AURORA Powerful Audio To Complement Your Modern Interiors

What features do you wish for audio speakers? It must be compatible with your OS, perfect audio quality, Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity, AURORA powerful audio brings you all these features in a small device.

6 years ago
AURORA Powerful Audio To Complement Your Modern Interiors

AURORA is a powerful sound system specially designed to match your surroundings. This device receives the signal from all directions, in short, this omnidirectional audio (360 degree audio drivers) is a unique design to complement your home.

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Over the years the technology has improved a lot and today the speakers not only needs to be sound perfect but they should fit best in your home too. The AURORA is not only a brilliantly functional speaker but it also fits well in your lifestyle and become an important part of your home.

The design of this newly launched AURORA is inspired from the ARENA Bluetooth speaker that was launched last year. But before you decide to buy this incredible AURORA powerful audio, know more about its hidden features.

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Key Features of AURORA for Powerful Performance

1. It Offers Wireless Charging

Can you just imagine, your phone is getting charge automatically when it is placed in a bowl? No? But AURORA has proved it. Now there's no need to worry about that long cables all the time, simply attach the AURORA charging induction cover and the base of this gadget will work as the power station for your phone and other devices. 

2. Full Touch 

The smart brim of the device controls the speaker. just with a simple touch play, pause or forward the songs without your phone and laptop attached. 

3. Easily Connects Multiple Speakers

And guess what! you can play nearly 15 AURORA speakers all in your home. Just rename each speaker and here you go, you can connect all the speakers at a time plus it works with both Android and iOS. 

4. 24 Hours Of PlayTime

You can take this AURORA Powerful Audio along with you anywhere. This device has a powerful playtime of 24 hours. So next time when you go out for the trip, pack AURORA in your luggage too for the party time.

5. Compatible With SIRI And GOOGLE

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You can easily control everything just with your voice. Play your favorite song, create shopping lists and set appointments. Talk with SIRI, create conference bridge or connect anywhere for a meeting. (15.1)

Technical Specifications of AURORA


compatible with iOS and Android

Sensible touch for volume controls

USB out/ USB-micro input


Bluetooth Connection 4.0

wifi network with any 802.11 b/g/h


2*52mm drivers, highs

2*52mm drivers, mids, and lows3m>88dB performance w/<4% distortion

24hrs play time, <50%volume,76dB


25 interchangeable locking covers

weight 1.9kgs

measure 275*275*80(mm)

Owner of AURORA

You must have heard of Adin Mumma, who has many awards in his kitty for exceptional designs. Over the 14 years of his career, he is notably known for his Wobble Chess Set. He had spent 5 years in Shenzhen where he completely managed and audited factories for popular homewares brand Umbra Ltd.

Well, this AURORA is everything you can wish for...


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