The Science Behind Hollow Earth Theory

With the emergence of science and science fiction, we have unraveled various ancient mysteries of the human experience. A very i...

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The Science Behind Hollow Earth Theory

With the emergence of science and science fiction, we have unraveled various ancient mysteries of the human experience. A very interesting question arises amid these queries. Since centuries people have asked about the possibilities of planet Earth being hollow. For many years it was believed that Earth is hollow and many similar theories have also come up for this but till 1968 there were no evidences. 

Several prominent individuals including astronomers, mathematicians, physicists and high ordered military personnel supported this theory.  

Often, we fail to recognize that our perceived truth is generally based on theories and assumptions. We consider these theories as truth until another one comes up and contradicts the previous one with relevant evidences. The most influential, intelligent and creative minds, many of which were a backbone of science and math have proposed theories for hollow Earth. Apart from the intellectual arena, military history has also stood beside the concept of hollow Earth. 

Earth’s core is one of the most inaccessible parts of the planet. The related theories are constantly changing and there is definitely more to discover. Geophysical methods provide direct measurements for the properties of Earth’s interior. 

Popular Methods For Measuring Earth’s Interior Properties

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1) Seismic wave velocity and free oscillation frequencies. 

Earthquake waves behave different in different states. Their behaviors are affected by the materials they encounter at varied places. For figuring up the structures of inner Earth, this is the best way that can be used by modern scientists. Hollow Earth does not mean there is no land mass. Seismic waves go through liquids and solids. There are weaker evidences of the structure of Earth’s interior and more for the hollow Earth theory.

2) Moment of inertia

3) Laboratory data on mineral physics

4) Distribution of secular data in magnetic field

Modern day science has still not been able to establish Earth’s interior physical structure. Hollow Earth hypothesis proposes the central sun in the middle of Earth’s core. This does not relate with the scientists findings. 

Let’s examine the the theory of Hollow planet and its origin.

The Hollow Earth Theory

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The concept of this hypothesis itself suggests that Earth is either entirely hollow or contains substantial space in the interiors. Buddhists believed that inner Earth was made up of people called super men and women. They came to the surfaces via tunnels to oversee the happenings of the surface. Buddhists had lamas who guarded the entrances to inner Earth in Tibet. 

According to the Tibetan and Indian traditions and texts, an ancient kingdom is located around inner Asia. It is a mythical place called Shambhala. Isn’t it amazing to see the theories of inner Earth embedded within ancient culture? Mythology or reality, curtains still lie.

Indian ancient texts like Ramayana describe a great blue being, the Avatar Rama. The Ramayana depicts Rama to arrive on an air vehicle as an emissary from ‘Agartha’. These air vehicles were known as ‘Vimanas’ during that period. The reference of inner Earth separately in Buddhist and Hindu scriptures is fascinating.

Hypothesis Of Edmund Halley

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We better know by Halley’s Comet. Edmund Halley was an astronomer and a mathematician. He proposed that the Earth was hollow. One of his publications titled

An Account of the Cause of the Change of the Variation of the Magnetic Needle; With an Hypothesis of the Structure of the Internal Parts of the Earth.

Halley believed that the Earth consisted of a hollow shell that was 500 miles thick, two inner concentric shells and the innermost core having diameter equal to that of the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars. The shells had atmospheres in between them and each had its own magnetic poles. The spheres rotated in different speeds. Halley suggested that each sphere had capabilities of supporting life because they received light from the atmosphere in the inner spaces. He suggested the possibility of ample creation. The gradual motion of the lines of magnetic declination formed the basis of his theory. It was based on Isaac Newton’s lunar relative density. 

Leonhard Euler Proposed Hollow Earth Concept

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The Swiss mathematician and physicist proposed that Earth was completely hollow. Similar to Halley’s proposition, Euler said that inner Earth had a six hundred mile diameter sun in the centre. If North poles and South poles exist today can form way to reach to the hollow interiors. This central sun provided lives to those civilizations who lived there. 

Captain John Symmes

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The United States Army Officer rose to this rank for his role in the 1812 war. He said - 

I declare the earth is hollow, and habitable within; containing a number of solid concentric spheres, one within the other, and that it is open at the poles 12 or 16 degrees; I pledge my life in support of this truth, and am ready to explore the hollow, if the world will support and aid me in the undertaking.

Captain John Symmes also wanted to carry out an expedition for the Antarctic hole in the Earth’s center but did not get the permission.

The above memorial is the Hollow Earth Memorial placed in Hamilton, Ohio.

Admiral Richard Byrd - A Great Supporter Of This theory

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Inner Earth garnished more attention in the 1940s. Also after Admiral Richard Byrd supposedly journeyed the hollow Earth. Admiral Richard Byrd was a high ranking officer of the US Navy. He was the first person to fly over the South Pole and also flew over the North Pole, also sighted an opening at the top. He also participated in many expeditions to the North Pole. He claims to be greeted by a flying machine and interacted with those beings who are called as ‘Agartha’. 

Those beings told Richard about their worries of the development of nuclear weapons. They were also concerned about the well being of the whole planet with respect to affect that mankind is creating on it. 

Like many others who claimed before him, Admiral also claimed that North and South poles actually open to the centre of the Earth. He agreed on Euler’s views about a sun in the inner Earth. Both the poles of Earth are actually convex and not concave. This implies that planes and ships would be able to fly or float in. 

The American Press announces Admiral Richard Byrd’s discoveries after his expeditions. Government immediately suppressed the release and Byrd was known to make false claims. Richard’s story is quite popular. It also featured on the National Geographic. His Son Richard Byrd Jr. led a very difficult life. His death was quite a mystery. He was found in an empty warehouse. What’s worthy of being noted is that the Jr. accompanied his father since he was six years old. 

Hollow Earth is not solely tied to science fiction. They may also have an inch of reality in them. When UFO’s are constantly been sighted coming out of the water, who knows they may be a part of some advanced civilizations that live inside the Earth’s interior. The Hollow Earth Theory remains a mystery as well as a strong possibility until we actually penetrate the inner Earth.

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