13 Facts About the Titanic That Would Give You a Peek into the Horrifying Accident

Do you know the most expensive room in Titanic could cost around $100,000 today? Read other facts about the Titanic and reasons why it sank.

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13 Facts About the Titanic That Would Give You a Peek into the Horrifying Accident

Have you ever dreamt of sailing on the Titanic? The movie Titanic is not only a romantic movie but also a true story of an accident that happened in 1912. Titanic, a British luxury passenger liner that sank in 1912 during its maiden voyage, killed about 1500 passengers and ship personnel. It was the most famous tragedy in history and inspired several films and stories. 

RMS Titanic was the largest ship afloat and was also one the second of three Olympics-class ocean liners operated by the White Star line. The ship was built by Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. This ocean liner carried some of the wealthiest people in the world and hundreds of emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland. 

The first class was designed to be the most comfortable and luxurious place with a swimming pool, gym, cabins, and high-class restaurants. A radiotelegraph transmitter was also available for transferring passenger Marconi grams and for the ship’s operational use. It also had safety features like remotely activated watertight doors and watertight compartments. 

People know about this tragedy and how many people died. But they don’t know facts about the Titanic and why it was considered a luxurious place. Let us know the Titanic facts and the facilities offered to the passengers. 

1. It was a place for Luxury

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Titanic had over 50,000 pieces of bone china crockery supplied by Liverpool’s Stonier and Co. It also features two libraries, two barbershops, and a darkroom on board. A heated swimming pool was reserved for first-class passengers. Additionally, there were electric baths and Turkish baths. 

There were two baths for all passengers in third class. The Titanic had its Atlantic Daily Bulletin printed on board, including society gossip and news. A first-class passenger would have to pay £30 for a regular room and £875 for a parlor suite. 

2. The Wealth of Passengers in the First Class Was Around $500 Milion

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You won’t believe that the wealth of passengers in the first-class was around $500 million. On the journey from New York, John Jacob Astor IV and his wife traveled on the Olympic (Titanic’s sister ship). He was the richest on the Titanic on the return journey. He died in the sinking after following the protocol ‘women and children first. 

He was on the ship and returning home from a long honeymoon with his wife. His wife was 18 years old and was 28 years younger than him. They extended the honeymoon to escape society’s gossip. Astor’s body was recovered in the Atlantic ocean after the ship went down. The helpers found $2440 (nearly $60,000 today) in his pocket when he died. 

3. It Was the Largest Liner in the World

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The Titanic was 269 meters long and 28 meters wide. Right from keel to bridge, it was over 360 meters high and over 53 meters to the top of the stacks. Comparing the Symphony of the Seas vs. the Titanic, this ship had double passenger capacity and quintupling its gross tonnage. 

4. The Wreck was Found in the Last 50 Years

Source = Nationalgeographic

Titanic Wreck lies 3500 meters below the surface of the Atlantic. The wreck was not discovered until 1985, at which time it was confirmed that the boat had crashed into two. The Titanic was found through a military operation that surveyed the remains of nuclear submarines. 

Still, several areas of the ship remain unexplored as they were inaccessible to underwater vehicles. Here are other horrifying shipwreck stories ever marked in history. Also, if you ever experience a shipwreck, then here shipwreck survival tips that could help you signal the rescuer team. 

5. It was Responsible for Delivering Mail for British Postal Service

Source = History

You might have seen this in the movie, but the ship had five mail clerks, mailrooms on decks F and G with 3400 sacks of mail. It was reported that the clerks prioritized moving sacks of mail to the upper deck during 2 hours and 40 minutes that the ship took to sink. Did you know this amazing fact about the Titanic before?

6. One of the Ship’s Musicians Was Not Declared Dead Until 2000

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Roger Bricuox was the cello player on Titanic. He was 21 years old when this accident happened. All the musicians died in 1912, but Roger was not declared dead until 2000. The Association Francaise du Titanic worked to declare him dead, but it didn’t succeed till 2000. 

The ship’s band played music for over 2 hours after the Titanic hit the iceberg to calm passengers. But do you know the iceberg was not the only reason for this accident? It was also the fire in the boiler room that caused this accident. 

7. Eight People Died During the Ship’s Construction

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The titanic experienced tragedy right from the beginning, when it was being designed by the workers. Eight men died when the ship was under construction. Unfortunately, only five names are known - William Clarke, James Dobbin, Robert Murphy, John Kelly, and Samuel Scott. 

Also, it was recorded that during construction, 28 severe accidents and over 200 minor accidents were reported. It cost £1.5 million to build the Titanic, and nearly 15 deaths were reported. 

8. Several Newspapers Reported that the Crash Caused No Fatalities

Several newspapers published wrong information about the disaster and gave false hope to the families. The newspaper reported no fatalities, no lives lost, and no danger of loss of life. 

9. The Woman Who Survived Titanic Sink Also Survived the Sink of Another Ship

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Not everyone is lucky in the world to survive a ship sinking. But nurse Violet Jessop survived the sinking of Titanic and Britannic. She was 25 years old when the Titanic hit the iceberg. She took the help of a lifeboat when the ship was going down. 

After surviving this accident, Violet began working on Britannica. Unfortunately, the ship sank, and the nurse escaped again. This time she suffered a serious head injury that affected her for the rest of her life. 

10. A Few Men Dressed Up As Women to Get Space on Lifeboat

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This is one of the most rumored facts about the Titanic. These rumors caused the divorce between one couple. Helen Bishop and Dickinson got divorced in 1916, four years after the accident. 

The wife claimed that her husband was drunk, and their relationship was also about to end because of rumors that he dressed up as a woman to escape the ship. However, he was not the only one to be accused of dressing as a woman. 

11. It Was Too Expensive to Build the Titanic

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Because of the size and equipment the ship would require, it was too expensive to build the Titanic alone. The team also built two sister ships along with the Titanic. The construction of RMS started first, and the ship was launched in 1910. For the next twelve months, the smaller Olympic was the largest liner in the world. 

The Olympic rescued the soldiers from the sinking British battleship in 1914. It was the only one of three to survive more than half a decade. The Britannic went into production after the Titanic disaster in 1916. 

12. It is Controversial Whether Tourists Should Visit the Place or not

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According to the magazine, fewer than 200 people have planned to see the Titanic. However, every time they have planned to visit it: there comes technical difficulties or anything that cancels it. For a whopping amount of $125,000, you can join them. An American firm, which is into an exploration of the underwater world, announced this project. 

In this, they will be taking people to the most popular site Titanic’s Ship Wreck. Also, the participants would be trained as Mission specialists for the undersea mission and expedition of the Titanic. The mission specialists would get the opportunity to be helpful in roles alongside oceanographic scientists. 

13. The Auction Price for the Titanic’s Lunch Menu was $88,000

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It was reported that the final price for the menu exceeded the auction’s house expectations of $18,000. A New York businessman, Abraham Lincoln Salomon, who climbed into the lifeboat, rescued the menu from Titanic. 

Also, the rich occupants of the lifeboat bribed the crew to sail away, even after it was capable of holding more people. Issac Gerald Frauthenthal, another first-class passenger, signed his name on the back of the menu. 

Final Words 

If you ever have dreamt of spending vacation on Titanic, then here is the newly designed Titanic with the latest equipment by Australian Billionaire Clive Palmer

Do you know other facts about the Titanic and other reasons why it is famous till now? If yes, then share the facts below. 


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