Top 10 Government Secrets We Are Still Waiting To Be Revealed

If you are thinking that government only save the military secrets and keep it confidential from public then definitely you are...

7 years ago
Top 10 Government Secrets We Are Still Waiting To Be Revealed

If you are thinking that government only save the military secrets and keep it confidential from public then definitely you are wrong. There are certain information and the unrevealed allegations that are still uncovered by the government and are not known to the public. We only expect dictatorships and well known unwanted politicians and governments to keep that creepy secrets in their pockets, but it is more disturbing when you find societal government to keep the real deeds secret. 

Believe it or not, but it is quite true that every president must have information about hidden government policies. Some presidents may have involvement with illegal military tactics while some involve in secret railroads and alien conspiracies. 

Most of the time, it has been noted that they act best to ‘raise your interest’ while you may have a great threat to your civil liberties and much more. Let’s have a look at the creepiest government secrets that are still not known.

1. Area 51

Source = Whatculture

The list wouldn’t be complete without talking about the area 51. UFO’s from outer space or that there are still some remains of aliens and a crashed spaceship at  Area 51 military base in Nevada, but the US govt has handled the base very cleverly saying it as a plain. That includes buying up the land around, so no one can see the hidden guard shack on Groom Lake Road and can plant spy cameras on public land. Till 2013, it was not acknowledged about the cameras until the certain documents related to it were declassified. 

The decisions by the FISA court are kept secretly saved by the government.

It is now known that nearly most of the decisions by the FISA court are classified as the top secret. The public is not allowed to know the commitments but public records do show the surveillance permissions asked by the govt and the times they were denied. In the entire history, the FISA court has denied just 12-13 of 34000 requests for surveillance. 

The decision of the Court is said out to be public but Government wanted to keep it as a secret.

The FISA court declared the National Security Agency’s Surveillance programs unconstitutional and allowed to make it public. Firstly, it was said that making it public could hurt FISA but later on FISA court itself made it public. Despite this, the government is still fighting to save this news as a secret. (3.1)

2. UFO’s in the USSR

Source = Timeinc

In 1967, a Soviet astronomer asked for a joint effort of all the scientists of the world, to investigate the nature of unidentified flying objects.  Felix Zigel, a scientist said that 

“Unfortunately, certain scientists both in the Soviet Union and in the United States deny the very existence of the problem instead of helping to solve it”. His issue was actioned by some 200 reported sightings of “luminous orange colored crescent” whose texture was just lighter than that of moon.  Such suspicious gave rise to a study by the authorities in 1978 to investigate paranormal phenomena. The final documents cleared the seriousness with which the Soviet govt treated the vision of an alien invasion. 

The govt operates a database which allows tracking millions of records on the web what person is searching for. 

Recent reports suggest that Snowden and Glenn Greenwald demonstrate the NSA operates a surveillance program called as XKeyscore. The program allows the government to enter any individual name to produce everything on the web related to him and other search terms. (3.2)

3. The Loch Ness Monster

Source = Timeinc

Dated back to the 1934, when a Scottish doctor claimed that he saw a monster in the lake known as Loch Ness. He just clicked the picture which later known as the “surgeon’s photograph” one of the most iconic photos of the century. The Loch Ness was the dark shake that resembles with brontosaurus with a curved neck appears to be floating in the water. The picture was quite enough to stir the people and since then thousands of people have claimed to have spotted the creature, only to be rebuffed by skeptics. 

But if the believers were wrong? The newly documents revealed that a Scottish police  William Fraser said  - “That there is some strange creature in Loch Ness seems now beyond doubt, but that the police have any power to protect it is very doubtful." 

Even though the govt itself has yet to confirm the picture’s existence but the new papers/documents give hope to many monsters out there. (3.3)

4. USS Liberty

Source = Ussliberty

During the 6th world war, Israel deliberately attacked the collection ship USS liberty; it was the US navy ship and did its best to sink it leaving no survivors. This massive attack killed 34 servicemen and wounded around 175 people. Scores of intelligence analyst and some senior officials knew about this incident but have kept 40 year silence with the widespread fear of touching this live wire. Some senior officials wanted to protect Israel from embarrassment. (3.4)

5. The Templars and the Vatican

Source = Wp

The reality of the tale of the Knights Templar is amazing as the myths that adorn it. It was in October 2007, the Vatican published the documents revealing about the Knights Templar, showing that Pope Clement V initially absolved the order of heresy. The work by Vatican reproduces the documentation of the papal hearings called by King Philip IV of France and agonized the leaders of the templar in 1307 on charges of heresy and immorality. (3.5)

The document shows the Clement initially discharged the Templar leaders of heresy, though he found them guilty of immortality and that he planned to inform the order.  

Pressured by King Philip, Clement later reversed his decision and conquered the order in 1312.

6. Govt has Special court which Conduct Secret Meeting for FBI and Other Investigators

Source = Dunya News

This is the hidden secret by the government that is rarely known to the public. The government has a special court of judges which meets in secret to permit the govt to collect the internet records of people. The FISA (3.6) court allows certain lawyers to meet in secret with no representatives of the public or press. The public would never have known the major investigation and surveillance without the leaked documents from Snowden. 


Source = The Week

HAARP refers to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program that was jointly funded by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and University of Alaska Fairbanks. It was an ionospheric research program that analyzes and interprets this space, seeking the potential of developing the ionospheric enhancement technology in order to facilitate radio communications and surveillance. 

But theorists believe that the purpose of HAARP is far more sinister than it seems. From global warming to natural disasters, it has been held responsible for various conspiracies. The crash of the Malaysian flight MH370, 2011 earthquake in Japan, loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia, polar vortex and much more, HAARP is known to be the cause of various incidents. (3.7)

8. Shape Shifting Reptilians Ruling Our Nation

Source = Ufoinsight

Shape shifting reptilians are one of the biggest secrets yet to be unearthed. Claims of these creatures ruling our planet will either be proven to be the greatest uncovering of a conspiracy or the biggest hoax. As the notion exists, reptilians are “lizard people” who can transform themselves into a human for ruling over our people. 

Entire social media lit up with claims of thousands of people to witness the Queen of England shapeshift into a reptilian in June 2016. Another interesting thing that happened was the tweets of people regarding the queen’s sighting, were automatically deleted after a few seconds.

Like Queen Elizabeth, George Bush also subject to people’s claim of witnessing his reptilian look. (3.8)

9. Black Helicopter

Source = Wikipedia

Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters flying in Iraq (image)

Black helicopters became highly popular in the 1990s as a symbol and warning sign of an alleged conspiratorial military takeover of the U.S. They are said to perform all kinds of maneuvers that ordinary helicopters cannot. 

Allegedly, the U.S. government was preparing for various unmarked black helicopters for military occupation in the name of new world order (3.9). This was first seriously proposed by Mark Koernke and Linda Thompson in their videos America In Peril and America Under Seige respectively. (3.10)

10. Raven Rock, Site R World War III Hideaway

Source = Whitehouse Gov1

In the event of World War III or a nuclear war, U.S. forces would be commanded in the Raven Rock Alternate Command Centre or “Site R”. Similar to Cheyenne, the location is designed to survive the nuclear attack for 30 days. Some reports say that a 6 mile long tunnel connects with Camp David. 

Cell phones and GPS do not work near Site R, which implies that there is a blocking mechanism which prevents people from coordinating or communicating in the vicinity. (3.11)


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