20 Yum-Looking Embroidered Pieces by a Japanese Artist That Look Like Real Food

After seeing these realistic embroidery designs by Ipnot (a Japanese artist), you won’t believe it that these foods are made from needle and thread.

4 years ago
20 Yum-Looking Embroidered Pieces by a Japanese Artist That Look Like Real Food

Creativity can’t be defined in words. You can’t tell anyone how creative he/she is unless you see a few creative pieces designed by them. Creativity is not something that can be learned through online classes or by reading books; it is in-built and can’t be defined. A few of the artists like Akie Nakata show that beauty is in everything you see, it is all about perception that matters. She takes natural stones and paints them in a way they look like real animals

Another person that recently came into limelight due to her incredible work is Ipnot. She is a Japanese artist and gained attention when her realistic embroidery designs went viral on the internet. If you look at her embroidery designs, then you would find it challenging to identify which one is real or designed. She is a self-taught artist and uses a french knot to create the details of the embroideries. 

She designs masterpieces with her amazing yarn collection. Right from strawberries to pizza and cookies to burgers, her exceptional embroidery pieces make your mouth water. Since her childhood, she used to see her grandma creating beautiful designs from embroidery. This inspired her a lot, and she decided to pursue her dream into this business. 

She said, 

“When I was young, I was looking at my grandma’s creations through embroidery and that inspired me a lot to pursue my dream into this business. That’s why I decided to start my own embroidery business, which is my passion and the love of my life.” 

She uses french knot style and creates sweet and savory treats that look delicious to eat. On her website, she has shared her story about how she got inspired and started practicing embroidering. She says, 

“I discovered myself that the french knot stitch can be done by wrapping thread around the needle. I find this type of stitching to be a lot of fun to do and it is my favourite type of stitch. I have chosen the french knot stitch to represent my style, choosing a thread of my own preference from 500 different-coloured embroidery options. as in the art of stipple painting, I use my needle like a paintbrush and I stitch one knot at a time.”

Let’s check out her amazing embroidering pieces. Do not blame anyone, if after seeing her embroidering pieces, your mouth starts watering. Here we go!

1. Mouth-Watering Pizza Slice

I can’t believe this is embroidered pizza. This looks so real. 

2. An Embroidered Tomato Kept With the Real Ones

Wow! This is so amazing. 

3. For All the Coca-Cola Lovers

She is so talented! I wonder how she comes up with these ideas. 

4. This Tiny Burger Looks So Cute

I want to eat this!

5. Ice Cream Sandwich

It is very hot today, where would I  get ice cream? Sorry, you can’t have this embroidered one. 

6. No Way! How She Does This?

I can’t even make a simple embroidered flower!

7. Bunch of Chocolates for all Chocolate Lovers

My eyes still can’t believe these are embroidered chocolates. 

8. Look at the Lemon Seeds

She focused on every minute detail. 

9. Flexible Oreo Cookie

Speechless! I have no words to express her creativity.

10. This Pie Looks Delicious

Her crafts are insanely perfect. 

11. Adorable it is!

Have you ever seen a cute watermelon like this?

12. I Need Pistachios

I wish I could eat these adorable pistachios.

13. Is This a Donut?

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I love her color choices. 

14. Which is Which?

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???????????? #embroidery #cookies#??#????

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I bet! You would look at this picture twice.

15. Caramel Corn

So close!

16. Apple or Peeled Apple?


17. A Bowl of Rice

Would you try this? It looks like a cotton ball. 

18. Lovely Chupa Chups

I found this adorable. 

19. Is This a Green Tea?

She tricked me!

20. Coffee Beans


Final Words

Like Ipnot, a Russian artist Vera Shimunia also crafts embroidered paintings. She creates beautiful, embroidered pieces that look like a painting. When it comes to creativity, a single sheet of paper can be used to create mesmerizing masterpieces. 

Her creativity is not limited to food. Check her Instagram, and you would know what creativity is. She has also embroidered animals, human faces, and social media logos. 

Have you ever seen creativity like this? If so, then don’t forget to mention the name of the artist. 


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