21 Of The Hilarious & Weirdest Street Signs That Will Make You LOL!

Have you ever seen the funniest and weirdest street sign? No, checkout here, the list contains the hilarious and the most embarrassing street signs, from frisky cow to dangerous buffalo to falling coconut all are waiting for you. Don’t miss it!

6 years ago
21 Of The Hilarious & Weirdest Street Signs That Will Make You LOL!

Certainly, we all have seen the street sign reflecting some meaningful information or navigation, It’s pretty obvious.

Traffic or street signs are an important part of the road but they are often hilarious and irritating too. There’s just something exciting about finding humor when you are just passing from a road. Whether they are intentionally trying to be hilarious or not, slowing down your car will worth here.

On this list, you’ll find some of the funniest and bizarre street sign that will make you look twice. So what are you waiting for scroll down and get ready to giggle or LOL!

1) Scarry Cow Or Not? You Decide!

Source = Sndimg

Ok! We scared, that’s what you want to hear, right?

2) What Else You Want?

Source = Windows

Amazing word-play with meaningful line, but seems funny at first glance.

3) Amazing Gesture Of Cow

Source = Thesun

So, we understand, who wants to met cow like this? LOL!

4) Don’t Disturb Warthog & Children

Source = Netdna-cdn

Have you set your speed limit or not yet?

5) Road Close! Really

Source = Rd

Thank You for letting us know, else we would drive on the volcanic eruption, hilarious one.

6) A Surefire Way To Tell You'.

Source = Pinimg

Don’t worry if you taken wrong way, Surefire will help you ok! Bizzare it is!

7) One Way!

Source = Top10zen

Confusing! Can anyone guide me, which way ?

8) Thank You For Driving Carefully!

Source = Pinimg

LOL! Who wrote like this! That to be in street sign. Hilarious

9) No Motor Vehicle Beyond This Point

Source = Rd

Oh Really! As if we have boats.

10) Congestion

Source = Sndimg

OMG! So much crowd, maybe they are talking about spirit congestion.

11) Still Trying To Figure Out

Source = Cnn

Seems like street sign is gone crazy! Where should I go?

12) Coconut Falling

Source = Pinimg

No, I am waiting to catch it! LOL

13) Peginue Crossing

Source = Wikimedia

Peginue Crossing like seriously, the itself is Hilarious, isn’t it?

14) Buffalo Crossing

Source = Sndimg

So, you want to mess with me ! Buffalo is saying to the driver. LOL

15) Helmet Recommended

Source = Blogspot

Don’t you find it weird? Helmet recommended with bicycle, really?

16) Chicken Dinner Road

Source = Hustonvineyards

Not sure about the name, maybe it reminds you about your dinner!

17) Sign for Smokers!

Source = Ebaumsworld

Seems like a very serious advice , what do you thing?

18) You Cannot Sign

Source = Meshfactory

As if someone is trying to stop us with magical powers! LOL

19) Bathtub Row

Source = Atomicheritage

Seems like a shower reminer!

20) Deer Crossing

Source = Funnysigns

Bizzare again! Why this sign? Why not something else?

21) Never Reach On Time

Source = Rd

Seems like a sign board is challenging people! LOL

Some street signs are obvious and pretty much understable but, not sure about these sign. Even these are more like image joke, what do you think?


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