9 Things You Should Think Twice Before Posting on Social Media

Are you also one of the social media lovers who post everything on their social accounts? If yes, have a look what danger is on your way!

5 years ago
9 Things You Should Think Twice Before Posting on Social Media

In this digital era, most of the people spend their much of the time on social media. People post anything and everything about themselves; their lives and their families on various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other form of social media that exists. No thought is given how it is going to affect their lives. Are you wondering what do we mean by effect? Seriously, while putting their thoughts, activities and life events out on the web, it might create severe problems for themselves.

It is also true that there is no harm from people they know and trust, but what about those individuals that might hack one's way as they are looking for their next victim. Well, this is not it, these posting pitfalls could also endanger your job, your relationships, and your identity.

Are you still thinking how? If yes, then read about it in detail why some things you should always keep private. Here are most particular 9 of them.

1. Memories from a Drunken Night

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There is nothing wrong in having parties, then why you can't post about it? It is because you should never put anything online that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. As reported by Inc.com that a picture of you holding a beer may not be an issue, but repeated photos that show you are intoxicated doesn’t make a great first impression. And when you apply for a new job, this thing alone can kill your chances to get that.

The photos or mentions of illegal drugs and racial slurs is a thing that employers won’t tolerate. Maybe you post them humorously, but others won’t see them that way. And make sure, you could get fired from your current company if they believe that behavior is hurting their reputation. So, be careful!

2. Current Location

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This is no doubt that bragging about where you are and what you’re doing in real time is fun. But think for once, you’re opening up your life to other people and telling them roughly how long you’ll likely be away from home. Just imagine how much it could be risky for you.

Although it’s okay if it’s about a restaurant, as it’s likely an hour or two, yet what about when you are putting details of a night out or long weekend fun. Now, this small piece of information can make a perfect opportunity for potential burglars as they then know how much time they have to go into your home and collect all of your valuables and most importantly to make a clean getaway.

Well, do not worry much, here is a solution if you want to let your friends and family know how much fun you’ve had at a certain event or location, post that information after the fact. Yes, you can rub your new adventure in everyone else’s face as much as you want but once you’re home safe and sound and your house is not alone for the night. So, now it is too late for anyone to make your home their jackpot and you are happy plus safe.

Amazing, right?

3. Off-Color Jokes

As one saying goes,

“One person funny is another person’s offensive.”

Well, it goes perfectly here. So, be sensitive to your readers when you post on social media. Try not to make jokes that are too adult, and certainly don’t post anything that could be construed as misogynistic or bigoted.

Also, you can apply the grandmother test to save yourself from these types of mess. Before posting any joke, try asking, is this a joke you would share with your grandma (or anyone else’s)? If not, don’t put it on display. Simple!

4. Your Kid’s School Information

Source = Cbc

Frankly, for most of the people, this one will be tough. That’s because whenever your child does something great at school, you want to brag about it or want to boast and celebrate their victories, being a proud parent. And you feel great when you share with the world that this great human being is you call your son or daughter.

But think once, the more information you reveal about your little ones, the more you are putting them at risk from predators. There is no doubt that many sick people are waiting out to find out ways to get information about the children they want to victimize. And, that way, anyone can locate your kid easily, and when they do, they can befriend them because they already know all about their hobbies, interests, and activities.

In all, be careful what you post about your child and try to keep it as unclear as possible. The less you display the information you put out there, the better. And, if it is important to share any photos, email it instead. That’s because that way you can keep track that who is seeing them and you have a better chance of protecting your children.

5. Pictures of Your Credit Cards

Source = Hermoney

I agree it seems obvious, but it does happen. The Internet is full of pictures with captions,

“I got my first credit card today!”

So, if you also have such kind of desires, you should know that anyone who has your credit card number and the expiration date can use your card. They can order pretty much anything that too on your dime. Be alert!

6. Birth Certificate

Source = Mapministry

Well, if you are posting your Identity documents on the social screen, it is equivalent to losing it. It has been seen people putting the snapshot of the birth certificate of their new baby as a heart-warming announcement about a major life change, but beware that this step can put your little one at risk for identity theft.

Even according to one report of the Identity Theft Resource Center, providing this government document to the hands of a stranger could do permanent damage. But how? So here is the answer, a birth certificate is considered the “bedrock identifying document” and can get you a new passport, social security card, and driver’s license. So, make sure that fraud is not far as someone has control of it.

7. Bank Information

Source = Wikimedia

As we have already told you about the mess occurring after posting pictures of credit cards on social media but what about a bank balance to show that you just got a big raise?

But it is not at all a good idea. Any piece of information can help hackers track your identity and start to access your accounts. So, try not to give them any help. And, not only offline but keep your finances to yourself, online as well.

8. Political Cartoons

Source = Townhall

No wonder that nowadays even political posts and cartoons are so much viral on social media. But have you ever thought that hitting the “share” button on a cartoon could cost you your job? Oh, yes! People working in the private sector can — and do — get fired for political posts.

Once, a lawyer with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Lee Tien told the New York Times,

“You don’t have the right to speak freely in the workplace.”

Although, many states have also enacted the law that unless that political activity interferes with the functioning of the workplace, it is illegal for employers to discriminate based on political beliefs. Plus, posts about politics inevitably lead to long-winded arguments which may make you lose friends (online and offline). Hence, it is risky in many ways. Isn’t it?

9. Snap with a Weapon

Source = Usacarry

Sounds cool, right? But make sure that you never know who is watching and what impression it is creating. Sometimes it matters!

Take Home Thoughts

Hence, we need to slow down a little bit in this fast digital era and should think twice before posting anything on the social media. And, especially for these nine things, one must be careful and alert! Hope you got the point!

Be Careful, Be Safe!


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