11 of The Most Bizarre & Expensive Items People Actually Steal from Hotels

Many travelers are the real theft and they love filling their suitcases with the hotel goods. Whether you call it insane or one who is suffering from Kleptomania, either way, you cannot ignore the weirdest things they actually stole from hotels.

6 years ago
11 of The Most Bizarre & Expensive Items People Actually Steal from Hotels

Some people own their so-called dictionary, they have different opinion and meaning of stealing, they think that a person who steals some expensive stuff he is known as Thief, like seriously. Well, no matter whether you are stealing a car or a pen, if you are stealing something, then you are a thief.

But, things become even weirder when people steal some unimaginable stuff that to be from “HOTEL”.  It's too bizarre! Isn’t it?

Well, when people go on vacation, most of them stay in a hotel. Most travelers choose to stay in a hotel because they simply enjoy the comfort, expensive furnishings, and items, but I am not sure about all the people because Hotel rooms are often a haven for the guests who try to steal stuff from the hotel after their holiday is over.

However, items such as the free shampoo, soap, body lotion, toothpaste, and conditioner are normally allowed by hotels to be stolen, as they have already been used. But, there are some people who cross all the limits and try to steal some weird and expensive items from hotels. Let’s have a look at some items here.

1) Art Piece

Source = Squarespace

From the portrait of Diana Vreeland from New York hotel to art piece stolen from the Europe hotel, the tales and news of art piece stolen from the hotel are quite popular. In order to rectify the thing travel site Wellness Heaven went through a survey and they noticed that approx 34 percent of five-star hotels polled said that paintings had been stolen from their rooms. Well, it is quite obvious that thefts will only steal some expensive and luxurious painting rather than a simple portrait or poster. That’s why such incidents often happen in five star or lavish hotels.

2) Towel

Source = Akyatrading

Towel! The most annoying and idiotic thing I would say! I mean how can some steal towel from the hotel. Majority of people avoid using hotel’s towel because of some obvious hygiene factor. Maybe few lavish hotels always offer the new-fresh towel to their guest but what about the rest? What if they re-wash some used towel and give it to you? I mean it so unhygienic and also quite harsh for your skin because the material is not that soft but, then also some silly folks love to steal it from hotels.

3) Piano

Source = Wixstatic

The piano is one of the expensive things in the hotel that often remain in the buzz because some theft guests always kept their eye on this expensive stuff. You might have heard the story of an unembarrassed theft who reportedly stole piano from a hotel in Europe. The story unfolded by a former general manager of the Starwood Hotel Group, Colin Bennett. The piano was placed in the lobby of the hotel and when he went to the lobby he realized that piano is missing but sadly the grand piano got stole.

4) The Do Not Disturb Sign

Source = Picdn

Here comes another freakiest stuff, “The Do Not Disturb Sign”! How silly and idiotic is that? You might be wondering who in the world will ever steal the do not disturb sign. Well, how can you underestimate the power of some weird and stupid theft; they are doing their awful job pretty nicely that’s why they even didn’t forget to stole this sign. Maybe they are insane or drunk guests.

5) Room Number

Source = Tripadvisor

Equally freakiest like the above-mentioned point, don’t be shocked because you read it absolutely correct. Hold on, who in the world wants to steal the room number plate, there are numerous tales according to which some weird travelers unscrewed the number plate from the door and they did it purposely.

6) Outdoor Statue

Source = Alicdn

Like art piece statue also plays an imperative role to enhance the decor of the hotel. Often hotel is featured with the outdoor statue and this is another stuff that stole by theft. Yes, once a theft attempted to stole a ceramic statue from the main door of the hotel but luckily hotel concierge ( a resident caretaker of a block of flats or a small hotel) noticed him, the statue was quite heavy that’s why he ended up dropping it and fastly run away. Well, the hotel name was not clear yet but the news is surely true.

7) Curtains

Source = Westelm

It seems like some people are suffering from Kleptomania ( the inability to steal items) Curtains like really? Who steal curtains, one of the weirdest thing ever stolen from the hotel. Yes, you read it correctly there are many news regarding the same which shows that some silly folks stole curtain from the hotel room. Also, the no-frills hotel chain acknowledged that some of their guests stole carpeting, mirrors and curtains, which is insane!

8) Television

Source = Pinimg

Another immovable object is Television, almost all the hotel rooms are equipped with this entertainment source- TV. Television theft is one big hassle for the large hotel. A survey concluded that many hotels reported the disappearance of televisions. But, the even more noticeable thing is that almost every hotel equipped with CCTV camera then also these thefts never afraid to attempt such crime. Some CCTV footage discovered this nasty theft in which a he was struggling in reception area trying to steal Television. We, guess TV thefts are problematic in many hotels.

9) Batteries & Electronics

Source = Consumerreports

Batteries, bulb, tube, lamps etc are some stuffs that we often used in our house. Well, normal people use to buy this stuff from the shop but what about the rest? Yes I am talking about guest come theft. Why would they buy it when they are getting each item conveniently from the hotels.

10) Pillows

Source = Skaneatelessuites

The head-comforting alternative- Pillow is another thing belong to this list. Lavish and five-star hotels offer the comfortable set of pillows to serve their guest and make them feel relaxed but it seems like some guest doesn’t know how to returns the favors. They stole pillows from the hotel, maybe for the guest who will be staying in their home.

11) Dumbbells

Source = Omnihotels

The next tale belongs to India, yes once a gym freak guest was staying for while at a hotel in New Delhi, India. According to the hotelier Moksha Chauhan, he was stealing dumbbells from the fitness center of the hotel. Eventually one day a housekeeper found the dumbbells and told t to management. When the hotel management asked him about the dumbbells he quickly denied that he didn’t steal it. Though, the guest was important for the hotel that’s why they didn’t stretch the case. Well, the case is still a mystery whether he stole or not because next morning he left the dumbbells in his room.

After reading the above-mentioned points it seems like for many travelers, filling their bags with hotel stuffs and incorporating the curtains, Television, bizarre sign, slippers, electronic stuff and the lot more is a part of staying in a hotel room and their travel diary.


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