8 Weirdest Events Of LGBT Community From Around The World

What you expect from the LGBT community, a weaken society or the lower life expectancy and other problems? Apart from being social, these LGBT people enjoy different events around the world.

6 years ago
8 Weirdest Events Of LGBT Community From Around The World

LGBT initially stands or Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. The LGBT community is a group of LGBT supportive people, subcultures, social movements etc. what we expect that these people don't get involved socially with each other, but this is not true, the LGBT communities celebrate diversity, sexuality, and pride almost every other day. The community organizes themselves into different supports and movements for promoting LGBT rights at several places in the world. Here is the list of some weirdest LGBT events that take place at different locations around the world. (3.1)

1) Gay Games

Source = Paris2018

Gay games are the most popular worldwide sporting and event that advertise and promote sexual diversity and features bisexual, transgender artists and athletes. Initially, this event was started in the US; California in 1982, the goal of the gay game was also to promote the personal growth in different sports. The Gay game is organized after every 4 years at various locations including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris etc…

2) World Outgames

Source = Miamiherald

World Outgames is a cultural event held after 4 years at different places including Canada, Montreal the United States etc. One of the most amazing thing about this event is it invites all to participate in the events disregarding of sexual orientation. This LGBT World Outgames event brings together talented artists and athletes from around the world and the sexuality of the same remain hidden.

3) Pridefest

Source = Alaskapride

Pride marches or pride events are the events that celebrate LGBT culture and pride. The event at a time serves different demonstrations for legal rights (same-sex marriage). Pride fest is surely a notable festival because this event is held in America where the LGBT journey began. The event uses a color code describing the current sexual status and never-ending desires.

4) Pink Life QueerFest

Pink Life Queerfest is prominently held in Turkey where still transgender and homophobia murders are quite common. Do you know the LGBT community in Turkey exists only in small parts of Istanbul, but everyone come together and join this festival in Ankara (Turkey’s capital)? This LGBT event was first organized in 2012 and more than 45 films from different countries were screened at the event. It is organized by Trans Solidarity Association, Bisexual, Gay and Lesbian and targets to catch everyone’s attention to violence against LGBT communities in Turkey. (3.2)

5) London Lesbian Film Festival

Source = Palmspringslife

This film event is host by Reeling Spinsters every year in Canada, Ontario, and London. Reeling Spinsters is a popular group of lesbian and queer women who raise funds, work hard for the film screening and puts funds in a festival. The target of this event is to portray the diversity of lesbian experiences and to boost their communities.

6) International Transgender Day Of Visibility

Source = Glsen

This event is especially dedicated to transgender people. The event is held to raise awareness faced by transgender people every now and then. The weirdest and yes, an interesting thing about this event when held in 2015 was, many transgender individuals participated in social media campaign on social networks including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and posted personal stories, pictures, and other transgender-related content to raise awareness in the world.

7) Mykonos And Lesbos

Source = Gaytravel4u

Mykonos and Lesbos have got is the name derived from the first lesbian mythology. There has been a myth that heterosexual people are weird. Events, parties, games etc are organized throughout the year. If you get a chance to visit any of the events, don’t miss it we are pretty sure that it will be the unforgettable experience for you.

Well, what we hope is that the future brings a world where the LGBT people can easily breathe and celebrate their lives.

8) Bangalore Queer Film Festival

Source = Mshcdn

It is the annual LGBT event that held in Bangalore, India since 2008. The festival offers awareness and space for LGBT through moving images. The event focuses on both LGBT films and radical films. In addition, this queer festival also hosts producers and directors from around the world and offers the opportunity for collaborations in the entertainment industry.


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