20 Phenomenally Painted Palm-Sized Stone Animals That Look Life-Like But Are Not

This Japanese artist transforms stones into animals that you would want to keep forever. She creates owl, pigeon, peacock, and other animals from the pebbles.

4 years ago
20 Phenomenally Painted Palm-Sized Stone Animals That Look Life-Like But Are Not

Have you ever been amazed by the natural shapes of stones that you see around? While some of them resemble animals, others look like characters. But have you ever thought of using these stones to make something creative? No? 

All you need is creativity and eyes to see the beauty in everything. Undoubtedly, animals are the cutest creatures on the planet. While some are aggressive, others are cute and could be kept as a pet. But seeing stone animals is something rare. 

A Japanese artist Akie Nakata is an amazing example of this. She takes stones, and with her creativity, paints them. She transforms these stones into tiny animals that could fit in the palm. She is a self-taught artist. Right from childhood, she used to collect stones. Once in 2011, she observed a pebble that resembled a rabbit. Since then, she started stone painting. 

She has attracted people through her creativity and unique perspective. Every time she walks along the riverside, she looks for the unique stone that could tell a story. She uses acrylic paint to create tiny animals that look alive. 

You would be in awe of her work after seeing these tiny animals!

1. Fluffy Cat

She looks cute. Can you believe it, this cute cat is drawn on a stone?

2. Amazing! A Tiger Painted on Natural Shaped Solid Stone

This tiger does not look dangerous.

3. Cute Little Dwarf Hamster

It looks like this cute dwarf is staring at you. She made this tiny animal for a Japanese department store.

4. Yamame (a kind of tout)

This is incredible. Can we drop this stone fish into the water? I wonder how she finds these naturally shaped stones.

5. Group of Baby Owls

Unbelievable! Look how beautifully and impressively she used the colors to paint this stone. I wish I could take these baby owls home.

6. Frog Sitting on a Pebble

It looks like a frog has found its favorite pebble to sit on.

7. Peacock on a Tiny Stone

I can’t believe that she has painted a peacock on a stone. Have you ever imagined seeing a peacock (huge animal) drawn on a tiny stone?

8. Cute Pup

It looks like the dog is waiting for someone. She made this tiny pup for a gallery exhibition in Japan.

9. You Have to Look Twice to Understand This Picture

Incredibly awesome! This picture shows an unconditional bond between Mother and baby giraffe.

10. Snow Monkey and Baby

She designed Macaque (Japanese monkey) for a gallery exhibition in Japan. I found this mother-baby duo very adorable. 

11. Rock Dove

This is fantastic. I appreciate how she finds beauty in an ordinary stone.

12. Mom and Baby Gorilla

She is incredibly talented. I wish I could buy this stone. 

13. Palm-Sized Shark

She nailed it in this design. 

You could also hold this shark in your hand. She is not at all dangerous. 

14. Palm-Sized Owl

Have you ever seen this sized owl? Ain’t this owl cute?

15. Rat

Look at this tiny rat staring at you.

16. Cute Cat Waiting for Milk

The emotions of the cat are visible. She showcased this cat in her solo exhibition. 

17. Slow Loris (Primate)

This bizarre animal was beautifully painted on naturally shaped stone.

18. Tiny Pug

Pug is an ancient breed that has a short-muzzled face and a cute curled tail. This is the most beautiful pug creation you would ever see. 

19. Baby and Mom Sheep

Don’t disturb them! This adorable pair is enjoying nap time. 

20. Fluffy Cat

I find this cat cute.

Final Words

Akie Natara has a beautiful perspective for everything she sees. Her painting is so real that you would have to touch the stones to understand that the animals are not real. You could see more of her works on her Instagram page. She is currently followed by 106k people from around the world. If you are an animal lover, then you would have surely loved these artistic pieces by Akie. 

One Japanese artist, Mori Kono, creates incredible animals from wood logs. Wooden logs are no longer used only for construction, but they are also used for creating artistic pieces (It seems that Japan is full of talented people). 

Another artist, Matt Wilson from Australia, creates beautiful animals from silverware. He recycles silverware and transforms it into amazing sculptures. 

Have you ever seen an artist like her? Do you know other things that you could do with these natural stones? If so, then don’t forget to share your ideas below.


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