15 Lip Shapes & What They Say About Your Personality Based on Science

Face scientists believe that lips are one of the most attractive features that determine your personality. Lip shape may signify deeper psychological peculiarities and personality traits.

4 years ago
15 Lip Shapes & What They Say About Your Personality Based on Science

Eyes are indeed a window to your soul, but you can’t deny that lips are a framework to your character. People gaze into eyes when they talk to you, but they also watch the movement and shape of your lips.

Do you know Lipsology is a new pseudoscience that proves there is a direct relation between the shape of lips and your personality? After studying several lip prints, Jilly Eddy, an author, published a book ‘Lipsology: The Art and Science of Reading Lip Prints’ that attracted millions of people.

Every girl’s dream is to have beautiful rosy lips. Do you know how to get rosy lips? If not, check these easy tips to turn lips pink naturally.

Lips reveal a lot about your personality, the most important thing they reveal is what kind of person you are with friends, and when you are in a relationship. It is also said that if you want to know how a person is, then watch them sleep because sleeping positions reveal some hidden secrets of a person.

If you are not good at understanding how a person is at the first meeting, how about trying to find his/her personality by watching his/her lips? I found this idea great.

Earlier also, we mentioned the connection of lips and personality, but in this post, we have come up with more lip shapes and detailed features to know a person more easily.

So, let's check out the different shape of lips and what they reveal about you.

1. Large Puffy Lips

Source = Hearstapps

People who have large puffy lips think first about other people in any stressful situation. They make the best parents and have a desire to safeguard others.

If you have large puffy lips, chances are you may have spent a lot of time feeding stray kittens. Do you know anyone with large puffy lips and having this personality?

2. Full Lips

Source = Powderpuffmakeup

Full lips get easily noticed for their thickness;  however, they aren’t round. People having full lips are helpful, strong, and competent. They find joy in balancing relationships and have a charming personality. They are selfless, caring, and maintain a close circle of friends.

If you find someone with full lips, maintain a good relationship with them, as they are very helpful and wouldn’t leave you alone.

3. Lips that are Plumper in the Centre

Source = Bloggersarena

People having plump lip center love being surrounded by people. When it comes to relationships, they may behave like a drama queen, but are an exciting personality to get the best and most of life.

They are a natural performer, and being the center of attention is their motto. Woman with plump center lips is usually pampered more.

4. An Upper Lip with a Sharp Philtrum

Source = Shopify

People having an upper lip with a sharp Philtrum are born artists and musicians. They are sociable and achieve good results in their work.

What’s amazing is that they have an excellent memory and can recall the names and faces of people even after years. They maintain good contact with everyone and have an amazing creativity level.

5. Small Puffy Lips

Source = Ourlifeinbrief

People with small puffy lips are mischievous. When you meet them for the first time, you may find them selfish, but that’s not the case.

They are friendly and the ones who come to help at a moment they notice. They put themselves as their priority, because if they don’t care for themselves, then no one will.

6. Round Lips

Source = Topyaps

Those having round lips are adventurous and risk-takers. They are confident and can reach the heights of success if they work hard.

Women having round lips are charismatic, flirty, full of high spirits, and daring. So, you better don’t mess with people having round lips.

7. Thin Lips

Source = Makeup

If you are the one who doesn’t need a company for traveling, then you may have thin lips because it is researched that people with thin lips are often loners.

They are unsocial people who stay in control according to their life situation. But despite their solitude behavior, they feel like home in a group of people. They need to be patient to balance between their comfort and their partner’s needs.

8. Goldilocks Lips

Source = Naukrinama

People with lips that are neither thick nor thin, but medium-size, have a balanced life, and ability to solve problems ahead of them.

They are not clingy but crave for a sense of connection in relationships. They are undemanding and make good life partners.

9. Lips With No Defined Cupid Bow

Source = Rackcdn

People with no defined cupid bow are extremely emotional. They are compassionate and could go the extra mile to show concern for others.

Did I mention they are a great consultant? If you come with any problem, talk to them, because they take a decision only after weighing the pros and cons. They are efficient in managing time and meeting deadlines.

10. Heart-Shaped Lips or Full Lower Lips

Source = Brightside

People with heart-shaped lips are creative, glamorous, intelligent, and passionate. Women with this kind of lips are often very witty and have an energetic personality. They are independent, wild, and could go to any extent to achieve something in life.

11. Wide Lips

Source = Beautybridge

People having wide lips are extrovert. They are great leaders, energetic, and good at making friends. They are 3 a.m. friends who would be there anytime for you.

Don’t forget to smile, if you have wide lips, because your smile is infectious and would make others smile (if they have a bad day).

12. Very Thin Upper Lip

Source = Brightside

People with very thin upper lip have extraordinary leadership qualities. They are good at convincing others and are full of energy.

They usually don't get romantically involved with anyone, because they believe in making their identity and not to be with someone.

13. Thin Top and Bottom Lips

Source = Hearstapps

People with thin top and bottom lips are self –reliant and are independent. They are introverted and perfectly happy with the idea of being an introvert.

Although they are not very good at handling relationships, that doesn’t mean they are not good partners. It is that they need someone to set a direction and help them out in speaking their problems.

14. When Upper Lip is Larger Than Lower One

Source = Hearstapps

People having this kind of lips are emotional and have the ability to attract others. They are simple and crack funniest jokes. They love being the center of attention and have a high opinion of themselves.

15. When Lower Lip is Larger Than Upper One

Source = Stylecraze

Do you know this kind of person is not born to do a 9-5 job? Because they always explore new things to do. They are energetic, find places to travel now and then, curious, and open to everything new.

Never leave a friend if he/she has this lip shape, as he/she can take you on the path of new challenges and adventures.

Final Words

If you can’t find about a person by watching their lips, check for their tongue. According to scientists, the shape of the tongue says a lot about your personality.

So what does your lip shape reveal about you? Do these above features resemble your personality? No matter, even if they do not, what’s important is to wear a smile on a face, because SMILE is the best makeup that you could wear.


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