5 Most Bizarre Festivals Celebrated In The World

Festival is an auspicious occasion which carries an important message associated with them. It is an event which is celebrated with great pomp and show.

6 years ago
5 Most Bizarre Festivals Celebrated In The World

People nowadays try to find out ways to celebrate the occasion either be at a party, Sundays or events. So festivals bring a new light of hope and fill us with positivity and new enthusiasm and energy. The festival is the best time to enjoy life with family and friends. It is the most auspicious day to be celebrated with the society and community.

Celebration all around the world has some things in common; they are lights, dance, sweets, decoration, and food. All these things contribute and make the festival a success.

The World consists of a variety of humans which have their own tradition and customs and thus their way of merrymaking differs with others. Some festivals are associated with religions while others just as tradition.

Apart from traditional festivals celebrated around the world there are some of the festivals which will look strange and weird. There are festivals which are celebrated since ages and thus there are bizarre festivals celebrated in different countries at different places and at a different time but with some unique and unexpected way of celebrations.

Here is the list of top 5 bizarre festivals celebrated in the world.

1) Mud Festival - South Korea

Source = Seoulspace

It is an annual festival of South Korea which is celebrated during the summer in Boryeong. It was started in 1998 and has attracted millions of people in it. It is a 9-day festival which lures people to the quaint coastal city.

The mud is considered to be rich in minerals and is used in the manufacturing of the cosmetics. The festival is a major boost for the local community. (3.1)

2) La Tomatina - Spain

Source = Holidaysgenius

La Tomatina is a festival of food fight held on every Wednesday of the August month every year. The festival lures in the town of Bunol located in the East of Spain.

The festival was started in 1944 - 1945 in the form of a protest activity between the two political parties. Since that day, people started celebrating this festival not as a protest but as an enjoyment. In 1975 San Luis Bertran organizing the festival by bringing in a lot of tomatoes. It is the world's biggest food festival where more than hundred tons of over ripe tomatoes thrown at each other.

Participant is increasing every year and thus results in the increase in the popularity of the festival in the world. (3.2)

3) Underwater Musical Festival - Florida, USA

Source = Dailymail

The one of the strange festival celebrated under water and brought a new way to a celebration with guitar, and other musical instruments. The festival is celebrated for the past 25 years and has attracted a lot of divers from the world making it a grand success.

The musician is dressed in mermaid and mermen in the ocean. The event shows the colorful marine life and diversity of the ocean. It is a great attraction to the people of Florida and the world. (3.3)

4) Day Of The Dead Festival Mexico

Source = 007

This festival is celebrated in the holidays between the 31st October and 2nd November. The festival is celebrated in the remembrance of the lives which have passed on. This festival is not a gloomy or morbid occasion rather it is a festival full of colors and excitement.

The event is celebrated by decorating the graves of the dead person of the family as well as the relatives. During this festival, the people of Mexico welcome the spirits in their home. (3.4)

5) Floating Lantern Festival- Hawaii

Source = Wordpress

This festival is celebrated remembering those who laid the foundation of life on Earth. The festival is celebrated in the Hawaii where people in thousands participate in the event to honor those who have served the country. 

It is also known as the Memorial Day in America. Since 2002 the festival is seen celebrating few miles down the coast to Ala Moana Beach. (3.5)

Celebrate each day of the year as a festival and enjoy each day with a fun loving environment.


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