10 Of The Greatest Space News In 2017

For all the space enthusiasts! We have gathered the most recent news of the Space Science which has attracted the attention of the whole world towards it with discoveries and satellites.

6 years ago
10 Of The Greatest Space News In 2017

No doubt space has a lot of amazing discoveries which can be explored and studied by the scientist. The scientist is investigating the unknown events which have led to the development of the bold new theories.

Executing space missions successfully by the organizations and scientist requires proper planning and the complete knowledge about the space before launching a satellite or discovering unknown facts about the space, planets and other galaxies.

Take a look at some bustling news of 2017 related to space science :

1) NASA Reveals Splendid Picture Of Snow Covered Dunes

Source = Cbsistatic

NASA has released a stunning image of dunes on the surface of the Mars. The picture describes that the dunes were covered with snow and ice on ridges. The picture was captured by NASA in May but was released it on Thursday.

The image was taken by the High-Resolution Imaging  Science Experiment camera on Mars. The snow and ice are different from our planet Earth as this snow is known as dry ice because it is formed of carbon-dioxide.

When the sun shines the ice present on the surface break down releasing gases and dark sand out from dunes which form beautiful patterns on the surface.

2) NASA Rocket To Create Glowing Artificial Cloud

Source = Telanganatoday

NASA created a glowing cloud which will appear in the night sky in order to study disturbances in the upper atmosphere.

This artificial cloud will be visible to residents of Marshall Islands, said by the Us space agency. The WINDY mission will study the phenomenon that occurs in the ionosphere. It is observed that the disturbances normally occur after the sunset at latitudes near the equator.

Scientist on the ground photograph and measure the movement of the of the clouds. The cloud is expected to be visible for about 30 minutes in the sky.

3) Japan Launches Its Third Satellite Named Michibiki

Source = Ytimg

In order to improve the car navigation system and smartphone maps, the scientist of Japan launched the third satellite - the Michibiki.

Satellite geological system was first used by the US military whereas now it is used by the countless population throughout which includes car navigation and the internet browsing.

Earlier Japan was dependent on the United States for the Global positioning system. So the need for the domestic version was felt and thus they decided to build their own satellite for the  GPS system as this system is widely used in the country.

4) Solar Eclipse Witnessed In The United States After 99 Years

Source = Denverpost

One of the biggest internet event in the history noticed by the NASA space authority. The total solar eclipse was eye catchy which attracted people all over the world.

The event graced the American skies after approximately a century and therefore none of the citizens in America wanted to miss the magic it holds. The scientists of NASA are gathering information to learn more about the sun and the moon from different satellite, aircraft and ground observations.

Although the total solar eclipse ended another one is also coming to the United States in the year 2024.

5) ISRO-NASA Satellite To Help Predict Landslides

Source = Wp

Seeing the increasing toll rate in Himachal Pradesh Mandi district and Vishnuprayag in Badrinath. Scientist felt the need to create a satellite to predict the rainfall triggered landslides in order to save lives of many people.

Once the info- Nasa satellite gets launched it will help India to accurately map the landslides which are going to occur. The most expensive satellite NISAR will be launched near about in 2020 to measure clarify the ecological disturbance, earthquakes, tsunami and landslides in India.

6) NASA Launches A Satellite To Help Astronauts To Talk On Earth

Source = Indiatimes

The United State space agency launched the satellite to ensure that the astronauts at the international space station can easily communicate with the Earth. Thus  NASA launched TDRS-M satellite also known as tracking and data relay satellite.

The satellite will help in communication from space to the ground in the Earth's lower orbit Operations held by the NASA. This satellite will allow accessing the data for the missions like an international space station or Hubble telescope.

7) NASA’s Kepler Finds 10 More Earth Like Planets

Source = NASA

NASA has announced the discovery of the 10 planets which look similar to the Earth in MIlky Way Galaxy. These planets have the possibility of having liquid water and life on it.

The United States space agency revealed the fact that it has observed some exoplanets which are present in some other solar systems by the Kepler telescope.

It was observed that these planets were orbiting around their sun but that doesn't prove that these planets have the life. It also cannot deny the fact that exoplanets will have the possibility of life on them.

8) SpaceX Launches The Cargo To International Space Station

Source = Nasa

Many of the major experiments and search activities related to the human health to the atmospheric conditions on the Earth.The SpaceX dragon is now in the Earth’s orbit which will be headed towards the International Space station.

For a long scientist have worked hard to aboard the space activities which were not possible on the Earth. The new and rapid technologies, research breakthroughs which are not possible on the Earth are carried in the International Space station.

9) Mission Successful! The seventh Spacewalk Of 2017 Came To End

Source = Nasa

52 Cosmonauts, Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin and the Flight Engineer Sergey Ryazanskiy spacewalk came to an end after 7hours 34 minutes.

The two spacewalkers deployed the satellite manually, collected several samples performed structural maintenance to facilitate future excursions. It was 9th space walk of  Fyodor Yurchikhin and 4th spacewalk of  Sergey Ryazanskiy.

10) SpaceX Launches Formosat-5 – First Satellite Built, Designed In Taiwan

Source = Spaceflightinsider

The California space agency SpaceX launched its first space satellite Formosat-5 which will orbit around the earth once every 100th minute. The satellite was built entirely in Taiwan.

This satellite was developed with an aim that forecasts the disaster and environment research. It was designed and operated just for the five years. Its predecessor  Formosat -2 was withdrawn from service this year after a life span of 12 years which has mapped several major disasters of Asia and Africa.

These were some of the important strategic plans executed in 2017 successfully in space.


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