10 Baby Birth Facts Every Mom Should Know

The way to parenthood has many interesting and shocking twist and turns. Being pregnant makes you feel special, but there are certain things you don’t know about childbirth.

6 years ago
10 Baby Birth Facts Every Mom Should Know

No wonder the incredible journey of pregnancy holds a special place for everyone. The pregnancy period comes with many surprises. Not everyone gets the chance of being called out as proud parents, and not everyone here is aware of the facts related to baby birth. Do you know once you are four months pregnant, the baby inside begins to pee inside? Check out more amazing baby birth facts.

1. In Ancient Times, Women Gave Birth On Bricks

Source = Vroma

During the earlier times, women were accompanied by other 2-3 women to stand on bricks placed underneath their feet. The stones were often called as ‘birthing bricks’ and helped the women to give an extra space to catch the baby. (11.1)

2. Every Woman Body Reacts Different During Labor Pain

You might not have experienced or known but many women face nausea and vomiting issues during the birth process. Others may experience flatulence or infection during this process.

3. Fingerprints In The Womb

Source = Studiod

Just like everyone has different fingerprints, babies also have unique fingerprints, but do you know the baby has all fingerprints by 8-12 weeks in the womb? Yes, you read it right; fingerprints in the baby are created just within 8-12 weeks in the womb. (11.2)

4. It’s Not Completely Over After The Birth

Another lesser known fact about baby birth is that the birth process continues ever after successful delivery. After giving birth woman continues to deliver the placenta if it’s normal delivery. She continues to have some contractions and the assistance in the room rubs her stomach and pushes a few times to expel the entire placenta. (11.3)

5. Woman Drink Alcohol During Labor

Source = Yale

Sounds weird? Right? Earlier alcohol was consumed in larger quantity than water and thus the baby birth hurts. Although, you also can’t deny that alcohol takes away your pain.

6. Baby Starts Learning Inside The Womb

Source = Livestrongcdn

While that you keep saving for teaching ABCD and 1234 to your child, research says that baby starts hearing and reacting to the sounds after 22-23 weeks of pregnancy. Though, the baby won’t say a word he/she is learning your language from the beginning.

7. 8 Out Of 10 Women Notices A Change in Skin Tone

Source = Mdpcdn

If you are also experiencing dark or glowing shades of your skin during pregnancy don’t panic. According to studies, 8 out of 10 women experience a drastic change in skin tone during their pregnancy period. After a while, you may notice the same color tone regained in the same way before you become pregnant.

8. Increase In Blood Volume

Source = Blogspot

Increased blood volume is another surprising fact about baby birth. Pregnant women heart grows during the months; it pumps more blood for the baby inside.

9. Babies Do Cry In The Womb

Source = Purch

Yes, babies do cry in the womb. But why don’t you hear their voice? Because of the fluid inside your body, you can’t hear their voice. Still, it sounds sad…

10. Ultrasound May Surprise You in Many Ways

Source = Thecfpo

It is noted that babies do many things inside a womb. They have been documented licking thumbs, folding hands, waving hello etc. You never know what your baby is doing until you get the ultrasound done.


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