11 Things About Fluffy Cow That Internet Did Not Tell You

Fluffy cows are the new viral breed of cows on internet. Their images and videos are popping up all over the internet and people...

3 years ago
11 Things About Fluffy Cow That Internet Did Not Tell You

Fluffy cows are the new viral breed of cows on internet. Their images and videos are popping up all over the internet and people want to know what breed are they exactly. 

Well, this livestock isn’t actually a new breed. They are known breeds but skillfully groomed by specialists who wash, blow dry and style these cows into fluffiness. But the internet has probably not told you all about them. We open these curtains and share some facts about these lovely fluffy cows that are still unknown.

1. What exactly is #fluffycow?

Source = The Atlantic

It’s basically a cow or a bull (may even be a calf) that has been primped and pampered into fluffiness. Most of the times it’s delightful but sometimes it may even turn to be a little terrifying.

2. They are no special breeds

Source= “Phil Lautner”

They do not belong to some different breed of cow cum teddy bear. Thanks to the power of products used on them which makes them look so.

3. How do they get so fluffy?

Source = Lautner Farms

Like other successful beauty routines, they need to be maintained daily. It takes months of daily care and sometimes even more than that. Washing, clipping, blow dry, hair spray and what not. Special products are designed for cattle styling.

4. How did the meme start?

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It started with Lautner Farms in Iowa that regularly participates in stock shows. One of Lautner’s entrants in the fluffed up show was posted on Reddit. It reached out to wider audiences and the #fluffycow meme trended on Twitter.

5. It takes two hours to style them

Source= “Associated Press”

Cow styling is as difficult as human styling; in fact, even more tiresome. It takes around two hours to style them. Special hairsprays are used to keep their fuzz in place and oils to make their coats shine.

6. Countless tools for cattle grooming

Source = Pressherald

There are countless tools used in cattle grooming trade. This includes seven different combs. Shampoos, conditioners and adhesives are used in abundance including special ones for tail. Six different shades of paints, oil dyes, hair builders, hair polish, sunscreen and removal products to get all the stuff off their hair. For removing excess water from the coat, a special squeegee is used. ‘Roto Fluffers’ are used for removing guard hairs. To maintain the constant flow of animal fur, turbo fans are used.

Tony Bruguiere also said

There is even a special neoprene neck wrap that is used in combination with a sweating lotion to make the neck skin tighter on females and give them a more 'feminine' look while bulls are groomed to look 'heavy-boned' and 'masculine'

7. Cattle shows and breed associations have encouraged cattle maintenance

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The intricate beauty routine of fluffy cows is only for seeking the judges’ attention. They conduct an overall evaluation of animals. This not only includes their presentation of hair but also the carcass quality and breeding traits.

8. Ranchers were not happy with #fluffycows stuff

Source = Lautner Farms

The whole scenario actually led to strong debate in cattle raising industry. Fluffy cows brought publicity to the cattle industry but some did not seem interested in the proximity of ‘beef’ and ‘adorable’. Not everyone from the beef industry was happy to gain attention of media.

9. Even they have bad hair days

Source = Lautner Farms

It’s not necessary that all their grooming and styling makes them look good. It can be the opposite sometimes. It may be the reaction of some products that might not suit them or they might need even stronger products to work on their hair.

10. They are good with children


11. And lastly, fluffy cows remind me of something

Source = Highland-rinder

The Emo Cows, a meme from early 2000s.


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