Proof Of Afterlife | Evidences, Researches & Facts

The scientific knowledge is growing exponentially each day and is known to have significant consequences especially the...

3 years ago
Proof Of Afterlife | Evidences, Researches & Facts

The scientific knowledge is growing exponentially each day and is known to have significant consequences especially the ones challenging status quo. Understanding the relationship between mind, brain and consciousness has been a key study among the neuroscientists and physicians around the world.  

According to largest ever medical study conducted in UK, a scientific evidence has been found that suggest life can continue after death. Since past 4 years, this team has been analysing the experiences of cardiac arrest patients. They discovered that nearly 40% survivors reported some sort of “awareness” which they felt when they were declared “clinically dead”.

Till now, the experts have a belief that the brain stops working 20-30 seconds after stopping of heartbeat. And after this, one cannot be in a state of awareness. However, a new research finds strong evidence of patients experiencing real events for around 2-3 minutes after the stopping of heartbeat. Furthermore, they remembered the events in a detailed way once they were restored to life. (14.1)

Here are some pieces of evidence about Afterlife which suggest that Near-Death Experience may be real.

1. Psychomanteum

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A psychomanteum is a mirrored room which is specially set up to take a person in a different state of consciousness for making a connection with someone from afterlife. In the ancient times, blood and water were believed to be a way of communicating to the spiritual world. 

Dr Raymond Moody, the world-renowned physician and the author of ‘Life after life’, studied mirror gazing and discovered how the process occurs. He found that the Ancient Greece people who wished to connect with a spiritual realm spent a couple of days in darkness and gazed at shiny surface. (14.2)

2. After Death Contacts

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Many people have seen or heard a person or animal after they died. People often say that they saw their loved one at their bed’s foot telling them that they just died. In such cases, it was found that the person had an untimely or unexpected death and was dead just before he/she was seen. (14.3)

3. Deathbed visions

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According to all the cultures, people who begin to die start talking to their loved ones who have already died. In certain cases, they say that beautiful places appear in the spirit world and they also hear some kind of beautiful music. 

Deathbed visions stand as a strong evidence to after life. It is said that 50-60% people experiencing conscious death have a vision of afterlife. 

In late 1920’s, Sir William F. Barrett conducted a pilot study on this and authored a book named “Deathbed visions”.

4. Children remember past lives until the age of 6 or 7

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The newborn babies cry soon after they are delivered because they recall something about their past life. Until the age of 6 or 7, a child may talk about another house, some other parents and families and they may even have a faint memory of how they died. 

The children experiencing this sometimes turn so restlessly unhappy that their parents have to arrange a trip for them to go to a place where they used to live before.  Sometimes, they are even able to recognize their relatives and loved ones of past life. 


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