15 Life-Like Animal Sculptures Made of Logs that Prove Creativity isn't Lost

If you are an animal and a nature lover, then you can’t miss seeing these incredible arts by Mori Kono, who designed animals from wood logs.

4 years ago
15 Life-Like Animal Sculptures Made of Logs that Prove Creativity isn't Lost

Gone are those days when an artist needed a pen, a few colors, and a board to draw his/her art. Today, people have become so creative that they even make insane paper arts from a single sheet. No doubt, artists fill colors into dull and boring things.

Who would have thought that wooden logs can become an important piece for artists to create animal sculptures out of them? Most of us think wooden logs can only be used for construction, making tools and furniture, wooden tables for home, and other applications.

But Mori Kono, a Japanese wood sculptor, transformed wooden logs into figures of animals. You can check all his creations on his website. Right from carved doors to wood carving restoration, his team creates gifts according to customer’s requests.

Born in 1967 in Japan, he moved to Canada in 1997 where he currently resides. To remind you of weird and usual inhabitants existing on earth, this wood artist turned fallen wood logs into forest animals.

How Does He Create Impressively Detailed Woodland Animal Sculptures?

Mori Kono and his team use yellow and red cedar, birch wood and alder to create sculptures. The animals he designs often look like they jumped out of the forest. Some hang from wooden logs, and others are crawling on trees. These stunning creatures capture the nature of each animal.

They use a small chisel for carving fur and feathers and other necessary tools to bring the pieces to life. Mori Kono says -

“Our main mission is to bring out, or back, the wondrousness of nature to this busy modern world. All living things in this world exist and accept every rule of mother nature… living in balance. If our completed works of art are able to contribute to society – to have a deeper feeling and respect towards nature and the wild more often, then that is our greatest dream!”

Let’s see what he has designed out of the wooden logs.

1. Are They Playing Peek-a-Boo?

Hey! I found you.

I can’t believe these creatures are of wood. It seems they are real and playing in the forest.

2. I Can’t Believe These Squirrels are Not Real

WOW! That’s amazing.

Source = Mymodernmet

It is tough to design such perfect creatures.

3. Hey! That’s Mine

It seems that this squirrel is preparing for the winter season and collecting peanuts.

4. This is our Happy Space

Can I enter into your happy space?

It’s no harm taking permission from them for entering into their home.

Source = Pinimg

See how his team created this art piece.

5. This is How Mori Koni Designed an Eagle

How much time did he take to create this piece? I don’t know, maybe 1-2 hours.

I have never seen an Eagle family.

6. Don’t I Look Amazing?

Source = Mymodernmet

See both pictures, and you will know how the final piece is created.

7. I Have Never Seen So Cute Rabbits

No doubt, rabbits look cute in white, but this wooden piece is also stunning.

Rabbits carved from pencil also look good.

8. OMG! That’s Dangerous

Does this Piranha bite? Of course No. But it looks like.

9. These Raccoons Look Adorable Together

We are waiting for our mommy to be home.

10. Rabbit With Blueberries

Source = Pinimg

I didn’t know rabbits love eating blueberries.

11. Let Me Relax for a While

It seems that a bear is tired after hunting for prey.

12. Show Me What You are Looking At

Wow! That looks delicious. I guess there are fish and berries which raccoons love eating the most.

13. This is How Wood is Transformed into Bear

This wooden piece of bear might change your opinion about the artists’ hard work (in case, if you think their work is easy).

14. Hey! Where’s My Treat?

It’s on the top.

15. These Dragon Tap Handles are the Highlight of his Creation

Mori and his team created the dragon tap handles for Odin Brewery in Seattle.

If you find these sculptors interesting and want to know how Mori and his team create these incredible arts, visit Canada (where she lives) where they offer wood carvings and sculpting services. It is located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada and is running since 2005.

Mori Kono has over 18 years of experience in the field and has been recognized as a wildlife sculptor by Log Home industries, Contractors, Galleries. Check his Instagram account for more of his art pieces.

Final Words

What are your thoughts on these incredible art pieces? I found them STUNNING. I sometimes wonder from where do they get ideas of creating such awesome pieces?

Apart from these incredible art pieces, we also have some awe-inspiring sculptures that are not so popular but are a landmark of the cities in which they are located.

Next time, if you see fallen wooden piece, would you create any design out of it inspired by this man who created a jungle out of wood.

Do you know anyone who creates arts from wooden logs or unusual materials? If so, drop your comments below.


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