10 Laws That You Might Have Broken Today Without Realizing

Have you ever accepted that you have crossed the red light or have exceeded the speed limit in lane? After all, it's not like that you are breaking the laws on daily basis.

6 years ago
10 Laws That You Might Have Broken Today Without Realizing

Do you consider yourself a citizen who is very obedient towards following the rules? Chances are that you have broken the law today. Obviously, none of us claims that yes, we have broken the traffic rules, be it speeding or drunk driving. It totally depends on you how you define ‘law-abiding’. There are chances that you feel only murder, or kidnapping is a kind of breaking the laws, but today we are sharing the laws that you probably have broken today without knowing.

1. Leaving The Christmas Decorations

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Christmas is celebrated across the world, but do you know its decoration could penalize you a hefty amount? Do you still have lightings, Santa Claus or Christmas decorations up? Take it out soon, as in some states like Maine it is not allowed, in fact, it is illegal to leave the decorations after first two weeks of January. Strange!

2. Joining The Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks

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With the rise in technology, the use of the internet is absolutely everywhere. You always look for free wifi settings around you for internet connectivity. Unfortunately, with that knowingly or unknowingly, you connect to the unsecured wireless networks without permission.

3. Not Flushing The Toilet

Flushing the toilet is basic manner but there are some people who forget to do it. You might not be aware but a person can be fined up to $400-$700 if he forgets to flush. So yes, do a favor and make sure that you flush every time you use a restroom.

4. Walking In Your House Naked

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Watch it, man! If your neighbors watched or got a little hint that you are walking naked in your home, you will be punished for breaking the laws. You will be constituting the act of indecency which is offense by law. (3.1)

5. Writing Improper Material

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If you are an avid writer, be careful. There are some states which are against ‘disturbing fiction’. If you are truly insane about your writing don’t let anyone even your friends read your diary.

6. Singing Happy Birthday In Public

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Wow! It’s your best friend’s birthday; you must be damn excited to throw a surprise for him. Well, it's good just make sure that in excitement you don’t create a crime. What? yes, singing a birthday song – ‘happy birthday to you’ in public is illegal. Actually, the song is copyrighted by the Birch tree Group Limited and no matter what; every time you sing Happy Birthday you are breaking the law. (3.2)

7. Singing Off-Key

Source = Crimefeed

If you are a singer, better you prepare before you step to North Carolina, because singing off-key there is a crime.

8. Talking In The Elevator

You always chit-chat with the people getting along with you in an elevator. Well, you won’t need preparing an elevator speech if you are in New York. Because New Yorkers are not supposed to talk when they are in an elevator, they are ordered to stare straight ahead towards the door.

9. Hugging Without Permission is Illegal

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Come on, remember the last time you hugged your friends did you took their permission? No! How Dare You! You don’t know but you have committed a crime. Better you ask them before because hugging without knowing is illegal in many countries.

10. Taking Dog Out Without Wearing Diaper

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Remember when did you took your pet out for a walk with you. Just an hour ago? But have your dog wore a diaper? No, well you could be fine in Mississippi for breaking the law. There it is illegal to take your dog out without wearing the diaper. Better you pack a number of diapers along with you if you are planning to travel to Mississippi.


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