New Research Shows Our Brains Can Create Staggering 11 Dimension Structures

While physicists were observing dimensions out in the worldly matter their brain had been creating these beautiful neural structures of 11 dimensions that could be the key to everything.

6 years ago
New Research Shows Our Brains Can Create Staggering 11 Dimension Structures

For you to understand 11th dimension and the brain's capability of making such complex structures; you need to understand the basics first.

By "dimensions," researchers mean abstract mathematical spaces, not other physical realms. 

The new found discovery is a world that humans had never imagined.

While according to String theory there are 10 real dimensions out of which the length, height, depth and time are the 4Ds. And the rest 6 dimensions are non-conceivable or compactified.

What Is 11th Dimension

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The 11th dimension is a characteristic of space-time that has been proposed as a possible answer to questions that arise in superstring theory. The theory of superstrings involves the existence of nine dimensions of space and one dimension of time (a total of 10 dimensions). According to this notion, we observe only three spatial dimensions and one time dimension because the other six spatial dimensions are "curled up" or "compactified."

Blues Brain Project Studies These Multi-Dimensional Capabilities Of The Brain

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The scientists first carried out tests on the virtual brain tissue they created and then confirmed the results by doing the same experiments on real brain tissue from rats.

When stimulated, virtual neurons would form a clique, with each neuron connected to another in such a way that a specific geometric object would be formed. A large number of neurons would add more dimensions, which in some cases went up to 11. The structures would organize around a high-dimensional hole the researchers called a “cavity”. After the brain processes the information, the clique and cavity vanished.

With These Findings We Would Be Able To Study The Complexity Of Brain Better

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The aim of the Blue Brain Project, which is based in Switzerland, is to digitally create a “biologically detailed” simulation of the human brain.

The significance of the discovery lies in allowing us greater understanding into "one of the fundamental mysteries of neuroscience - the link between the structure of the brain and how it processes information.”


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