7 Most Mind Disturbing Websites On The Internet

You are probably wrong if, until this point, you wonder that the internet is simply a place that helps you in connecting with your old school friends. Find out some creepiest websites found on the internet…

6 years ago
7 Most Mind Disturbing Websites On The Internet

Have you wondered the internet that helps you in your assignments, and research could be a dark and desolate place? You might not know that apart from being friendly, the internet also stores a lot of horrible content, and not horrible but just plain and oddly creepy. Here is the list of some odd and most disturbing websites that significantly differs from the content that you every day browse on the internet.

1) Plane Crash Info

Source = Newschannel5


The plane crash info is a website that has recordings of the people last moments just before the plane crash. The site has mp3 transactions of the airplane passengers panicking and screaming moments just before the plane crash.

2) Darwine Time

Source = Ranker


Darwine Time is a site that features a creepy combination of the most disturbing images and conspiracy theories. The main page of the website details about the world revolution and showcase the photos of things ranging from Woodstock and Hitler. Do you know the twitter account connected with this site has been suspended?

3) Fifth Nail


It is a blog of a serial killer and a cruel sexual predator who has been raping young people since ages and seems to be an avid blogger. Though the blog is often updated, the murderer and the offender Joseph E.

Duncan III has written these posts from prison and sent them to a random person who uploaded it on the site. So if you wanna get inside the mind of this insane browse this disturbing online blog.

4) Death Date

Source = Deathdate


Well, I think this is the most mind disturbing sites I have ever found on the internet.  The Death Date tells you the date when you will die…like seriously!! I don’t believe this…even I don’t have the guts to open this creepy website. Do you want to know when you will die??? Just enter your DOB, weight, height and other details and submit, the site will calculate your death day.

5) Rate My Poo


Rate my poo is literally more unacceptable than the creepiest website. This website allows people to rate the pictures of your poop. Finally, you poop is helping you out in something. People on the internet rate your poop on how angry or pretty it looks…pretty.Lol. I just wonder who made this site and why?

6) Creepy Pasta

Source = Hubstatic


You must have heard the creepy stories like The Haunted Majora’s Mask Cartridge and The Crimson Mansion. But have you ever thought from these disturbing stories have come? These stories are the invention by Creepy Pasta.

7) The Snuggle Buddies

Source = Gstatic


The Snuggle Buddies is actually not the disturbing site instead it is a helpful site for those who look for the snuggling partner. The site offers a cuddling service for those who are seeking for the partner. Browse this creepy website and pick a woman available, call her at the hotel or where you want to.


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