FLIR GF77a: The First Hi-Tech Camera in the World That Detects Methane Gas Leaks

FLIR GF77a is an optical gas imaging (OGI) camera used for the detection of methane gas leaks. It is the world’s first hi-tech cam utilizing the affordable, uncooled detector technology.

7 years ago
FLIR GF77a: The First Hi-Tech Camera in the World That Detects Methane Gas Leaks

Methane, which is also called marsh gas or methyl hydride, is a colorless and odorless gas. It can be easily ignited, and the fumes of the gas are lighter than air. The leak of methane gas is detrimental to the environment. It is an extremely powerful and potentially dangerous greenhouse gas, and decreasing methane gas production is important. 

But, on the other hand, methane is also a precious resource that is utilized as fuel or for producing electrical/heat energy, and as a feedstock for chemicals and plastics. So wasting the methane gas is not a good idea.

The Swedish scientists invented the fixed mount optical gas finder camera, FLIR GF77a, through which methane gas is visible (otherwise invisible to the human eye), raises an early warning, and can be monitored. It is the first camera to utilize affordable, uncooled detector technology and is equipped with FLIR’s patented High Sensitivity mode (HSM). It can also detect industrial gases like sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide.

It is a valuable method that facilitates the gas processing plant operators in detecting methane gas leaks at natural gas power plants, renewable energy production facilities, renewable energy production facilities, industrial plants, and other locations along a natural gas supply chain. It also helps researchers studying greenhouses gases and helps them in responding to the complicated questions about climate change.  

Magnus Galfalk, Associate Professor at Tema Environmental Change, Linkoping University, clarifies that the camera works for utilizing infrared spectroscopy, i.e., called hyperspectral imaging- the technique simultaneously captures a range of infrared light for each pixel in a picture. Many gases soak up infrared light, not only methane. But the camera is modified to notice the impression of methane gas.

To calculate methane gas on a very tiny scale: scientists can gather an air sample in one place and examine it for methane back in the laboratory. Satellites in space can also determine methane on a local or even worldwide scale. But the camera fills a space between these two scales. It also allows researchers to identify the sources of methane gas and observe the movement.

The camera comes radiometrically calibrated and features an ergonomic design and a vibrant LCD touchscreen. It allows the camera to simultaneously measure the temperature of objects in the field of view of the camera. It comes with an impressive set of industry standards, allowing it to stream video directly to a video management system. 

For more advanced analytics, it includes laser-assisted auto-focus, rapid-response graphical user interface, and one-touch contrast improvement, provides a non-compressed video stream, and helps measure temperature and perform an automated gas detection with alarming. It can be seamlessly integrated with gas monitoring systems, is GigE Vision, GeniCam, and ONVIF-compliant, and includes environmental accessories and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Jim Cannon, President & CEO of FLIR Systems, said-

“Optical gas imaging technology is a real benefit to industries that use or produce methane, but the cost of the technology has been a barrier for some customers. The FLIR GF77 Gas Find IR gas detection camera is built around an uncooled, longwave infrared detector, which costs less to produce than our higher performance, cooled cameras, and therefore we can provide it to customers at a more attractive price point. By providing the industry with access to this groundbreaking technology, we can help improve the safety of professionals on the job.”

Concluding Thoughts

The FLIR GF77 is a handheld, autonomous leak detection camera that empowers the oil and gas industry by creating a safer environment and assists in the reduction of unwanted emissions.  

Besides FLIR GF77, the other gas detection cameras are FLIR GFx320, FLIR GF3000, FLIR GF320, FLIR GF300 A Series, and FLIR GF620. 


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