Astounding Facts About Body Piercing

Body piercing has been the part of the traditional beliefs of many religions, to that the piercing method has instantly changed to ensure the less pain and fewer complications.

6 years ago
Astounding Facts About Body Piercing

It doesn't matter what your grandparents think of new generation kids these days, piercing is not all new thing on the globe. It is an ongoing fashion trend and has become the most renowned form of self-expression throughout different age groups. Right from the piercings to tongue, eyebrows, and lips, for more chills, it is now extended to the nipple rings and genitals, there is no area left that cannot be pierced. 

People do body piercing for different reasons, while some find it cool, some find it as a decoration over their personality. Whatever the reasons are, if you are also thinking of getting a piercing done on your body, make sure that you know some facts about body piercing.

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1) Sometimes Piercing Can Be Allergic

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The jewelry you choose contains cobalt, white gold, and nickel. You might not know that these elements can cause allergic reactions. You may notice rashes, itchiness, and skin pulling away from those elements involved. Therefore, always use premium quality and proper cleaning solutions to prevent your body from allergic reactions.

2) Piercing Can Cause Irritation

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You are probably wrong if you are thinking that infection is caused by the irritation (swelling near the piercing part, yellow fluid, solid bump etc). Irritation is caused when you touch or play with your piercing part, clean it unnecessarily, frequent sex (genitals), the pressure during sleeping etc. Once you get to know the causes of the irritation, you can easily get rid out the signs.

3) Different Signs Your Body Is Infected Through Piercing

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If you notice pus discharge, a blood colored tinged and a bad smell, note that you are severely infected by body piercing. Other signs you are infected are - skin causes inflammation, fever, pustular discharge. Though all these symptoms sound normal, the lesser known body piercing fact is that all these signs may cause you a death if ignored. (3.1)

4) Dated Back To 2500BC

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It is a popular fact that piercing is done in ears first. But do you know this ear piercing is popular since 2500 BC? Though it seems like more common in women, or only the women thing - many renowned men like Shakespeare and Julius Caesar showed the love for the piercing by flaunting earrings. (3.2)

5) Genitals Piercing Makes Sex More Pleasurable

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Sounds weird? right? But this body piercing fact can give you a new meaning to your SEX. According to K*ma Sutra and other popular Hindu S*x Manuals, if both men and women have their genitals pierced, it gives a different feel to SEX, it becomes more pleasurable for both. So what’s your take on this?

Body Piercing is an ongoing fashion trend and it can totally safe from the severe infections if you seriously follow the guidelines given by the piercing professionals. Let's just wait how this fashion evolves with time.


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