27 Most Epic Sand Castles Ever Built

For some people, building sandcastles is a fun activity done just to chill out on the beach. While for some people, it is an a...

7 years ago
27 Most Epic Sand Castles Ever Built

For some people, building sandcastles is a fun activity done just to chill out on the beach. While for some people, it is an art that is learned through years and years of practice. And these are the sand artists and sculptors who master the art of building marvelous sandcastles. It’s obviously not possible to make them last forever due to natural tides and of course, from the mischievous kids. But yes, they surely can be made immortal by capturing them on camera. 

So here we’re sharing the 27 best sandcastles ever built that are nothing less than epic in design, concept, and most importantly, the craft.

27. Aha! A Harry Potter-themed sandcastle

Source = Thedailybeast

This magnificent sandcastle in the pattern of Harry Potter characters was built by a sand sculpture artist during the Changsha International Sand Sculpture Art Festival held in China in 2011.

26. World's Tallest Sand Castle! This one’s Guinness World Record Holder

Source = Dailymail

Turkish Airlines marked its inaugural service from Miami to Istanbul by building this sand castle at Virginia Key Beach, Miami, Florida, USA, on 27 October 2015. Ted Siebert of the Sand Sculpture Company led a team of 19 sculptors and created the Guinness world record for building the world’s tallest sandcastle. This 45 ft 10.25 inches tall sandcastle was built using more than 1800 tons of sand and took two weeks to complete.

25. A sandcastle portraying the Boston Red Sox baseball team’s performance

Justin Gordon and his teammate built this 9 ft tall with 7 ft wide base sandcastle at the World Championship Sand Sculpting Competition at Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia in 1992. The sculpture depicts a wizard refusing the Boston Red Sox hat being offered by a kid since the baseball team wasn’t performing well that year.

24. Thank god, this isn’t for real!

This impressive sandcastle was built at Virginia Beach by a sand artist in the ‘End of Summer Sandcastle’ competition.

23. An intricately designed sand castle

Source = Thedailybeast

This sand castle was built at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro on April 9, 2010.

22. A beautiful dome-shaped sandcastle

Source = Segmation

21. An opulent sandcastle surrounded by lush greenery

Source = Escapehere

20. A dreamy sand castle this!

Source = Sultansofsand

This glorious sand castle was crafted by American sand sculptor Rich Varano will take you into a whole new world of fantasy.

19. And this sandcastle seems to be representing a historical tale

Source = Popularmechanics

18. A sandcastle guarded by a giant dragon-like creature

Source = Thechive

17. A colorful sandcastle is a treat to the eye!

Source = Superedo

16. This sandcastle looks like a manifestation of holy pilgrimage

Source = Deviantart

15. Such a perfectly built sandcastle this!

Source = Ussandsculpting

This sandcastle with a zigzag passageway was built on the Imperial Beach San Diego sand castle competition.

14. Magically Illuminated Sand Castle

Source = Sandcastlelbi

The swirling pointed tops and candle-lit entry passages definitely add a flare to this sand castle!

13. Sandcastle with conical tops + flaring flames of the torchlights = Radiantly Beautiful sandcastle

Source = Boracaysandcastles

Sand castle with conical tops + flaring flames of the torchlights = Radiantly Beautiful sand castle

Torchlights took this sand castle to another level! Didn’t they?

12. The Taj Mahal Sand Castle

Source = Altmedsales

The iconic structure ‘Taj Mahal’ gets molded into a sand castle by a sand artist. 

11. A sand artist has build paradise on the beach! This is it!

Source = Sandsculptingevents

10. Ever heard of drip castle? This is what it looks like.

Source = Newsfeed

9. Wow! A snow-like white sandcastle

Source = Sandscapes

The smoothly and finely built arches are the main attraction of this one!

8. Another vividly colorful sandcastle!

Source = Crafthubs

7. Is that a Princess’ Palace made of sand?

Source = Chaostrophic

All that glitters may not be gold, but could be a golden sandcastle! This golden sandcastle was seen at Treasure Cay Beach, Marina near the Bahamas.

6. This could be a tribute to 1968 English Rock Band Led Zeppelin

Source = Aplus

5. Gosh! This Sandcastle in Barcelona looks historical!

Source = Wowamazing

4. House of the elites

Source = Restnova

The red eaves are making this multi-storey sand castle look so stunning!

3. The Sand Castle of Winnie - The Pooh & his pals Piglet & Tigger

Source = Distractify

2. A legendary sandcastle telling the legend of a warrior

Source = Icode

1. A sandcastle built on the best swimming and snorkeling beach on the US Virgin Island of St. Croix

Source = Bigstockphoto

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