web-browsers to unlock more out of it. 

A valid Id’s as someone who is allowed to unlock the web pages information and hidden data.  Want to access deep web, below are the steps to unlock the deep web mystery. (14.1)

Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN is a network, which hides your IP address. It is a useful tool for all those who interest in keeping their information private. 

Connect.onion Websites

You are probably wrong if you are thinking that you can open deep web directly through Chrome or any other normal browser. To access the deep web sites, it is necessary to connect to .onion websites. It is top-level domain to access the hidden websites. 

It looks like http://xmh57jrzrnw6insl.onion%20/ don’t try to copy it your normal browser. Copy it into onion browser and you will be able to unlock the Torch Search Engine. (14.2)

TOR is the easiest way to get access to the deep web. TOR is officially developed by the US navy, it allows the public to go through the web anonymously. TOR hides your real identity by converting your traffic and sends it through different nodes.

Before you open TOR, close unnecessary or even all the programs running on the Internet. Open the VPN and try to connect with the city, which is far from you, this will keep your ISP secret, it will also keep the address secret. 

Enter Into The Deep Web

It is actually a super marketplace that sells everything – right from the expensive drugs to the illegal weapons; you can buy everything on the deep web.


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