Flex Fuel - Introduction And How Does This Technology Work

Are looking for low fuel cost? Want to cut down the harmful emissions released into the environment? Or are you not interested to use the imported oil? So let's look at the best solution which will fulfill all the needs accordingly.

6 years ago
Flex Fuel - Introduction And How  Does This Technology Work

A new technology has boomed the market with its wonderful advantages. It has proved to be an eco-friendly method to prevent the earth from harmful emissions of the Methane emitted from the Vehicles. The use of such cars and trucks will be beneficial for us as we are trying to use the energy which can be developed without causing any damage to the environment.

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Near about 49 million vehicles are manufactured, sold and run on this technology till the mid of  2015 and is concentrated in the four markets.

Flex Fuel Vehicle

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The flex fuel vehicle or dual fuel vehicle is one of the alternative fuel vehicles as the name suggests. Flexibility in changing the fuel of the vehicle is known as Flex Fuel usually gasoline along with the ethanol or methanol is used in the vehicle in the internal combustion engine.

Flex Fuel Vs Bi -Fuel

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The flex fuel vehicles store the fuel in the same tank whereas the bi -fuel vehicles stores the fuel in the separate tank. This distinguishes both the type of vehicles from one another. The bi-fuel vehicles make the engine to run on one fuel at a time rather than the mixture of the two. So a person can switch the tank according to its use. These vehicles normally use compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquid petroleum Gas (LPG) or hydrogen to run it.

Ethanol Fuel For Flex Technology

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Ethanol is the renewable fuel made from the plants thus it is natural, not toxic alcohol which reduces the greenhouse emissions in the surroundings by 59%. The fuel is prepared in farming areas all across the America. The fuel is manufactured with the help of the agricultural waste, wood chips, and switchgrass. It is the best example of the renewable source of energy. It also helps in maintaining the economic growth of the country.

Working Of Flex Fuel Engines

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Morden flex fuel engines are capable of burning any proportion of blend in the combustion chamber the spark timing of the vehicle is adjusted automatically according to the proportion of the blend used in the vehicle detected by the fuel composition sensors.

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The company's producing the vehicles are testing on different compositions of the blend out of which e85 (ethanol-gasoline blends, 51%-83% ethanol) has proved to be the best one. The composition of the fuel is changed during the winter season. In winters alcohol portion is reduced and the gasoline is increased. Thus there are various categories of fuel in the market such as e20, e25, e100, e70, e75 and e85.

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Ethanol is corrosive and conductive, it burns hotter and has high rating thus the flex engine should be prepared according to its chemical properties.  It burns cleanly making it good for the environment as well as for health.

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Flex fuel hybrid electric and flex fuel plug in hybrid is two types of vehicles with the combustion engine capable of running the gasoline and e85 and e100 proportions of the fuels it helps to drive the wheels of the vehicle in conjunction with the electric battery charge.

E85 Fuel

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E85 fuel is mostly used in FFVs nowadays. The mixture of E85 contains 15% of gasoline and 85% of ethanol in it. The E85 fuel technology can be used with multi fuel engine thus it can be used in any passenger vehicle.  It can work with any fuel injector engines and is perfect for general customers which need high-performance engines for their vehicle.

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The use of e85 fuel in the vehicles have reduced the cost of the product in comparison with others. There are some insurance companies which provide low insurance when a customer purchases the e85 flex fuel vehicles. The use of e85 products has less environmental effects to others. 

Flex Fuel Vehicles In Three Major Countries Market:

1) Brazil

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Brazil is the world's biggest Flexible Fuel market. More than 90% of the flex fuel engines run in the country. The production of flex fuel vehicle started in 1990’s. The car owners themselves are unaware of the fact that they are using the FFV vehicle.

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In March 2009 Volkswagen launched its first flex fuel model without any auxiliary tank. The new development in this field is the manufacture of the flex fuel motorcycles.

2) Europe - Sweden

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The flex fuel vehicle was introduced in 1994 with the Ford vehicles. Because of the good results, a project was started in the Sweden. Since then it occupied the market slowly and steadily. Volvo and Saba introduced the flexible fuel models in the Swedish market.

3) United States

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Since 1998 to 2004 there are more than 17.7 million flexible fuel cars and trucks occupied the market. There are about 2,500 gas stations in the United States. The top brands such as Suv’s, sedan, pickup trucks all run on the streets with flexible fuel vehicles. (15.1)

Thus we can say that ethanol is more than a fuel and is one of the best solutions in terms of energy. The scientist is performing new experiments so as to advance this technology.


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