VOZZ RS 1.0 is the World’s 1st & Only Strapless Helmet That’s Safe & Comfortable

A uniquely designed helmet, VOZZ RS 1.0, is the first-of-its-kind and only helmet that is strapless. It is a great choice for petrolheads and motorbike riders.

7 years ago
VOZZ RS 1.0 is the World’s 1st & Only Strapless Helmet That’s Safe & Comfortable

Say goodbye to painfully uncomfortable and unsafe motorcycle helmets and welcome the amazing Vozz helmet. With an Australian design, the VOZZ RS 1.0 helmet possesses a unique system that pulls it over your head.

It is the only commercially available full-face motorbike helmet that offers a combination of safety, comfort, and performance. It is a revolutionary choice as it is the only helmet without the old-fashioned chin strap.  

Read on more about this highly functional and safe helmet. 

Its Name is Inspired by its Founder Johny Vozzo 

Back in 2005, the Founder of the Vozz Helmets, Johnny Vozzo, invented the Bucket helmet when he was recovering from a near-fatal skydiving accident. The Bucket was a rear opening skydiving helmet. After decades of research & development, he invented the revolutionary motorcycle helmet with a tri-composite construction.   

Amazing Features of VOZZ

  • This tri-composite VOZZ helmet is divided vertically into two sections and is hinged at the top with a rear case opening that makes it simple to wear and take off, even while wearing glasses.
  • Pivot around the hinge is useful to lock in place using a small pressure. Once locked into place, it adjusts perfectly and can’t be removed.
  • Instead of a regular chin strip, there’s a fully flexible or adjustable rounder shape chin cup, so you don’t have to cast down your gloves to lock it again and again. It doesn’t need to be cut off in case of an emergency, especially in remote and high-risk situations. 
  • Should you be concerned about getting an accident, the helmet can be divided into two parts, making it possible for elimination without moving the neck or applying pressure to the head.
  • It is unlike a regular helmet, and opening rear access eliminates the need for a large opening on the underside. 
  • Allows better protection, faster on/off & superior aerodynamics that reduces neck and noise stress 
  • Emergency Safety Release System (S.R.S.) assists the medical staff with a safer and quicker removal of the helmet, allowing access to the user’s head in case of an accident.   
  • It comes in myriad shell sizes (XS, S, M, L, Xl, XXL) and also EPS liners to ensure it fits the user’s head perfectly. Three comfort liners, three EPS liners, and multiple comfort liners make it a great fit and closer to the user’s jawline. Unlike the regular helmets, no padding of different thicknesses is used. 
  • It is a robust, full face, double locking helmet.
  • Retention system: No strap or buckle—adjustable pre-set chin cup
  • It offers medical personnel access and avoids strap creep. 
  • It lets the lower edge of the helmet be rolled, producing a helmet with fewer snag points.    
  • It is available online in seven different colors, including the high-viz orange.
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Directional visor ability
  • Polycarbonate, clear, 80% smoke-tinted, and anti-scratch 
  • No vision impairment, buffeting, lifting, or ear folding 
  • 98% EPS in contact with the head
  • The chin and top vents are operated by a small on/off switch
  • Integrable with intercom
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Special features: Textile carrying bag included, Sena -20S EVO – Bluetooth system communications mount available, and Safety Release System (SRS) removable hinge pins.

The VOZZ helmet has been approved in the US, Japan, China, Australia, and Europe. Apart from these countries, the company is looking for dealers worldwide to supply the helmet. The company registered trademark Vozz and lodged patents for Voztec SRS in key nations to secure the technology and mechanics of the system.  

It comes with a full kit in the box comprising a soft cloth-bag protector, two visors (clear and street-legal tinted), and a very sturdy helmet carry bag.

Final Thoughts 

This helmet is one of the most radically disruptive & technologically advanced innovations that meet the market’s demands. It could be produced at a sustainable and competitive price.  It is recommended to replace the helmet every 3-5 years. You have a lot of options if you want to change your helmet, and these also come with extraordinary features. Also, if you are a petrolhead, you might want to buy a kickass helmet.


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