6 Amazing & Unique DIYs to Make a Toy Cycle for Your Kids at Home

Here’s an easy DIY guide to making a toy cycle for your kids. Do this activity at home and surprise them with your creativity.

7 years ago
6 Amazing & Unique DIYs to Make a Toy Cycle for Your Kids at Home

Do you find DIY activities interesting? How many things have you tried making at home? Be it doing science experiments at home or cooking, everything you do for kids is always exciting. We may never realize it, but these activities teach us a lot. Some activities inspire us to make the environment clean; others reduce stress and sharpen your mind.

DIY activities have become popular nowadays. You can find several DIY activities on the internet with steps and the materials required. Also, people look for budget-friendly ideas that can save the expense of hiring professionals.

So, if you have kids, then this DIY Guide to create a Toy cycle is an amazing activity that you could do at home. This is cheap plus less time-consuming. So, are you ready to make a toy cycle for your kids?

Here we go!

1. Toy Cycle from Waste Materials at Home

Things Required to Make Toy Cycle

  • Old CDs 
  • Straw
  • Rubber
  • Glue
  • Brushes
  • Scissors
  • Washer 
  • Buttons
  • Ice Cream Stick
  • Plastic Up Colors

Do you know you can make wall clock, Desk CD lamp, and amazing art pieces from CD? If you have old CDs, do not throw them, instead use CDs to make your home look beautiful.

Watch the Video Below and Make Toy Cycle in Simple Steps

Source: "Easy Make Everything"

2. Toy Cycle from Copper Wires

You can also make a toy cycle through copper wires. Watch the below video on how to make a cycle at home through copper wires.

Source: "Show Maker"

3. Toy Cycle from Popsicle Sticks

If you think making a toy cycle from the copper wire is a bit difficult, then create a toy cycle from the popsicle sticks. Here’s how you can make a cycle from ice cream sticks.

Make sure that you stay with kids while they are doing this activity and help them whenever needed.

Source: Buba Mini Hobby

4. Toy Cycle from Clay

Kids love playing with clay. They make a house, animals, and several different shapes from clay. This time give them clay and make them learn how to create a cycle out of it.

Source: "clayitnow"

5. Toy Cycle from Bamboo Sticks

Have you ever imagined of making a cycle from bamboo sticks? Creating a cycle from bamboo sticks is easy and fun. Look at the video below on how you can make a cycle at home.

Source: "Tech Toyz"

6. Toy Cyle from Newspaper

What do you do with old newspapers? Nothing, you trash them. But you can make several beautiful things out of old newspapers. Search on the internet, and you will find tutorials on how to make paper flowers, newspaper ghosts, wall art, gift bag, and more.

Additionally, you can also decorate your home with paper art. Take ideas from these beautiful paper arts that are made out of a single sheet and try at home.

Check the video below and make a toy cycle from the newspaper.

Source: "Monachristy Crafts"

So think out of the box, and start making something useful from the materials that you don’t use now. You never know when these DIY activities become your hobby. We are sure these DIY activities would keep your kids engaged for hours.

Final Words

Have you ever tried any DIY activity with your kids? What was it? If you don’t find this DIY to create a toy cycle as interesting, then you must try this DIY butterfly for kids. These butterflies inspire kids to get creative and also to make the environment clean.

Do you know other DIY activities that you can do at home with your kids? If yes, then share it with us below.


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