25 Striking Pictures of Owners Twinning With Their Pets (#5 is Hilarious)

Dogs are the most loved creatures on the planet. While some owners love to spend time with them, others get so involved that they even match their hairstyles. See pictures.

4 years ago
25 Striking Pictures of Owners Twinning With Their Pets (#5 is Hilarious)

Pets are adorable and are the best companions when you are upset, alone, or want to spend time with your loved ones. It is said that pets and owners become look-alikes after a few years, and this is not wrong. You might have watched the film 100 Dalmatians where the owners walk along with dogs, and each of them looks similar. You won’t believe it, but this funny cartoon depiction has turned out to be true.

Today, several people own a pet and spend a lot of time with them. They share a photo with their pet, and their similarity is not to be missed. This trend went viral after a Twitter user Harry Clayton – Wright uploaded a picture of beautiful actress Elizabeth Taylor and her pet Shih-Tzu dog Mariposa with a similar hairstyle. The picture attracted a lot of people, and it is amazing to see how others are replying to him and uploading selfies with their pets with matching hairstyles.

Here are a few hilarious pictures of pets and their owners with a strikingly similar appearance.

1. I Bet, You Would Look at This Picture Twice

They resemble each other so much.

2. I Love You Ralphy, See How I Styled My Hair

See how Ralphy is posing with her owner (pure love).

3. Did this Pup Come from a Parlor? Wow! This is So Beautiful.

Katherine, you look amazing in this hairstyle.

4. I Guess this Dog is not Happy with his Life Choices

So much love, the owner took his dog’s hairstyle very seriously (he is looking funny, but he loves his pet).

5. Meet Boodles and His Owner

OMG! He looks similar to Boodles. This is a perfect example of love between a pet and its owner.

6. Both Look Amazing

She has reached an expert level in matching the hairstyle.

7. I Love My Owner Very Much

Owner – How do I look?

Dog- You always look good after you match your hairstyle with mine.

8. I Don’t Care if I am Bald, At Least My Eyes Resemble With My Dog

I too don’t have hair, but it is a compliment that my eyes resemble my owner.

9. We Don’t Only Match Hairstyles, But Outfits Too!

I am jealous!

10. I Don’t Have a Dog, But I Have a Cat

How do I look? I changed my hairstyle for my cat.

11. Clever Woman! She has Planned to Buy a Dog That Resembles Her Hairstyle

This woman doesn’t want to change her hairstyle to match with the dog, so she would buy a dog that would match her hair.

12. This is What I Call Pure LOVE

Not hairstyle, but we have matching sweaters.

13. English Author Barbara Cartland was Once Captured with Her Dog Twi Twi in 1977

She is beautiful.

14. We Both Love Blonde

I am sleepy, stop taking selfies.

15. He Matched his Eyebrows Too

I think specs would also look good on this cute dog. What do you think?

16. This Could be Me

This is a perfect look-alike picture.

17. Can You Notice the Resemblance?

I am finding their nose also similar ;).

18. I Didn't Find The Dog

Did you find it?

19. She Matched her Hair With her Dog for a Day

Keep it like this; it suits you.

20. If Not Hairstyle, You Could Also Match Your Car With Your Dog.

That’s not a bad idea.

21. She is Using Filter to Match Hair With the Dog

Did you see my nose?

22. I Can’t Find Any Pet Here, But This Girl is Beautiful

Oh, wait! Zoom the picture, and you will find the cat.

23. I Can’t Match My Hairstyle, So I Posted a Picture of My Dogs Matching Each Other

I liked the caption.

24. No, She’s Not Adopted

She even dyed her hair to resemble her cat.

25. That’s My Real Hair

Final Words

Do you own a pet? If so, have you tried to copy its hairstyle? You might find this weird. But what's wrong with copying the hairstyle of an animal? Use these selfie hacks to click the best picture with your dog and to attract social media users. 

Do you know anyone with a similar hairstyle to his or her dog? Drop your comments below.


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