Astral Projection: A Journey To Another World

Astral Projection is out of the body experience which let your soul travel in the world leaving behind your body in the same state. People usually experience such a projection when they are about to die.

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Astral Projection: A Journey To Another World

Astral Projection

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Astral Projection is a process of detaching spiritual soul from the physical body. People claim to have experienced or traveled into the outside world with the astral body but there are no evidences and proofs to prove it right. This term is used in esotericism to describe the willful, out of a body experience by which a spiritual soul is capable to travel outside in the universe. (14.1)

Associated With Dreams Or Meditation

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The main idea of the astral projection is rooted with the thinkers and philosophers who have knowledge about the mystical and preternatural world and their origins. They are said to be associated with the lucid dreams and meditations.

Hallucinations And Hypnotic Means

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There are people who say that the astral body projections can be even felt by the hallucinations and self-hypnosis. In which a person rests on the floor to relax and experience that the astral body has left the physical part with an attachment of the silver umbilical cord.

Astral Plane

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People who have visited and experience the astral projection describes the astral plane as a place which is between the light of the Earth and the Heaven. A person during the astral projection is said to land on this spirit world.

Astral Projection Real Or Fictional

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The idea to communicate with cosmic intelligence and vivid dreams and visions came from the ancient world. According to the survey, 8 to 20% of the people have experienced a sort of similar phenomena once in their life.

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They claimed that they experienced such a telepathy during the sleep while there are others who say that they can do it merely by relaxing their bodies.

If You Take It Wrong, Astral Projection May Give You Nightmares

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When a spiritual spirit leaves your body in a half-asleep state for a time being you may feel paralysed. If things turn bitter, a person can experience the nightmare but the power of thinking gets blocked and the person cannot think for a while which make him or her scary at some point in time.

Astral projections can even take away your life. Therefore, astral paralyzed are dangerous.

Astral Projection Is Controversial Subject

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It is a controversial subject because there are spiritual as well as religious views attached to it and therefore it becomes difficult to come to a conclusion point. However, to believe in astral projection is nearly impossible as we do not have evidence which proves it to be right and thus, to believe that our inner conscious travel in the other worlds seems to be fake.

Steps For Astral Projections

1) Relaxation Is The First Stage Of Astral Projection

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Relax your Body mentally as well as physically leaving behind all the stress and worries.

2) Get Yourself In Hypnotic State

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After you completely feel relaxed, try to go in a hypnotic stage where you are at the edge of sleep but are lying on the floor staring at an object continuously until you are able to visualize the same object completely with closed eyes.

3) Enter Into The Deeper State Of Relaxation

Now, it is time to get in the deeper state of relaxation. A state of mind in which you will be so relaxed that you would not feel are aware of your human body.

4) Feel Vibrations In The Body

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It is the most important step, it will take a little longer for you if you are new to it. As soon as you will start feeling vibrations, your astral body will begin to leave your physical body.

5) Have A control On The Vibrations

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Try to focus on the vibrations and control them with your mind.  Try to control the frequency of the waves by starting and stopping. Once you get trained on it you may use it whenever you require.

6) Imagine A Rope For Connectivity

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Imagine a rope is hanging over your body. Exert the pressure, control, and willpower to grab it with the hands without moving them physically. Once you do that, slowly end the session.

7) Repeat The Same Steps With The Whole Body

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Now as you have tried partially, you can repeat all the above steps on the whole body by imagining as if you are lifting up out for your physical body. At some point, you may feel paralyzed because of the higher frequency but do not stop until and unless you are completely drifted up. (14.2)

These are some steps which will help you in projecting your astral body.

Caution: Please try these steps under the guidance of an expert because it can be dangerous for your life.


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