10 Things Which Will Happen When Sun Dies

Hard to believe that the even the Sun will die one day. Sun is a huge star in the solar system which has the properties similar to human. They are born, they live their complete life span and at last, they die.

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10 Things Which Will Happen When Sun Dies

Our Sun has a lifespan of about 10 billion years till now and we are heading towards the rest five. But our planet will not go silently into the dark night. We often have hundreds of questing which keep poking us to get the answers.

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Among them, the most important one is what will happen when the Sun dies.  Predictions made today may not be certain and even chances are there that things will be totally different from what we are assuming today as we cannot predict the future. But according to scientist and researchers, they envisioned and said

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“Everything will come to an end eventually when the Sun dies”.

Sun converts slowly its hydrogen into helium by the proton-proton chain. It will start dying when it will use all of its hydrogens. But we do not have to worry about it as we still have billions of years left with us.

So let’s look at 10 things which will happen when the Sun dies:

1) Human Life Will Not Be Possible On Earth

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If the Sun dies, it would be impossible for the living organism to survive in such a situation thus the life on Earth will end. There may be a possibility of having a life at some other place in the space but not on the Earth. Unfortunately, everything which we have accomplished in our life will vanish away.

The surface of the Earth will get too high for considering life on Earth. Even if we try to develop something to get rid of the hot temperature still we cannot survive because we will not have anything left to eat and drink. Everything will cease which is essential for survival. It will take billions of years to evolve life again on the Earth.

2) Earth’s Orbit Will Change

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By the time when the red giant star will approach towards its end, everything on the Earth will disappear. The Sun will expand to at least the three-quarter distance to the Earth. As a result of this, the Earth orbit will change but that doesn’t mean that it will stop moving.

According to some scientist, our Earth will not burn into ashes. On the other hand, we will experience something opposite of what it seems. Due to gravitational pull, the planets closer to the Sun will get far away from it and will enter into safer orbit. Although this would have no positive effect on Earth’s part as already the life will come to an end.

3) Humans Could Find Another Way

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The technology will get so evolved in the future that scientist will find some other possible ways though it is hard to predict it. But it is fun to imagine all the possibilities which could occur after the Sun’s death. With the advancement in Science and technology, we will definitely find a way to some far planet where the life would be possible.

On the other hand, it is even possible that we may have already tried out some of the places where clues for having the habitat exists. NASA is right now already working on the mission of Planet Mars. We will be successful in reaching the new horizons for our survival.

4) Outer Solar System Will Feel The Heat

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The Sun becomes brighter and hotter than what it was in the previous state. This will make the dwarf planets and the other far away planets warm. Example Venus and Saturn etc. But this will not mark the beginning of life on these planets because other conditions which are required to sustain life may not exist.

Thus, it is said that the outer solar system will feel the warmth of the Sun before it dies forever.

5) Earth Will Get Vapourised And Engulfed Into Sun

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The red giant ball when will approach near to its death it will vaporize the Earth for forever it is because the planet Earth will not be able to survive the Sun’s explosion, as a result, it will get converted into crisp.

The surface of the Sun will reach up to the current orbit of the Mars so we can imagine the intensity and luminosity of the Sun at that point which could burn anything which comes near or under its way.

6) Sun Will Expand

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The Sun will increase greatly in size and temperature. Once it uses up all its fuel. It will move to the next phase which is a red giant body. Though it may look that the temperature might have increased with red giant when it is compared with the surface of the Sun.

It is found that the temperature is lesser than the previous state. This is the case with the Sun whereas small stars simply die when they use up all its fuel. The Sun’s demise will affect many things in the universe.

7) It Will Shrink

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The Sun will not be able to use carbon for fusing helium, as a result, it will shrink into a white dwarf. The size of the white dwarf is very less in comparison with the original Sun.

The white dwarf star will have less amount of energy whereas the longevity of such stars is high. This star shines for billions and billions of years until it will convert itself into a dead dark dwarf. It is impossible for us to know how long this process will work.

8) Life Will Originate At Other Place

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Though the life on Earth will have been gone away. It doesn’t mean that no other planet will have the possibility of life on it. The planets such as Jupiter and Saturn have many moons which might result in the possibility of life.

So there are chances of a beginning life on these planets. Scientist and researchers are looking for the forms of lives in other planets present in our solar system.

9) Galaxies Will Merge

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This event will occur hand in hand with the death of the Sun. Our galaxy will merge with the Andromeda galaxy. These two galaxies are moving towards each other at a speed of 402,000 kilometers per hour.

Inevitable collision will take place when these galaxies will merge with one another. It seems impossible to think about the collision but in reality, it will be vast. If life seems to be possible in any of the two galaxies than the stars and other planets will present there will collide with each other.

10) Asteroids Will Not Make It Far

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The asteroids present in the space will no longer disturb or collide with planets present in the solar system. Jupiter will adjust its orbit to a red giant Sun. Being the biggest planet in the solar system its gravitational force will make the asteroids present in the space to either move towards the white dwarf Sun or will be thrown away from the galaxies into the black never ending space. (14.1)

We, humans, have the potential to search the universe completely by our capabilities which seem impossible for now. But our minds can take us far in the universe in future.


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