25 Brilliant Gift Ideas For Travel Enthusiasts

Travel introduces you to new horizons, a world of opportunities, diverse cultures, and different food tastes. Travel helps you un...

7 years ago
25 Brilliant Gift Ideas For Travel Enthusiasts

Travel introduces you to new horizons, a world of opportunities, diverse cultures, and different food tastes. Travel helps you unwind in a way like no other!

Whether it is holiday time or you’ve just decided to break free from your monotonous routine, you’ll feel the need to purchase products that will enrich your travel experience.

And if some wanderlust friend of yours is backpacking to set off on a new adventure, you can simplify his travel experience by buying him a gift from the list given here.

1) Space-saving toiletry case

Source = Keep
A space-saving Toiletry bag is a great travel case that has a number of pockets and sections along with a hook for hanging. It is convenient, improves organization, and reduces baggage.

2) DIY Coffee Pods

Source = Listinspired

This is a great DIY gift idea that lets you enjoy a cup of coffee no matter where they are. These homemade coffee pods are packed in a plastic zip-top bag and are easy to carry.

3) Travel Stub Diary

Source = Eat Sleep Love Travel

The travel stub diary allows you to store your traveling memorabilia at low-cost. You can keep all of your brochures, postcards, ticket stubs, maps and pictures at one place. You can also write down the small details of your adventures along the margin space.

4) Scratch Map

Source = Aliexpress

A Scratch map is a scratch-off-where-you've-been map that is useful for those who plan to travel many countries in one go. It is a colorful and creative way to chart the memories and globe-trotting fun.

5) Personalized luggage tag

Source = Etsy

A personalized luggage tag is a great way to avoid the chances of you picking someone else’s luggage and vice-versa. You can create a personalized tag with your favorite Instagram pictures or your favorite sports team.

6) Slipper socks

Slipper socks can give you a cozy, casual look and a sense of comfort when free walking around the airport or the hotel.

7) Mini steam iron

Source = Best Rated Steam Irons

The Mini Steam Iron is small and portable option to iron the crease of your clothes and will keep them looking neat as you travel the world.

8) Digital Luggage scale

Source = Cabinmax

Carrying overweight luggage can cost you extra bucks. You should use a digital luggage scale to avoid getting caught at the airport ever again. 

9) Hoodie pillow

Source = Hoodiepillow

With a hoodie pillow, you can get the feel-at-home comfort and privacy in any airplane seat.

10) Cashmere wrap blanket

Source = Aliexpress

A cashmere wrap blanket will keep you warm so that your next plane ride will feel far less terrible.

11) Translation references

Source = Mydomaine

A quick translation reference can be a really useful gift when your friend has plans of traveling to a new country where people don’t speak your language. You’ll save yourself from all the headache; from knowing how to greet someone to what you’re going to get once you’ve ordered your food.

12) Binoculars

Source = Newsliner

Binoculars is a useful gift item for hiking, sightseeing, or camping. You can enjoy scenic beauty, bird-watching without any worries about adjusting the focus.

13) Vintage Passport holder

A passport holder made of leather can be a perfect gift idea that will not only for protection but will also render a stylish and beautiful vintage look.

14) Adventure multi-tool

Source = Knifecenter

An adventure multi-tool has all the basic necessary tools for carrying out outdoor fun activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and the likes. This makes for a very practical and easy-to-use gift for a nature lover.

15) Packing cubes

Source = Travelbagquest

A set of packing cubes will make sure that everything remains well-organized in their suitcase. Especially for over packers, these water resistant bags are a great help in separating, organizing, and storing all the items within the regular suitcase. It will thus prevent their clothes from crushing. In addition to that, it comes with a laundry bag so that clean and dirty clothes do not get mixed up.

16) Travel Beauty kit

Source = Stevegrindley

A lovely gift for a lady, this small cosmetic bag can help her conquer jet lag like a boss.  It includes all the necessary products for body and hair care. They are harmless as they are organic and chemical-free. 

17) Minimalist water bottle

Source = Aliexpress

This flat-shaped water bottle easily fits into any work tote or bag. With this, you can stay hydrated no matter by which transport mode you’re traveling.

18) Selfie stick

Source = Dhgate

A selfie stick could be the best gift for someone who is a selfie lover and loves taking selfies in beautiful background. You don’t even need to ask a stranger to click your picture as you can do it yourself.

19) Sleep mask

Source = Sleep Aids That Work

The sleep mask can help block out light, relax your tired eyes and help you fall asleep faster during the journey.

20) Water-resistant Tote

Source = North St. Bags

A water-resistant tote that is built with a special mesh lining will allow sand to pass through and fall out, never letting it stay stuck inside.

21) Travel mug

Source = Zazzle

A travel mug made of stainless will keep the drinks or beverages at the right temperatures (hot or cold) for hours, be it water or coffee or tea during the travel.

22) Travel towels

Source = Classics-hotel-paris-tour-eiffel

Travel towels can be a very handy gift. They are best to be used for traveling as they are lightweight, compact in size, and super-absorbent and fast drying in nature.

23) Travel case for smart electronics and accessories

Source = Ebay

Keeping all the small electronics and accessories like mp3 player, small digital camera, ear plug can be made much more organized with this travel case. This would avoid any mess and time taken for searching stuff in different baggage.

24) External Battery Charger

Source = Walmart

A comfort-loving traveler, who is glued to a smartphone or tablet much of the time, will need to recharge the battery every now and then during the journey. An external battery charger can be a truly useful gift in such a case.

25) Minipresso machine

Source = Coffeecentury

Minipresso machine is a totally hand-operated machine one can use to prepare hot tea or coffee anytime during the travel. It has small compact design and comes as a handy option for the gift.


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