This Man Recycles Old Tires & Creates Comfy Beds for Stray Animals

Even if our efforts are too small, they can still bring change. And, this has been proved by Brazilian young man who has already dedicated one year and six months, giving comfort and joy to animals by using unused & old tires.

5 years ago
This Man Recycles Old Tires & Creates Comfy Beds for Stray Animals

No wonder, humanity or good deeds are the gestures that brighten up our day with a single glance on them.

One popular Musical artist, Jana Stanfield, says,

“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.”

And, one Brazilian young man executed this for real. Yes, we are here talking about the Brazilian craftsman, Amarildo Silva who chose to undertake the problem of littering differently. He not only reduced the amount of old discarded tires in the streets but also recycled them into unique and colorful animal beds.

He is helping the planet by reducing waste and recycling old tires to create beautiful and comfortable warm beds for stray animals to reside in since two years now. Well, there is no plan on stopping it anytime soon.

When it All Started?

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Not much time has passed, but it all started about two years ago when Silva was looking for an earning source to gain some extra income off all the trash the people were throwing into the streets in his area. There he realized in at the very young age that how much he enjoyed making handcrafted things with materials people were no longer using and would be discarded otherwise.

Then he decided to move further in the same direction and quickly determined that one can create something new out of anything that would be no longer in use. Also, he thought that this idea of him could help to contribute to the well-being of his neighborhood as well as make a few extra dollars.

No wonder this one quote by Stephen Hawking suggests the same.

“We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things.”

Similarly, his nobility is not limited to thoughts, but it also gets reflected in his deeds. Moreover, he says that he wants Brazil to be with less violence and more work. He desires that people should hold a tool instead of a weapon in their hands and get their life fixed which will surely further enhance the reality of Brazil.

Well, there is no doubt that we all can make a difference in this world, even if our efforts are too small to bring that change but truly every little effort counts.

How He Got the Idea?

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There is no doubt that old tires were already being used as a refuge for dogs that lived on the streets so he realized that the old tires that were thrown out could be used.

And, this gave birth to the idea that he can make pets to feel more at home and have a more comfortable place to lay their heads.

Hence, the artist Amarildo started to collect old car tires from the streets or anywhere, took them to his home and put all of it in his backyard. He devoted one whole room in his place to store the tires.

The Last Step

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At last, after separating all the tires, he cuts them in any appropriate shape, washes them and paints them either with the design or simply colorful. He also sometimes draws some unique designs for each tire. Moreover, he writes the name of each animal on the tire bed to whom it will belong to enhance its look.

Moreover, he posts stories on his social media with a motivational message, saying,

“Do not wait for the future to be happy, make the gift your joy.”

Have a Look at Some of His Masterpieces

Source = 4tololo

Source = 4tololo

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Source = Insight

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Containers for Plants

Source = Tumblr, Cdninstagram

Not only beds but the artist also added flowerpots and recycling containers to his portfolio of creations.

Even A Sofa

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He also makes a sofa out of waste tires which can enhance the beauty of your gardens.

And Some Garbage Cans

Source = Cdninstagram

A Christmas Tree Made of Tires

Source = Cdninstagram

Thoughts to Remember

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As the best thing, the artist was able to combine two things he loves to do: reuse forgotten unused items plus help animals. Moreover, he hopes that this project will contribute to a more sustainable world, and schemes to present more innovative ideas for generating a socio-environmental impact in the future also.

Well, what are your thoughts on this artist’s amazing Idea? Do let us know through the comment section. Also, if you like our article, do share it with your friends!

A good deed is never lost!


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