Top 10 Popular Superstitions That Are A Proof Of Social Blindness In India

Here are top 10 superstitions that are popular in India and followed with utmost sincerity and diligence having their roots in religion and faith.

6 years ago
Top 10 Popular Superstitions That Are A Proof Of Social Blindness In India

India is the land of traditions and a hub for rich and colorful cultures followed throughout the country based on different ideologies finding their roots in religion and ancient scriptures. Along with numerous religious practices, India is also a dwelling for superstitions and blind faiths that do not have any logic.

However, we do not find any direct connection of these superstitions with religion but they are mostly influenced by religious factors. And they have overpowered the Indian traditions and cultures and have become a part of daily chores or rituals practiced on a regular basis. These superstitions have been so deep-rooted in the Indian belief system that they have become an inevitable part of people’s lives and are followed even by the liberal sect of the Indian society.

Moving forward with the post, now let us take a look at the most intriguing and popular superstitions in India.

1. Poor Black Cat

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In India, it is strongly believed that if a black cat crosses your path, it brings bad luck to your life. It delays your tasks or postpones it. But there is no logical reason behind this popular belief. However, the colour ‘black’ represents the planet Shani (Saturn) which is the symbol of delays and sufferings in life and these two beliefs have been linked. Poor cats are being blamed for such things by these racists.

2. Lucky One Rupee

Source = Naukrinama

It is quite common in India that people tend to add 1 rupee to any sum that is given as a gift at weddings or other auspicious occasions. This is considered auspicious as adding 1 rupee brings good luck and great fortune. This is the reason that nowadays the wedding envelope comes with a 1 rupee coin stuck on them.

3. “Ahh-Chee” Is So Terrible

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You might wonder what is the big deal with sneezing? But in India, if someone accidently sneezes prior to starting a journey, it is considered as a bad omen and it is believed that it will definitely bring trouble during the journey and something terrible will happen.

4. Talisman Of “Buri Nazar”

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It is a very common belief in India. Newborns are applied stocks of kohl in order to ward off the effect of evil eye and protect the baby from evil spirits entering the home. But this hasn’t been proven yet and there is no logical explanation to this whole act of applying kohl on baby’s face.

5. Don’t Shake Your Legs!

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Shaking a leg could be symbol of joy and excitement in the west and as medium to keep your body healthy. But in the land of superstitions, it is a symbol of bad luck. Here in India it is told not to shake your legs while sitting idle as this invites unnecessary expenses into the home and Goddess Lakshmi finds it hard to stay hence bringing bad luck.

6. A Custom A Day Keeps The Misfortune Away

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Indians have a phobia associated with the days of not cutting their hairs or trimming their nails on certain days and even not washing their clothes on particular days as this brings bad luck to them. And moreover, following this belief as a caution to stay away from inviting misfortune to your home has been instilled right from the childhood.

7. Invisible Power Of Hanging Lemon & Chilli

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There is a common practice of hanging lemons and chillies on the doorstep of shops and homes just to ward off evil eyes. Our ancestors believed that the thread attached to the lemon and the chillies absorbs all the vitamins and acids from it and releases in the air. This has some health benefits too. Well, this is also not proven yet and it is still prevalent in modern India.

8. Broken Glass Brings Fights

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Phoota Kaanch, Phooti Kismat” is a common analogy in India. often a broken glass is associated with rotten luck and seen as a symbol of misfortune. If you accidently break a glass, it is commonly seen as an invitation to disputes and fights at home. Even though there is no rational advocacy behind this very notion, but it is still followed by the modern fragment of our society.

9. Peepal Tree-The Abode Of Ghosts

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In India, people believe that peepal tree is the home of something unusual and uncanny as all the spirits and ghosts delve there. So due to this illogical notion, people abstain from going close to the tree especially at night.

10. Menstruation Is A Taboo

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It is the most common ideology that is followed in almost every sect of the Indian society, from the underprivileged to the riches. People believe that menstruating women are unclean and unhygienic and bring bad luck and should be isolated during periods. Although, the explanation given is not true and has no logical ground.

Do you believe in any of these superstitions? If you find any practical and rational explanations behind any of these superstitions, then do let us know.

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