See How a Dirty Dumpster is Converted into a Private Swimming Pool

Stefan Beese from New Orleans converted an old dumpster into a beautiful private swimming pool. See how he did this transformation.

7 years ago
 See How a Dirty Dumpster is Converted into a Private Swimming Pool

Where there is a will there is a way, you all are aware of this saying. But a New Orleans–based architect Stefan Beese implemented and created a pool at his backyard. This architect designed a $3,500 swimming pool from the old dirty dumpster. Don’t believe us? 

This cute swimming pool is created by him for his family to enjoy during summers rather than going out. Do you want to know how did he do this? If yes, then scroll below. 

He Excavated a Few Inches to Level the Location

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He borrowed a dirty dumpster of 22 feet long and 7 feet wide. He excavated 24 inches to level the location. One advantage of creating a  swimming pool from the dumpster is that it doesn’t need much space. 

After digging the swimming pool area and finishing the leveling, he added a thick layer of limestone gravel to protect the dumpster base. 

A Dumpster is Transported to the Site

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He then transported the dumpster to the location. This used dumpster could charge you from $800-$2500. He was lucky that he got a dumpster without any damage. 

He Used Tar Primer on the Exterior of the Dumpster

His team used tar primer on the exterior part of the dumpster. Tar primes worked as a sealant. 

The metal container was then painted with anti-corrosion paint. After this, the dumpster was lined with the foam for insulation. 

A-frame support was created for deck area and dumpster with the help of pine boards. The frame was attached to the dumpster’s vertical area. 

The Pool was Cleaned Like a Regular Pool

Beese and his team added the pump hoses, hardware, and connector for the swimming pool’s saltwater system. The pump allowed the freshwater to get in and to ensure that the oasis stays clean. 

The equipment is not visible and is hidden behind a wooden panel. You wouldn’t even see nuts and bolts in the pool. 

It Cost Him Around $7000

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In this pool, he even designed a seating area and the outdoor shower by getting inspired by Japanese bath designs. The high panel is designed on the left and gives some privacy for the pool and interior deck. This amazing swimming pool costed Beese between $5000-$7000. 

Beese said, 

“I wanted it to be a contemporary modern component in the garden. I liked the concept of how a dumpster could be hidden. I like the idea that people would ask, 'Is that fiberglass? What is that?'”

His son learned to swim in this transformed swimming pool. Tell us- would you mind diving into this dumpster turned swimming pool? 

Final Words

He created this amazing swimming pool because he doesn’t want to go outside and spend money on water parks and beach travel destinations

If you also have a space at home, you could also create a swimming pool like this. The most amazing thing about this pool is it is modular and could be removed easily. I wonder how do people get these amazing ideas?

Did you like his creation? Do you know anyone who created anything like this and shared it on social media? Would you try to make a swimming pool like this? Share your views below. 


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