What Is A Parallel Universe & Its Mind Bending Theories?

We often wonder whether our universe is unique or there’s another universe existing in the space. Let’s dig a little deeper on this right here.

6 years ago
What Is A Parallel Universe & Its Mind Bending Theories?

Parallel Universe is merely an idea which states that there exists an alternate universe in space. This universe is exactly same as ours and it has been branched off from our universe or our universe has been branched off from others. A specific group of parallel universe is known as multiverse or many worlds.

Here are some theories suggesting why a multiverse universe might be existing in the space.

1) Space Is Infinite

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The shape of space and time is not known. According to the famous theory, it is flat and infinite. This, therefore, presents the possibility of existence of many universes in space. The infinite particles in the space can be put together in a variety of ways and thus there can be many parallel universes just like ours at the moment.

2) Eternal Inflation

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This theory is based on the research by cosmologist Alexander Vilenkin of Tufts University. Some areas of the space have stopped inflating like the big bang theory which gave rise to our universe. There are some which will keep getting bigger and bigger. If we consider our universe a bubble then we are sitting in the network of bubbles in space. The interesting part is that every universe will be formed by totally different laws of physics as compared to ours.

3) Probability

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According to this, for every outcome, there would be some decisions. Similarly, there may be ranges of the universe each of which had an outcome. The higher the probability of the occurrence, the more will be the chance of being it true. (14.1)

4) Mathematical Universe

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The structure of the Mathematics may depend on which universe you are residing. According to the Professor of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Max Tegmark, mathematics is something which does not have human interruptions and human baggage. He really believes in the parallel universe which is independent of humans and will even exist when humans will get extinct.

5) Mysterious Cold Spot

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NASA scientists were baffled at the discovery of a cold region in space that was made about 1.8 billion light years across and was colder than our surroundings. Researchers at the Durham University believed that the cold spot could be the evidence of the multiverse universe. It might have fallen in our universe due to the collision between ours and the other universe.

6) String Theory

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This theory was originated by the Japanese American Physicists. According to this theory, the universe is the building block of every matter and the physical forces. Consider these building blocks as rubber strands or strings.

String theories say that gravity can flow from a parallel universe. When these universes interact with one another, a huge explosion occurs similar to the Big Bang Theory and gives rise to a new universe.

7) Theory Of Everything

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After the discovery of the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein spent rest of his life studying about the final stage where all the answers of the physics lie. According to other physicists, it is the ‘Theory of Everything’ which is yet to be discovered.

Parallel Universe Is Hypothetical

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The universe is just 14 billion years old. The age of our universe is also finite. This possibility reduces the chances of parallel universe to exist as there would be some limitations on the number of arrangements of the particles.

On the other hand, the inflation has stopped and thus it has decreased the possibility of the formation of the new universe. The string theory has given negative results and we could not reach up to the theory of everything thus we are uncertain about the real fact. (14.2)

Parallel Universe Exists Or Not?

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A parallel universe exists in reality or not is still a question which is still baffling scientists. According to some of them, the theory of many worlds exists whereas others totally refuse it. It is a controversial matter as our technology is not upgraded to such an extent that we can look in the space and find the unfolding mysteries bounded in. According to myths, legends, and religions, there exists another world or alternative universe.

This debate is never-ending and it will go on until we get some relevant evidence to prove them right or wrong.


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