Learn The Origin Of The Universe With Big Bang Theory

Did you ever thought how the universe came into existence? What happened during its birth? How much old is our universe? If not, have a look at the information provided here.

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Learn The Origin Of The Universe With Big Bang Theory

The most prominent theory of the universe origin is Big Bang Theory. This theory was born of the observation that other galaxies are propelling away from the center due to ancient explosive force. They seem as if they are getting away in great speed, in all the directions from our galaxy.

What Is Big Bang Theory?

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Before the expansion of the universe, matter and radiations were composed of the hot, dense mass just a few millimeters across. This state may have been there for just a fraction of the first second of the time. It suggests that 10 to 20 billions of years ago, a massive blast allowed the universe to spring across the ancient unknown type of the energy.

In the trillionth of the second after the inflation of the big bang theory, the universe began to expand at incomprehensible speed from the pebble size origin to the vast universe. Since then the universe is expanding but at a lower rate.

The Scientists do not have any evidence to prove:- how the universe formed after the big bang theory but, many of them believe that with time the matter and atoms cooled down and eventually condensed themselves into the stars, planets and galaxies of the present universe.

Origination Of Big Bang Theory

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Georges Lemaitre suggested about the big bang theory that the universe evolved from the single primordial atom. This idea gain a boost when Edwin Hubble observed that other galaxies are speeding away from us in all the directions. And it gained peak after the discovery of the microwave radiations in the space.

According to scientists, these radiations are the after effect of the Big bang expansion. It is the oldest of radiations and may have an abundance of secrets about the universe before inflation.

There are many questions which remain unanswered about the facts related to the universe. Many of the scientists came up with the fundamentals about it but none of them could prove the real cause behind it. (14.1)

Alternative To Big Bang Theory

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While big bang theory is most widely accepted one but there are some theories which oppose them. The universe is built on ever-expanding space-time. They suggest that static universe was predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity. It was later modified by other scientists. The expansion involves the existence of dark energy. Recalculation of the mass of the universe supports the big bang theory event.

Shape Of The Universe

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Theory of general relativity defines the shape of space and time. Spacetime is curved and bent by mass and energy. The topology or the geometry of the of the universe includes both local and global geometry. Cosmologists work on the given space like a slice of the given time known as comoving coordinates.

Size And Region Of The Universe

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The Size of the universe is somewhat difficult to define. According to the restrictive definition, the universe is everything within our connected space with which we can interact. According to the general theory of relativity, there are some regions of the space with which we can never interact. It is because of the finite speed of light and ongoing space expansions. (14.2)

These are some information related to the origin and formation of our universe.


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